Slimming Solutions

Slimming Solutions

Published on 10 years ago
How to Lose 10lb's in 3 Days! With the 3 Day Diet; Full instructions for this and many other diets (Including the egg diet and the BHF (British Heart Foundation) diet at our website.

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Comments :

ian davies

ian davies . 1 year ago

I lost about 4 pound, nowhere near the 10 pound that it promises

stuart smith

stuart smith . 1 year ago

BHF. You people really don't have a clue about real health from a biochemical/nutritional point of view. Your adverts are seriously 'Agender based' Just keep towing the line..... and eventually more people like me will realise your information is so,so WRONG!

Patricia Radilla

Patricia Radilla . 3 years ago

this is very similar to the military diet , practically the same thing .

Jimmie Chamberlain

Jimmie Chamberlain . 3 years ago

*>> Slimming Solution Discount Offer 2016 <<*

bailey antoine

bailey antoine . 4 years ago

*Very interesting and helpful video! I really like it!*

Andriy Balaban

Andriy Balaban . 6 years ago

Hey! I'm Josh.I did -25 lbs in one week.More here

Edo Legenda

Edo Legenda . 7 years ago

If you really want to lose weight quickly, you might want to Google "Aston Fat Furnace". You are bound to get the body you desire.

Samim Rahman

Samim Rahman . 7 years ago

Hi there, have you tried Belly Fat Quencher yet? Just head over to that web address at There you can get a valuable free video presentation by a respected doctor revealing the way to get rid of extra fat. This helped Cheryl to lose her abdominal fat. I hope it works for you as well...

Jess D.

Jess D. . 7 years ago

do you have to keep going and do it every week so that don't gain ur weight back?

George Piscotu

George Piscotu . 7 years ago

Have you experienced Ultra Slimming Formula? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to lose fat fast.

nbome lsd

nbome lsd . 7 years ago

this is shit ive lost 50 pounds seena i stoped eating animal products and i eat al i want ,but lately i been feelin kind sleepy but not tired at all and i been eatin like 500-700 caloroes at day of only fruit and this feels soo good like bein high soo relaxed and calm

Shankar Paudel

Shankar Paudel . 7 years ago

Hey there, have you tried "Belly Fat MeltMax" (just search on Google for it ...)? There you will find a beneficial free video. It made it possible for Todd to reduce his tummy fat. Perhaps it will help you out too.

gina verdasco

gina verdasco . 7 years ago

I have a question, have you seen the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My mother in law insists it helps people get thinner with little effort.

Sumon Kumar Day

Sumon Kumar Day . 7 years ago

Hello, have you seen this thing called the Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it). My mother in law says it helps people get thinner.


StaarDustt . 7 years ago

thats the american 3 day diet.

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