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Kid Rock - Picture ft. Sheryl Crow [Official Video]

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Published on 9 years ago

© 2010 WMG. Visit Kid Rock's Official Website http://kidrock.com/.

From the album "Cocky".

Comments :

Miranda Thomas

Miranda Thomas . 2 hours ago

This is my dad and mom song

Lori Hagen

Lori Hagen . 6 hours ago

Possibly the best song and duet ever!

The Legend27

The Legend27 . 10 hours ago

Goddamn I miss you mom. You used to play this when I was little and now when I hear it I tear up. Why couldn't God take me me instead.

Mike Blickhahn

Mike Blickhahn . 10 hours ago

Listing December 12 20 19

sandra guntorius

sandra guntorius . 15 hours ago

Love ❤️

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson . 17 hours ago

My mom is 85 years old this is her favorite song

Mání Monét

Mání Monét . 17 hours ago



SAMANTHA McVEGA . 2 days ago

Miss u ..


T M . 2 days ago

2021 anyone?

Rain Man

Rain Man . 2 days ago

Late night kool fm vibe

Sonya Dempsey

Sonya Dempsey . 3 days ago

Their voices are Beautiful together. They need to do another duet together!!!

Joe Goonet

Joe Goonet . 3 days ago

Love this song made a lot of screw ups and this just remind me of them all

Kevin O

Kevin O . 3 days ago

Sheryl Crow is so sexy


HiFiman4u . 3 days ago

Wow my 8 year old daughter came in my sound room to get me to open her lolly pop and started singing the lyrics of this song..

Know Bullshit

Know Bullshit . 3 days ago

Little did he know his mrs was a whore too!

Sean Zackson

Sean Zackson . 3 days ago

don't listen to either artist...but I love this...Thank you so much.

Tim Trenary

Tim Trenary . 3 days ago

Ked rock all summer long

Chris Glenn

Chris Glenn . 4 days ago

My grandmother's favorite Kid Rock song...

Kenneth Kilcrease

Kenneth Kilcrease . 4 days ago

Everytime I listen to this someone cuts onions

Cynthia Suarez

Cynthia Suarez . 4 days ago

I love this song

Kathy Kingery

Kathy Kingery . 4 days ago

nice song

Amber Doolen

Amber Doolen . 4 days ago

I still love u

Chase Cobb

Chase Cobb . 5 days ago

This was my parents song.

Chase Cobb

Chase Cobb . 5 days ago

This was my parents song.


AllMyHeroesHaveFBIFiles! . 5 days ago

Boohooing to this song after the recent end to a 20 year relationship and hope this is the last time I hear this song with heartache ;)

Yvette Urias

Yvette Urias . 5 days ago

My shit!

Teri Browning

Teri Browning . 6 days ago

LOVE. Kid. Rock. And. Sheryl

Blanca Espinoza

Blanca Espinoza . 6 days ago

My dad loves this song so much

Stephanie Valerio

Stephanie Valerio . 6 days ago

This is a good song too my mom and daddy would listen too this song when they would fight and i will play it 😥😥😥😥❤❤and now he is in heaven rest in peace leroy romero


M D . 6 days ago


Jenn Koko

Jenn Koko . 6 days ago

love is a rose i told you dont pick it

John Kerr

John Kerr . 6 days ago

U go kid rock


LISA. REBEL WISE . 7 days ago

Good ole. Days.

dave wuest

dave wuest . 7 days ago

I miss you

Life With Lois`s

Life With Lois`s . 7 days ago


Gregory Russell

Gregory Russell . 1 week ago

Jim Pam Anderson weather

Jesse Chua

Jesse Chua . 1 week ago

Great tandem!

h b

h b . 1 week ago

I❤❤❤ this song

Carl Fuhst

Carl Fuhst . 1 week ago


Carmen Robinson

Carmen Robinson . 1 week ago


Darko Orehovec

Darko Orehovec . 1 week ago


Christine Ward

Christine Ward . 1 week ago

You bet

Lynda Norris

Lynda Norris . 1 week ago

You reminded me of brighter days ☮️🌈🌎💕👏😘

Randy Potter

Randy Potter . 1 week ago

best duet ever...agreed.

Monique Rayos

Monique Rayos . 1 week ago

12/3/2019 still love it

Gino Moore

Gino Moore . 1 week ago

One of the only few songs everyone at the bar knows and sings together I love it....

Amanda & Chris Pueschel

Amanda & Chris Pueschel . 1 week ago

Love Love Love this song

spence 1208

spence 1208 . 1 week ago

Sat down cried today- me lmaoo

Linda Wetherby

Linda Wetherby . 1 week ago


Steve Rey

Steve Rey . 1 week ago

Rip jojo 6 years old . Due to cancer. I miss you baby

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