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Full Time RV living ... I Visited the north shore of the Salton sea located in the desert southeast of the Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Areas... Also is a look at the Oasis Palms RV Park


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Comments :


MrBIGAGAPE1 . 2 weeks ago

This guy is cool I like his videos 💪🏽


KRConnection . 11 months ago


liger angry

liger angry . 1 year ago

i wonder ....why there's not smell and dead fish in on this side of the lake ?......The Wall !!.....The Wall !!....they built a Wall between the North shores and South of the lake, not Illegal fish can come to the north Shores!! ....seriously! . what is the purpose of this Video?

Active Atom

Active Atom . 1 year ago

i went through the end of the Salton Sea hay day, at the end of the 1960's and in the beginning of the 1970's as a child it was really a great place people and fun I was 6 through 8 it was 1970, today after many visits it is sad to see, but my personal view is this, if you build it they may not always come the quote developer accident and so on, it is time likely to let her go back to nature deal if the (man mad, invented) threat of the dust storms that too will pass in a short geological decade or two not a big deal then if rain falls and runoff continues it will fit into our natural beauty again. Sanoran Desert north west Colorado Desert south west region Southern California.

Keith Oberg

Keith Oberg . 2 years ago

how many people use that tennis court

Abraham Jackson

Abraham Jackson . 2 years ago

Great video.

George Stone

George Stone . 2 years ago

Can you check out the Rancho del Sol Mobilehome & RV Park in Desert Camp, CA when you're in the area?

greg griffith

greg griffith . 2 years ago

Hi Russ, Greg and Sue here, like the videos, we're full time Rver and don't have much money, were is a good place for people like us to go and live ???

Jay A.

Jay A. . 2 years ago

Russ, just watched your video for the first time and think you got me hooked! It was very laid back and informative. Looking forward to seeing more of them.


jeansplace1 . 4 years ago

This makes me want to rent an RV and take to the road... do a little exploring. Been a homebody for so long. This was beautiful.


luther7449 . 4 years ago

I like that place, maybe not as much as the Orange Grove place, but it seemed quiet.

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter . 4 years ago

Love the aerial view !

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter . 4 years ago

Beautiful area !

Shelly Rusek

Shelly Rusek . 4 years ago

I like this side of the Salton Sea better!!!! :-) Looks so peaceful and relaxing there. I can hear the seagulls "talking" in the background. Great aeral video too. I bet you and Scoobs enjoyed your night there!!! :-)

F. W.

F. W. . 4 years ago

They need to fill up SS with sea water, If they can build the a pipe line from Canda to Texas, they can put a pipe from california to there

Scattered Thoughts

Scattered Thoughts . 4 years ago

That's neat..


Merlin . 4 years ago

I suppose I could find out, but was just wondering what insurance on a million dollar coach would be?

Xsyntrik Nomad

Xsyntrik Nomad . 4 years ago

Great video, I really enjoyed the whole thing! Looks like you found a great spot to rest for the night too!

American Woman RV

American Woman RV . 4 years ago

I took a graduate class which we studied the salton sea. The New River from Mexico also flows in there since it is lower.area. There was a lot of obsidian rock there near the geo thermal plant.

Adventures With Greg & Betty

Adventures With Greg & Betty . 4 years ago

Nice looking rv park! Just wondering what kind of Drone you use?

Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell . 4 years ago

+liked the video Russ. It was named right, Oasis in the desert. Nice place to stay its most likely not to hot or the green house fans would be on.Enjoy your stay.

Rollin' USA

Rollin' USA . 4 years ago

Russ , I like the drone footage - seems odd to find such a nice park in the wide open spaces . Be Safe

RV Band Wagon

RV Band Wagon . 4 years ago

Thanks for the look. Do you ever go out to Palm Springs? Trek the earth!


smacdiesel . 4 years ago

Someday I hope to check out that area, not sure my kids would be too excited though, ha ha. Great video!

Crafty Hobo

Crafty Hobo . 4 years ago

Russ thanks for showing us around, I have gone by the Salton Sea on Amtrak and you really could not see much of anything.

4G Nomad

4G Nomad . 4 years ago

Hey Russ... Do you have any recommendations for someone who wants to start out with a camera drone or are all of them pretty easy to fly?


simki1 . 4 years ago

Your close to Indio, check out the nicest RV resort in the world, called Indio motorcoach resort, every site has its own swimming pool and jacuzzi, water fountains everywhere, one awesome resort.

Mike & Michele Bradley

Mike & Michele Bradley . 4 years ago

Nice RV park .. not too cramped, looks very inviting .. have fun!


RangerRob . 4 years ago

Great review, Sherry and I may go there next month

Gene Smith

Gene Smith . 4 years ago

Good video, Russ! Been there recently, which ever the winds blow, the smell goes. Palm Springs has complained about the smell and that's quite a distance away! Thanks! You & Scoob could play tennis!

Lisa and Rob

Lisa and Rob . 4 years ago

Beautiful Park. Yes you deserve it. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

Mike Pertle

Mike Pertle . 4 years ago

how's scooby's paw doing?


Bunny . 4 years ago

This side is lots better just so sad to see something so unique being destroyed....... Love the RV Park though that's a neat place to stay. Great video! On your drone do you have a 3 axis gimble on it? Great video it takes!

William Rittinger

William Rittinger . 4 years ago

Russ, Great drone video, nice slow panning views!!!


lakelizard . 4 years ago

The Oasis pool looks very refreshing! Happy laundry day.

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