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Does SPLAT Hair Dye Work on Dark Hair?!?

Theresa Huaroto

Theresa Huaroto

Published on 2 years ago

3rd video in the series of "does it work on dark hair?!" !! I had gotten a ton of requests for Splat and saw it in a bunch of magazines so figured I'd give it a try and see if Splat hair Dye works on dark hair! Obviously you need bleach for dark hair to get extremely vivid color but I love trying these to see what kind of tints it leaves in my hair! Hope you guys like this review, demo, of splat hair dye on dark hair! Let me know what other hair dye videos you want to see me try!

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Comments :

Theresa Huaroto

Theresa Huaroto . 2 years ago

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Evian Mason

Evian Mason . 14 hours ago

Hopefully it will good 4 my hair

Evian Mason

Evian Mason . 14 hours ago

Its like hair paint

Cati Knapp

Cati Knapp . 4 days ago

Love your hair

Maggie Hand

Maggie Hand . 1 week ago

Love your videos!!!!

Desiree Montalvo

Desiree Montalvo . 1 week ago

I used Splat but with the color red and my hair is a dark brown. It was definitely horrible in the shower, I had the dye everywhere! But I honestly loved the color but at the same time it did wash out fast.


legomyskittles85 . 2 weeks ago

I use the kitchen sink sometimes

Maddy Delphin

Maddy Delphin . 3 weeks ago

I domt see any results...

Edward Trauth

Edward Trauth . 3 weeks ago

Fyi orange clean from a dollar tree store will get dye out of tub quickly

Selena Davila

Selena Davila . 4 weeks ago

Windex is great to take hair color off the skin

Rob Hyde

Rob Hyde . 4 weeks ago

Common sense answer is no. Have to dye blonde then dye color. 🙄

Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple . 4 weeks ago

I tried it before I watched this it dyed my face ps I did it in the shower

Emma Hadlock

Emma Hadlock . 4 weeks ago

So my hair is rly long and one time when washing my hair in the sink it got caught in the drain and I had to cut my hair long story short


YoutubeGamingLover . 1 month ago

It didn’t 😭 I tried

J W 2006

J W 2006 . 1 month ago

Lol I used this dye and was rinsing my hair in the spout of the tub then flipped my hair up and got it all over the ceiling

J W 2006

J W 2006 . 1 month ago

Haha I dyed my hair with this and got like three towels at the community pool purple

Jen Kroll

Jen Kroll . 1 month ago

Splat is THE WORST! It didn't take to half my hair and it has ruined my pillow case. And no, I don't go to bed with wet hair... It transferred purely by sweating a little while I slept :/

Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle . 1 month ago

I dyed it today and it didnt work it hjust looked black


Tammythe_hammy . 1 month ago

She’s so adorable 💕

Original Earthling

Original Earthling . 1 month ago

I spray my shower with a spray bottle of half vinegar, half water, and a spoon floor on dish soap before I rinse my hair out. Also use that spray and baking soda to clean anything left over💜

Maria Holguin

Maria Holguin . 1 month ago

I used blue. Everything was blue but my hair. Looked like a smurf. I would never use this again seriously you will ruin something. Why is this even legal?

Jeanette Gastelum

Jeanette Gastelum . 2 months ago

You didn't use the lightining bleach first that comes with it so u get the full effect


notsoseriousmoonlight . 2 months ago

I tried Splat Midnight Indigo and had the exact same results! I left it in for 5 hours. It dyed the bathroom, anything cloth, skin, my painted fingernails (I used gloves but pulled them off while rinsing), scalp... but my hair turned out all right. It came out a blue black, which I love, and it does look better outside. The stuff is SO messy though!

Leyna Sonnefeld

Leyna Sonnefeld . 2 months ago

I just tried dying my hair purple and it didn’t work. I was so sad. Don’t buy soapy if you have dark hair doesn’t work

Snow Noir

Snow Noir . 2 months ago

Vaseline always works, they also make ear protectors. Splat will always bleed, but to remedy that, just use a color sealant.

