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Published on 1 year ago

There were many heroes on September 11th. One of them, for months, was only known as the “The Man in the Red Bandana”. He saved as many as 18 lives, but lost his own. In 2002, the world and his family, learned who he was. Back then, his parents shared their grief with our own Chuck Scarborough on the 15th anniversary of the attacks in 2016.

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amina koli

amina koli . 4 weeks ago

He was my teachers brothers friend


yankees29 . 3 months ago

“Follow me I know the way.”- Welles Crowther 9-11-2001.


yankees29 . 3 months ago

A man of true integrity and courage. The world needs more men like Welles.

Noreen Albright

Noreen Albright . 3 months ago

Thank you Wells from a fellow worker in 2 WTC. I was outside the building when I saw the early plane fly into 1 WTC. My legs stopped moving. I heard how you helped so many injured and struggling to find a Stairwell out. You are forever my hero. I wish I would have met you. They were led by such a loving, caring young man to safety. Those of us that worked in that building will forever remember your name and all your efforts when panic, fear and pain set in. Rest in peace and love of all who worked there, tens of thousands of us. (2 WTC, 74th Fl. MS)

Matthew Salazar

Matthew Salazar . 3 months ago

Welles Crowther is proof that super heroes are real

Andrehe Baires

Andrehe Baires . 3 months ago

Who will dislike the video

Rylie Paul

Rylie Paul . 4 months ago

How could someone be so cruel and evil to take so many life’s in one day? May Welles Rest In Peace. Thank you young man.

Vya2 boang ikaw

Vya2 boang ikaw . 11 months ago

R. I. P

Dec. gyrrl

Dec. gyrrl . 1 year ago

Wells Crowther had such a kind, sweet face. He could've thought only of himself, but he helped others. When I saw his photo yrs ago, it brought tears to my eyes. He looks just like his mother, she will always see him when she looks in the mirror, and his father will see his son, when he looks at his wife. I know they wish he were still here, I would if he were my son. Rest in peace young man. You are the type of person I would be proud to have as a friend. A rare jewel.

Jerald Collins

Jerald Collins . 1 year ago

I've been to the 9/11 Memorial in NYC. Its a dignified and fitting place of peaceful remembrance. RIP to Welles Remy Crowther and all the others lost on September 11, 2001.

Emily Booth

Emily Booth . 1 year ago

Respect hero xx

Cindy Ramtahal

Cindy Ramtahal . 1 year ago

Very heartbreaking story!! 😫😫😫


H&C TV . 1 year ago

R.I.P to a true hero

Jim Burg

Jim Burg . 1 year ago


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