Emi Wong

Emi Wong

Published on 2 years ago

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Girl in her 20s. Living in Hong Kong, working a full time office job in Marketing and making YouTube videos on the side. Also a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer.
(: MY FAVOURITE THINGS: Workout To Eat, My Family, Dog & Boyfriend

♡INTRO SONG: Aarre - When We Were Young (ft. Reece Lemonius)
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HEALTHY FOOD DIARY - What I eat everyday
Day 1: https://instagram.com/p/Bfx93T6nWLE/
Day 2: https://instagram.com/p/Bf0s0uhHvmf/
Day 3 & 4: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf7JRo6H2a8/
Day 5 & 6: https://instagram.com/p/Bf-yqjGHLdY/

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Comments :

Emi Wong

Emi Wong . 5 months ago

I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories - hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips! https://www.instagram.com/emiwong_/

Quinton Williams

Quinton Williams . 36 minutes ago

Damn you're fine


楊可欣 . 2 hours ago



Lyrical . 11 hours ago

The dog is SO CUTE

E 6 4 9 8 Y

E 6 4 9 8 Y . 3 days ago

*Your dog speaks Chinese?*

Mary Smith

Mary Smith . 3 days ago

It is possible to eliminate all the years of frustration, while eliminating the fire responsible for depression and disease, to reach their goals with their weight. You can also start building the fairytale life you wanted when you were younger.



Dec.5.2019 This day I WILL start my weight loss journey and I will update when I feel more comfortable with my body WISH ME LUCK!!!😄💜

Naysia Cortes

Naysia Cortes . 5 days ago

I difinitly need help to lose weight.

Naysia Cortes

Naysia Cortes . 5 days ago

Sometimes I eat breakfast sometimes I don’t but at the same time I drink a lot of flavor water don’t eat Romen noodles or Chinese food or heavy food like rice or bred I herd they make you gain weight more. I’m difinitly going to try to lose weight and it’s hard to lose weight sometimes.

Rosie Merchant

Rosie Merchant . 5 days ago

What kind breed is your puppy he is gourgeous

قنإة ضحئ

قنإة ضحئ . 5 days ago



KTN GAMING . 6 days ago

I’m so insecure istg.

Victoria Miller

Victoria Miller . 7 days ago

Why is your potato purple? Mine is orange.

stefany contreras

stefany contreras . 1 week ago

why do you guys hate her so much she is very helpful!! APPRECIATE YOUUU EMIII🥰

Sophia Collins

Sophia Collins . 1 week ago

I’m watching this video and crying because I overheard my brother on the phone saying he thinks Ive gained weight recently and it broke my heart (because I’ve struggled with a eating disorder (anorexia) for the past year and I’m still broken because of it.)


VeeTheGamer . 1 week ago



soph.1 . 1 week ago


Nancy Karina

Nancy Karina . 1 week ago

This video was really helpful! 😍 I’m gonna try doing it. 😂 but idk if I can memorize all those foods diet u eating 👀 “IM NEW TO YOUR CHANNEL AND I SUBSCRIBE.” ❤️💕

deborah zhang

deborah zhang . 2 weeks ago

need this for after thanksgiving


kickass . 2 weeks ago

I hope you don't get fed up with me saying how beautiful you are <3

Baby Avocados

Baby Avocados . 2 weeks ago

I hate my self

Sourabh Dhuliya

Sourabh Dhuliya . 2 weeks ago

You're too much beautiful ! 😍


Tui . 2 weeks ago

Looks very healthy and Bright like Sunshine.. I am jealous of you.

Three Dollars, Man.

Three Dollars, Man. . 2 weeks ago

i can eat like extreamly little healthy cereal, maybe a babana and then a small meal at 5pm, and still not loosing weight, yes, i've tried to eat "healther" too, but i only gain more then. I've gained 14cm from september ):

Three Dollars, Man.

Three Dollars, Man. . 2 weeks ago

i got the ballloonnn belly rn, i get it so easily rip

cobjay francisco

cobjay francisco . 2 weeks ago

hi emi

Kate Cortez

Kate Cortez . 2 weeks ago

Omg does she work at lululemon😭❤️!?


jungcock . 2 weeks ago


Yang Cao

Yang Cao . 3 weeks ago

Emi you're so fit. Can you also create more advanced level videos, like with dumbells etc? So jealous that you can work out during lunch time. Also don't you have problems of losing hair by washing them twice a day?

Cristina SavedByGrace

Cristina SavedByGrace . 3 weeks ago

You’re adorable!

Grace Abigail

Grace Abigail . 3 weeks ago

Hey Emi !! I am from Sri Lanka Thank you for this video, it really helped me.


piñAkki . 3 weeks ago

chinese food is so healthy i can'tttttt i love it!!


piñAkki . 3 weeks ago

okay but i love your lips that's it

Pakubuwono Code

Pakubuwono Code . 3 weeks ago

i love this video

Aila Khan

Aila Khan . 3 weeks ago

How do you even prepare so much food living alone! I tell you my mom doesn’t even cook this much variety of food for 3 people 😂

Sristi Gurung

Sristi Gurung . 3 weeks ago

I am the only one who hates oats

Otty J Dee

Otty J Dee . 3 weeks ago

hey you little asian woman your workouts look intense good on you

Aubrey George

Aubrey George . 4 weeks ago

Her body is perfect I’m going to work hard for my goal of 95 lbs 💞I’ll tell you if I get there

Asayna Stevens

Asayna Stevens . 4 weeks ago

I weigh 145 and it's sad

Kristy Gets Fit

Kristy Gets Fit . 4 weeks ago

Idk why I love seeing her going to work just like a normal person as opposed to social media being her career

Anime Gacha

Anime Gacha . 4 weeks ago

...and then me, drinking a banana milkshake that my mummy made <3 but I'm pretty sure it has some sugar in it so yehh... Love you Emi!

m fox

m fox . 1 month ago

Keep up the awesome work! You look great!

mrs voice

mrs voice . 1 month ago

If I want to eat like that I should spend so muchhhh for just one week, in my country K special cereal costs so muchhhh, and oat meal and also fruits, my dad always nagging at me how much you're going to spend every week! Don't go on a diet anymore it's expensive for me, every time he say this I cry so much it's hard because I don't even have a job yet and I have to get money from him

Kely Rubí Stwo

Kely Rubí Stwo . 1 month ago

me encantas, para mi eres un ejemplo a seguir te admiro tanto me motivas mucho!! gracias

Olive Garden Gacha

Olive Garden Gacha . 1 month ago

Don't eat breakfast and I don't have any snacks. Only a little lunch and a regular sized dinner

Kaela Paler

Kaela Paler . 1 month ago

Omg I really really wanna start working out and actually eating healthy but school just takes up TOO much of my day

Shen Cai

Shen Cai . 1 month ago

You look like Alodia Gosengfiao (don't know the spelling of the surname)

Srisurabhi L

Srisurabhi L . 1 month ago

I can't eat strawberry, avocado, celery, matcha, almond or oat milk because in tamilnadu it is very expensive ....pls suggest me.

Reagan Cameron

Reagan Cameron . 1 month ago

Since I have started out this specific “Yamzoko Weebly” dietary regimen (Google it) I have lost 17 pounds.It’s magic to get a possible final result out of this. I liked just how swift this diet plan worked well! There is really a big difference how my favorite shirt will fit right now when compared Six days before. .

Eduardo Lauren

Eduardo Lauren . 1 month ago

I am so pleased with the things i gained. .

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