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Oasis: Live at Knebworth (remastered audio)



Published on 3 years ago

Oasis: Live at Knebworth with remastered audio by adriantino.

Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Noel Gallagher (guitar, backing vocals), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs (guitar), Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan (bass guitar), and Alan White (drums, percussion).


1- The Swamp Song (Intro)
2- Columbia
3- Acquiesce
4- Supersonic
5- Hello
6- Some Might Say
7- Roll With It
8- Slide Away
9- Morning Glory
10- Round Are Way (Ending with Up In The Sky)
11- Cigarettes & Alcohol
12- Whatever (Ending with Octopus's Garden)
13- Cast No Shadow
14- Wonderwall
15- The Masterplan
16- Don't Look Back in Anger
17- My Big Mouth
18- It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
19- Live Forever

20- Champagne Supernova (with John Squire)
21- I Am the Walrus (The Beatles cover)

Comments :

Nesta Brothers

Nesta Brothers . 2 years ago

5:16 Columbia 9:40 Acquiesce 13:41 Supersonic 18:53 Hello 22:26 Some Might Say 28:05 Roll With It 32:42 Slide Away 39:05 Morning Glory 44:05 Round Are Way (47:44 Ending with Up In The Sky) 49:43 Cigarettes & Alcohol 54:38 Whatever (Ending with Octopus's Garden) 1:00:52 Cast No Shadow 1:05:38 Wonderwall 1:09:52 The Masterplan 1:15:51 Don't Look Back in Anger 1:20:47 My Big Mouth 1:26:04 It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) 1:32:20 Live Forever


scottiedog4236 . 3 hours ago

Nice quality sound !! Oasis forever

Iain Frank Carter

Iain Frank Carter . 5 days ago

Turbo speed DLBIA Jesus Christ

Michael Haigh

Michael Haigh . 3 weeks ago

Personally prefer the Maine Road gig but this is class

Damien Moignier-Beasty

Damien Moignier-Beasty . 3 weeks ago

I was there, you know when it's special!

Kev Bending

Kev Bending . 4 weeks ago

I seen liam last wk in perth, Australia and fuck me hes back... sounded fan fucking tastic!!!!!

Angelo Márcio

Angelo Márcio . 4 weeks ago


Angelo Márcio

Angelo Márcio . 4 weeks ago


Oli smith

Oli smith . 1 month ago

What the fuck does he say here 50:23 😂😂😂

Alistair Gray

Alistair Gray . 1 month ago

Skoda yeti Clarkson


Hybzy . 1 month ago

I was a teenager in the 90s and I miss it so much.

Iain Frank Carter

Iain Frank Carter . 1 month ago

Imo oasis are an incredible band but I think this gig is remembered much more for the amount of people who attended. This isn't one of their best gigs


Shadez . 2 months ago

59:03 You will not regret this

Stéfano Calderón

Stéfano Calderón . 2 months ago


Jake Smith

Jake Smith . 2 months ago


Corner Back

Corner Back . 2 months ago

35:50 is when humanity peaked

Cam Hall

Cam Hall . 2 months ago

liam looks like willy wonka from the second shit charlie and the chocolate factory.... but cooler obviously.


Caloi . 2 months ago



3941602 . 2 months ago



3941602 . 2 months ago

The marshall stacks


M B . 2 months ago

Why will they not release this on DVD!

Aswad Noor

Aswad Noor . 2 months ago

This was great year, Glasto, Knebworth and Earls court and I was at all three! Fuck they were on top of their game back then!


ChainNonSmoker . 2 months ago

To anyone who isn't that familiar with the band and have no idea why it's one of the most important gigs in rock'n'roll's history, just skip 'til 1:28:54 and onwards from that you'll see what it's all about !


scottmulderz . 2 months ago

Fuck me man, that cast no shadow was so fucking powerful, both nights.

HIStory In The Mix

HIStory In The Mix . 2 months ago

Noel singing Octopus’ Garden is my religion. We’d love to have you.


PeterPaul's . 3 months ago

1:35:32 It literally could be hurtfull, I don’t how Liam’s throat didn’t hurt after that, but it was amazing.

North west Lpool.

North west Lpool. . 3 months ago

Best set list in history of music

James Timmins

James Timmins . 3 months ago

John squire is a legend

Penny Boy

Penny Boy . 3 months ago

Man, Liams voice actually gave during the 3rd chorus in Live Forever... never seen that happen. But the ending is beautiful

James Timmins

James Timmins . 3 months ago


Hans Solo

Hans Solo . 3 months ago

That drum sound is massive holy shit

James Timmins

James Timmins . 3 months ago



sternenkind . 3 months ago

It's a shame that this will never be released in good quality on DVD...

Liz Brown

Liz Brown . 3 months ago

Liam is the only artist that gives 100% as most other artists get fed up singing repeatedly the same songs. liam always gives the fans what they want! They are class.

Liz Brown

Liz Brown . 3 months ago

Never been a band since and never will be a band like OASIS!

Josh Cook

Josh Cook . 3 months ago

The ending to Supersonic was brilliant


NEZTOOT22 . 3 months ago

Liams voice so fucking great on morning glory

Jim Som

Jim Som . 4 months ago

I think tyler the creator stole Liam's style from this


Thesilverthunder777 . 4 months ago

wish Noel wasn't singn

Chris McNaught

Chris McNaught . 4 months ago

Biggest band of their generation. A real pity that the generations that followed did not have something similar. The last band that didn't give a fuck what people thought. Like us or don't, your call.

Ashley Sullivan

Ashley Sullivan . 4 months ago

Best band ever 💓


biblical . 4 months ago

‘I’d like to say helloooo... live forever’ biblical

Valentina Cocconcelli

Valentina Cocconcelli . 4 months ago

2019 Live forever <3


Yogsrw_ . 4 months ago

4:33 i love how liam say the line with john lennon accent 🤣

rifki baihaki2

rifki baihaki2 . 5 months ago

39:00 it's true

Auf dem Laufenden

Auf dem Laufenden . 5 months ago

That is why I wanted to live in the 90s

Tengo el ano seco Dogmas

Tengo el ano seco Dogmas . 5 months ago

Por que la calidad es tan mierda?, hay conciertos menos importantes de oasis y tienen mejor calidad

mike kenney

mike kenney . 5 months ago

35:50 Liam sounds so awesome

Andres Jimenez

Andres Jimenez . 5 months ago

I don't understand how can Noel watch this without having the immediate desire of saying lets make them happy again! If they reunite again I think it will be the real meaning for the phrase: THIS IS HISTORY!!!!

Beryl Inwood

Beryl Inwood . 5 months ago

Imagine what it must have been like to be Liam....I mean to ACTUALLY be Liam in the 90s. ...all geezers wanted to be him and all the women wanted to fuck him. Wow man wow. Must be the absolute bollox honest. Live Forever

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