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Playing Chrome Dinosaur game FOR 1 YEAR (365 DAY) (World Record) | write in chat - !speed

Hi everyone, I’m a Russian streamer and I want to get to 999999 in google dinosaur, please support me with like and subscription. I will communicate with the chat using a translator, and over time I will try to learn English: 3

NEW Playing Chrome Dinosaur game FOR 1 YEAR (World Record)
In this thread, we're trying to break the record in a Chrome Dinosaur (or Chrome T-Rex) game by playing it 24/7, 365 days (1 year) nonstop.
We use an automated script to make it easier.

My stream channel - https://clck.ru/Jtesp

#minecraft #dino #live
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Hilmi Tok

Hilmi Tok . 4 hours ago


Cherry May Briones

Cherry May Briones . 11 hours ago


katerina laiou

katerina laiou . 3 days ago


Layla Elahmedi

Layla Elahmedi . 5 days ago


Vasquez z

Vasquez z . 5 days ago

J1nn tata

precious danso

precious danso . 5 days ago


precious danso

precious danso . 5 days ago





Air Engineer Valikov

Air Engineer Valikov . 6 days ago

Я русский

Nouvo Kont

Nouvo Kont . 6 days ago

This video is a total spam

Moon Chibi

Moon Chibi . 6 days ago


Moon Chibi

Moon Chibi . 6 days ago


Moon Chibi

Moon Chibi . 6 days ago


Moon Chibi

Moon Chibi . 6 days ago

Google Translate

Moon Chibi

Moon Chibi . 6 days ago


Saulo Pereira

Saulo Pereira . 6 days ago


Tim Slee

Tim Slee . 6 days ago

What fascinates me about this little operation you've got going on here is that you've managed to like farm and gather tens of thousands of views and subscribers all within a few weeks by making streams of the google dinosaur game with a bot. You are going down in history.

أم أمين أم أمين

أم أمين أم أمين . 6 days ago

He’s doing auto bot cuz I did it it did it by its self


Supay . 7 days ago

It’s just a repeat

Carlos Miguel

Carlos Miguel . 1 week ago


Sania Jaroshevskii

Sania Jaroshevskii . 1 week ago

Бляя он руский

Lemoni Mercado

Lemoni Mercado . 1 week ago


Krutoy Yenot

Krutoy Yenot . 1 week ago

Ty vse-taki russkiy, da?


a51mj12 . 1 week ago


ʟɪsᴇɴᴏᴋ ғᴏx

ʟɪsᴇɴᴏᴋ ғᴏx . 1 week ago

Я знаю че ты русич :D


Nikky . 1 week ago

Играет и читает чат? Бота поставил…

Joshua Vescio

Joshua Vescio . 1 week ago

200th comment just saying

Thanwin11 isty hotel bro

Thanwin11 isty hotel bro . 1 week ago


Marcela Lagos

Marcela Lagos . 1 week ago

Me has see 1000009000000000 years eee eee æee œee

ash whight

ash whight . 1 week ago


Xx gamer army Xx

Xx gamer army Xx . 1 week ago



puppycorns . 1 week ago


Евгений Иванчик

Евгений Иванчик . 1 week ago


I love cheese

I love cheese . 1 week ago

Impressive u can literally sit here for a 10 hours

Age of Reason

Age of Reason . 1 week ago

For the anal of dinosaur

Dghop Game

Dghop Game . 1 week ago

Русский хуле на английском 😂😂😂

YouGurt _NeS_

YouGurt _NeS_ . 2 weeks ago

Всё-таки ты русский

_Happyk_ 2020

_Happyk_ 2020 . 2 weeks ago

Дарова ты молодец поздравляю

Willa the star wolf

Willa the star wolf . 2 weeks ago

Your cool

Monster Gameplay

Monster Gameplay . 2 weeks ago

Dear, DarkEssence! please check my mess on twitter

повелитель плогиата

повелитель плогиата . 2 weeks ago

Speed speed speed speed

Alex Master_11

Alex Master_11 . 2 weeks ago

Crack 👍👍 like 👍👍 🙋

Adrian _ Plays

Adrian _ Plays . 2 weeks ago


Dance Boys

Dance Boys . 2 weeks ago

Your a super cool you tuber. Love you❤️👌🤩

Im VoLsHeBnIk:D

Im VoLsHeBnIk:D . 2 weeks ago


Ink Bendy

Ink Bendy . 2 weeks ago

Oh but your jumping over 3 things without looking but you said it's not fake and you only streamed for 10 hours so that's a year now........NO ITS NOT

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