Leah Simpson

Leah Simpson . 2 months ago

Doesn’t splat have carpet dyes in it :/ I’ve heard it’s horrible for your hair

Cody Pells

Cody Pells . 2 months ago

My natural color is dark brown, nearly black. I used the full bottle of blue and it colored it COMPLETELY blue. So why it didn’t work on her hair, I don’t know. I’m actually putting in the Splat! Emerald Green right now and my hair is looking great so far

Ssavage Beauty

Ssavage Beauty . 2 months ago

I just watched this after getting my hair dyed blue with the splat brand.. it turned sorta green..

Leticia Cantu

Leticia Cantu . 2 months ago

If you go to dollar tree they sell this cleaner called Awesome. Toy spray it on there let it set then rinse and it comes right out

Lpg 8

Lpg 8 . 2 months ago

Geez this is worst than when you use purple shampoo and it splatters, at least it rinses off but this stuff sounds like a nightmare. Also, you should have left the towel on your hair several minutes for it to absorb the moisture that when you wouldn't have water dripping everywhere. I don't get why people don't leave the towel on their hair long enough to absorb the water, that's the whole purpose of putting a towel on you hair.

Miri Meerkat

Miri Meerkat . 2 months ago

NOBODY USE PURPLE SPLAT!!!!! I did it and it suffocated my scalp, causing my hair to fall out in clumps. It’s been two years and it’s finally growing back again


noibu0n . 2 months ago

The magic eraser works wonders. When I did the splat purple with bleach, it stained my shower. I tried cleaning with the magic eraser, and the color went away.

Xena Rosa

Xena Rosa . 3 months ago

I'm currently using the Midnight Ruby for Dark hair. (my profile pic) It comes out perfectly for me except near my roots/the top of my head where it doesn't seem to take that well.

Katelyne Supergirl

Katelyne Supergirl . 3 months ago

I tried dying my hair last night with the mint green splat hair dye and none of it stayed in my hair

Zuleika Sanabria

Zuleika Sanabria . 3 months ago

But arent you supposed to start on the roots then down ? Especially if your hair is dark

Morgan Moncrief

Morgan Moncrief . 3 months ago

When my friend dyes her hair with splat she washed it out outside with the water hose so it doesn't stain everything inside

Chacette Maciel-vega

Chacette Maciel-vega . 3 months ago

Hair spray and Neutrogena face wipes take dye off i do it every time

Kennedy Wise

Kennedy Wise . 3 months ago

dyed everything but my hair

Savannah H

Savannah H . 3 months ago

use bleach to get it off

Justina M.

Justina M. . 3 months ago

I’ve used splat hair dye in the color Luscious Raspberries years ago and it definitely does stain lol but it made my hair sooooo soft. I loved it and I’m thinking about doing this color soon. 😁🤞🏼

Asmr Mckenzie

Asmr Mckenzie . 3 months ago

I have like a medium brown hair color and I used a 30 day wash out green color (I forgot what it was called) it showed up pretty good but it did stain my shower green and Everytime I would use shampoo it would be green but wouldn't stain badly


Taylorhugstrees . 3 months ago

I literally just did this with the red and my entire bathroom was COVERED IN RED. my toenails are red my fingernails are red. It’s so bad dude. Never using splat again

Slimy Bugger

Slimy Bugger . 3 months ago

It has the dyes that’s used to dye carpets in it Is that gonna stop me from using it no 😅

LilMizzV M

LilMizzV M . 4 months ago

I bleach my hair and it works

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez . 4 months ago

And omg I tried the red one well burgundy and it came out like the crayon red and like hella bright omggg

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez . 4 months ago

Wipe it with like alcohol or peroxide right away with a cotton ball or whatever .. that’s the best way to remove dye off your skin .. js (:

sarah sami

sarah sami . 4 months ago

How many washes does it last?

Yuriko Vega

Yuriko Vega . 4 months ago

Your eyes are so beautiful! The eye shadow and liner on point

Anri-Grarion Productions

Anri-Grarion Productions . 4 months ago

Oh yeah, splat, Bring Vaseline and bleach. Bleach kitchen cleaner. It dyes the sh** out of your shower, use 1 to 1 ratio on skin and shower

sksksk sksks

sksksk sksks . 4 months ago

It didn't work bcs she didn't put bleach

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