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Keto Recipe - Low Carb Peanut Butter Meringue Cookies



Published on 2 years ago

It’s very versatile and a good way to use up egg whites if you make homemade mayo like I do. It’s a 3-ingredient recipe, so it comes together quickly and easily. My favorite! The only thing that takes some time is the cooking and cooling.

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1 cup egg whites, room temp
½ cup creamy peanut butter
2 tablespoons sweetener

Nutrition Summary:
This makes a total of 18 servings of Peanut Butter Meringue Cookies. Each serving comes out to be 49.83 Calories, 3.7g Fats, 1.34g Net Carbs, and 3.06g Protein.

Music: “Prize Money” by Birocratic (http://birocratic.bandcamp.com)

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Comments :


Cami . 5 days ago

Trying it later today let's see how they taste🥰

Sultan BaniMalek

Sultan BaniMalek . 1 month ago

I made it 😃 its really nice and I'm eating it with cream cheese. Now .. Should i keep it in Refrigerator or outside ?

Alia .D.M

Alia .D.M . 2 months ago

Which erythritol was used ? The granules!!

ツE t h e r e a l

ツE t h e r e a l . 6 months ago

Try using: Almond butter Egg whites Cocoa powder ( organic ) -Low carbs and healthy

Rose Does Stuff

Rose Does Stuff . 6 months ago

I tried these with a bit of cocoa powder instead of peanut butter. They tasted great, but they stuck to my wax paper terribly. I should have used parchment but it was all I had.


Pahanin . 6 months ago

I eat straight frozen peanut butter. Saves the mess and time

Wahiba Wabiba

Wahiba Wabiba . 6 months ago

Mmmmm....they look delicious.... am gone try them....thanx a lot


ultimaetsolder . 8 months ago

All the comments say "looks good, will try". Has anyone baked and ate them? I'm making now for the first time but have to wait 2hrs while they bake and sit. :(


About36GREEKS . 10 months ago

Awesome recipe , might have to add some raw cacao chips to mine :)

David Brown

David Brown . 11 months ago

To. Each his own. Lol

David Brown

David Brown . 11 months ago

I am disabled with nothing to do. I'm doing low carb so I try a lot of recipes. They are in the oven now ...lol

Nabihah Nik

Nabihah Nik . 11 months ago

Is it crunchy like real cookie? Mine always turns out like opsie bread

Gary Vinch

Gary Vinch . 1 year ago

Those were nasty

bob liu

bob liu . 1 year ago

Could I sub egg whites with anything?


L J . 1 year ago

Am I able to use a regular hand mixer to obtain the same results?

Shapie Nails

Shapie Nails . 1 year ago

Utho something went wrong either I whipped it too long after I put in the almond butter or it was a bad idea to use it :(  Been cooking one hour so I checked them & they are mushy inside  ( airy n bubbly )  almost like how they looked before they cooked . Plus they are not holding together or coming off pan whole .. Trying another 1/2 hour if nothing changes it was a Big Fail Ugg

Shapie Nails

Shapie Nails . 1 year ago

All I have or use in my house is crunchy Almond Butter . I'm crossing my fingers this will work lol

Sarah Richer Lefebvre

Sarah Richer Lefebvre . 2 years ago

Wonder if using peanut butter powder would allow the egg whites to keep more air. I might have to try it out.

Brian Rich

Brian Rich . 2 years ago

Yum!! Need to try these 😄

Jason Fuyana

Jason Fuyana . 2 years ago

Nice!! Silk chocolate pie video soon????!!!!


BadTuber . 2 years ago

Looks Good!

Avelino Leal

Avelino Leal . 2 years ago

I will be trying them tonight! You guys are the best! Thank you for sharing all these amazing recipes with us! I am a huge fun!

Al and Matt

Al and Matt . 2 years ago

Looks good

Levinia Rolle

Levinia Rolle . 2 years ago

definitely will try

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