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4 High-Fiber Vegetarian Meals • Tasty



Published on 7 months ago

High-fiber vegetarian meals you can't miss. Plus, we’ve updated our recipes to include nutrition information! Check it out on Tasty.co or on the Tasty app 🎉🥘

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Comments :

Abhishek Mhatre

Abhishek Mhatre . 5 months ago

2nd recipe was great until you poured coconut milk all over it 🤮


Sexychick954 . 6 months ago

I hate the smell and tease of cilantro 🤢


Stephanie1119 . 6 months ago

I made dish number 2, the potato curry, and it is DELICIOUS and so filling!!! thanks for the recipe Tasty :)

Strawberry Cupcake

Strawberry Cupcake . 6 months ago

I might try some, but it depends. For years I've eaten high fiber because of my sensitive stomach & insides in general lol, and there are never recipes since it's not a fad, so I had to work on my own always. At least this video exists I guess...

Spring Field

Spring Field . 6 months ago

I made the beansoup but I had to change the receipt a little bit cause I hadnt all the ingriedinds at home. It was very good 😋

Push Mak B

Push Mak B . 7 months ago

Moral of the story, always have chili powder, cumin and cayenne pepper in your pantry!!!! The bean soup looked delicious but I wouldn’t go as far as to blend it, also it needs some crunch!!!


Mansi . 7 months ago

Nobody cooks real delicious vegetarian food like Indians✋️😄Period.

Bernardo R. Feitosa

Bernardo R. Feitosa . 7 months ago

Loved the "we used vegan" comment on the cheddar. Hope the feta on the other dishes was also we vegan. Jk. Good job.


someoneintheshadow45 . 7 months ago

The second one is literally aaloo muttar subji I'm screaming-


I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW RED . 7 months ago

Awesome more vegetarian stuff!!

Louis Gabriel

Louis Gabriel . 7 months ago

This is not vegetarian, it has onions and garlic


cantthink_ofname_ . 7 months ago

Just add avocado in everything 😑 I am suddenly hating avocado just because I am seeing unnecessary adding of it

Shubhangi Sharma

Shubhangi Sharma . 7 months ago

That's aloo matar!!!!

Dishita kolhekar

Dishita kolhekar . 7 months ago

Atleast mention ‘Inspired by indian dishes’ in the description 🤷🏻‍♀️

Smridhi goel

Smridhi goel . 7 months ago

The recipes are inspired from Indian cuisine...and Indian food is delicious!

ᴀʏᴀɴɴᴀ ᴢʜᴀɴᴇ̀ .

ᴀʏᴀɴɴᴀ ᴢʜᴀɴᴇ̀ . . 7 months ago

4:48 - 4:51 makes me cringe bc i work at chipotle and *honeyyy* ... just no 🤣🤣

Ronit Patel

Ronit Patel . 7 months ago

I kinda hate salad, but I made the first one cause I was like hmm that actually looks good. Guess what? It tasted tasty and somehow better than it actually looked. I want to eat this everyday now.


K3LLYJ0 . 7 months ago

Number 2 I will make you....one-day


jemmajane2 . 7 months ago

YASSSSS can you do more vegetarian meals please?!

Jamila Attarwala

Jamila Attarwala . 7 months ago

The first one was chole and the second one was aalo ki sabzi


Aahuti . 7 months ago

Instead search for veg Indian recepies you'll get numerous deliciously nutritious ones!!!


oskarbj . 7 months ago

Dude you have 4k uplikes and only 100 dislikes! That's record! Keep going PS: I Love you'r cooking vids

Soundarya Balaji

Soundarya Balaji . 7 months ago

So basically Indian food. I don't mind that :D

Je suis Desole

Je suis Desole . 7 months ago

well most vegetarian meals are high in fiber since theyre made with fruits and vegetables

payal nakhate

payal nakhate . 7 months ago

If you want vegetarian food try Indian vegetarian food that amazing and delicious....🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️

Anwesha Misra

Anwesha Misra . 7 months ago

I think it is Indian inspired.

MomsKitchen Magic

MomsKitchen Magic . 7 months ago

Nice recipes

ginger& garlic

ginger& garlic . 7 months ago

Most of them are inspired from Indian recipes

Jennifer Stokes

Jennifer Stokes . 7 months ago

Thank you so much for these!!


NaturallyPeace . 7 months ago

Thank you, Tasty, for using Vegan cheese!!!

Toyadome C

Toyadome C . 7 months ago

Canned peas are a sin and should never be used on a cooking channel. Get frozen. Theyre basically the same price.

Eric Rounds

Eric Rounds . 7 months ago

These look really delicious AND easy to prepare. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pravesh Shukla

Pravesh Shukla . 7 months ago

What the hell is "curry powder"????


Lynnsey . 7 months ago

boring, repeatative vegies and spices, do something more original please?


LaurenCG12 . 7 months ago

No names on the recipes is annoying. I’m also not a fan of the music on this video

Keita Yoneda

Keita Yoneda . 7 months ago

what about vegetarian recipes that DONT use beans...

Shirley Kawafuchi

Shirley Kawafuchi . 7 months ago

These all look SO yummy! I would appreciate the names of the dishes before/after!

Molly LittleBird

Molly LittleBird . 7 months ago

These do look tasty!

Tyrese jr Smith

Tyrese jr Smith . 7 months ago

I eat meat🙂❗

Bug Maniac Lynke

Bug Maniac Lynke . 7 months ago

I'm planing on getting your pot set with my next bonus. It looks so nice and my old ones need replacing, so why not.

Leeanne O'Donnell

Leeanne O'Donnell . 7 months ago

anyone has any idea what i could replace chickpeas with? i hate chickpeas so

Dharti Dave

Dharti Dave . 7 months ago

Yay ! Tasty Please Make more Vegetarian Videos & BTW loved this video ❤️❤️

Vegan Delight

Vegan Delight . 7 months ago

Cool recipes!


suramya . 7 months ago

I'm simple, I see matar aloo I click

migs mig's

migs mig's . 7 months ago

#3 gas like hell😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🏃‍♀️💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨


unamericano . 7 months ago

I can forgive carrots added to. Lack beans cause they’re pretty tasty but celery? Come on guys. But I did love everything else about every other recipe so overall I call this a win.

Chef Tyler

Chef Tyler . 7 months ago


Fahima :D

Fahima :D . 7 months ago

Could you get Rie to make the Fire Noodles enjoyable? Like make them great dishes in different ways

Sidra Akkari

Sidra Akkari . 7 months ago


Toni Marquina

Toni Marquina . 7 months ago

Make potatoes in microwave!! Is much better for everything!!!

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