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Heart Healthy Diet: Daily Meal Plan



Published on 9 years ago

Meals are prepared using the Heart Healthy weekly grocery list. Offers suggestions on food to buy to prepare a week's worth of heart healthy meals which you can pre-package to take with you on the goal. This video demonstrates a heart healthy diet and meal plan that allows you to eat 6-7 small meals a day, 1-1 1/2 hours apart. You can jump start your metabolism and keep it working in high gear all day by fueling your body with simple, readily available goods . Eat more and lose weight. Detailed meal, diet plan and supplement program which is high in Omega 3. This plan is low fat and will help lower your bad cholesterol, increase your good cholesterol and keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. For complete Diet and Exercise Plan Details, download this document. http://www.scribd.com/doc/54185668/Heart-Healthy-Diet-Exercise-Plan

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msjkulig . 8 years ago

@johnsmith234543 In regards to the calorie count, you can just check the serving size for each food item you choose to consume and add up the calories. I hate counting calories. I'd rather just pre-package the portions and eat healthy and not worry about the calories. As long as you add some exercise everyday, you will lose weight on this meal plan : )


msjkulig . 8 years ago

I don't count calories with this meal plan. But if I would have to guess, the calories per day would be between 1300-1500. If you click the show more button under the video, there is a link to the diet plan. You can download it from Scribed. It comes with a grocery list and a daily menu plan which you can mix & match food items, depending on what you like. It also details my exercise program. : )


johnsmith234543 . 8 years ago

what's the total calorie count on all those meals? Or basically the sum of all the calories?

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