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The Fitzgeralds

The Fitzgeralds

Published on 3 years ago

Hey Folks! Welcome to my DIY tutorial on how to save a ton of $$$ and make your very own baby bib bandanas! Follow along this simple DIY as I share with you everything you need to know.

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Here is your free printable pattern:

Shout out to sam and lure for being awesome!

Like the fabric in this tutorial? Find it here:

Red Buffalo Plaid

Gray Plaid:
Joann Fabrics - Sold in stores only.

My sewing machine!

Want my snap pliers? Here are ones similar!


**Disclaimer: I receive commission off of sales made through the links above.**


Hey everyone! 1,000 subscribers?! You ROCK! Honestly we thought we were the only ones that found us funny but maybe no so? Ha! Thank you so much for supporting our little family. We love that we get to share our life with you and the journey to building it. Just like in life, you don't really get a re-write so what you see is us. It's the good, the bad and the down right incredible. We wouldn't have it any other way. You all have shown us so much love and we love you all, for it.

-Lex, Dan, Cooper & Mush Fitzgerald






Comments :

Pooja Rani

Pooja Rani . 11 months ago

Mam plZ tell measurements for this
Anna G

Anna G . 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your video. These bibs help catch drool from when babies are drooling. I'm making several of these as gifts for a close friend.

slabis86 . 2 years ago

What kind of a machine do you have ?
Kacy Daisy

Kacy Daisy . 2 years ago

Can’t wait to try this! Super excited I found this video, because my niece is going to begin teething any day now. The only thing I’m worried about is that the size might be a bit big for her, and I’m guessing that the bib’s effectiveness is dependent on the fit. I think I will try attaching 2 or 3 “male parts” to the bottom side so that we can adjust the fit as she grows. Thanks for posting this!
Amalia Sanchez

Amalia Sanchez . 2 years ago

This is such a good video!

lamirada90638 . 2 years ago

a little hard to watch... the camera angle is giving me a headache!
Anna L

Anna L . 2 years ago

Thank you for this video, really cute and simple to make 😍
Beatriz Soriano

Beatriz Soriano . 2 years ago

Where can i get the printout of the shape?
Carolynn Scoffield

Carolynn Scoffield . 2 years ago

Don’t you need to use the awl that comes with your snap plier to start a small hole to poke the plastic snap thru? The plastic parts aren’t as sharp is in the metal prongs of a metal snap!
lindsay mengert

lindsay mengert . 2 years ago

New to sewing so this might be dumb questions but what is the starch for and what would happen if you didnt?

Mealzanator . 2 years ago

What Size does this baby Bib do?
Nam Vo

Nam Vo . 2 years ago

What are the dimensions of the fabric before cutting?
jessi jess

jessi jess . 2 years ago

I really appreciate your videos...thanks!!
Kristal Lane

Kristal Lane . 2 years ago

Where did you find the pattern?
Deanna Banana

Deanna Banana . 2 years ago

You make it look so simple! I love watching you sew! I am definitely getting a sewing machine so I can start practicing your ways! Plus, these are great baby shower gifts! Thank you so much for inspiring me!
Nhu Tran

Nhu Tran . 2 years ago

Do you know if this could be dog bandana?
Melissa Soun

Melissa Soun . 3 years ago

You sewing over pins in making me cringe so badly 😭😭😭😭
Ashley Kroneberger

Ashley Kroneberger . 3 years ago

Are you ever gona make more sewing videos or just tell us about your baby.....
Maria Yount

Maria Yount . 3 years ago

Hi, just wondering if you still use these bibs and if so if are they hot during the summer? Would you recommend different fabric for the summer months
sarah west

sarah west . 3 years ago

I love this! Definitely going to try this
Ashley Kroneberger

Ashley Kroneberger . 3 years ago

How do you like that sewing machine? Would you recommended it?
Lorna pies

Lorna pies . 3 years ago

can I buy some of these from you??
Ngoc Nguyen

Ngoc Nguyen . 3 years ago

Great tutorial!!
Erica Love

Erica Love . 3 years ago

also if you do try fabric glue can you let me know how it holds in the wash, for brighter fun colors and I notice thread shows and it doesn't look bad but I would like to see it without as well if it does hold.
Erica Love

Erica Love . 3 years ago

I noticed you were sewing over your pins do you ever have your needles break on you? also! I love your scissors!! & this style is by far the most amazing style I have seen!!
kay gibson

kay gibson . 3 years ago

I think this is the nicest bib pattern compaired to others. Thanks.
Jerica Montalvo

Jerica Montalvo . 3 years ago

I really wanna but a sewing machine. I need to make these. When did you start sewing? Did it take you long to learn to sew? Determined to learn and make:)
Amber Hennagir

Amber Hennagir . 3 years ago

Do you have an Etsy shop?
Kathleen MacKay

Kathleen MacKay . 3 years ago

I really love this style!!! Thanks for making this video!!

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