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Join Natalie Ikeman, PA-C from the HCMC Golden Valley Clinic while she takes you through a high-intensity standing cardiovascular exercise.

The Great Slim Down helps patients lose excess weight in order to prevent chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure from developing. Patients meet with Natalie once a month for 12 months to work on healthy diet, improvement of exercise and making life-long lifestyle changes.

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Aleksandra Rubini

Aleksandra Rubini . 2 days ago

It is exactly what i need. Great workout. Thank you

silvio guardi

silvio guardi . 4 days ago

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Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson . 7 days ago

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Cheryl Mendez

Cheryl Mendez . 1 week ago

This is just a lot of flailing about. Working out like this can cause injury. Nothing controlled about it.

nachos with nyesha

nachos with nyesha . 3 weeks ago

It was actually helpful


JazznUup . 3 weeks ago

So over jumping. You may wanna give a lower impact option.

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams . 3 weeks ago

Thank you good and intense workout


J C . 4 weeks ago

Grest workout and song!

Kharshed Alam

Kharshed Alam . 4 weeks ago

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Aagahi TV

Aagahi TV . 4 weeks ago

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Jess B

Jess B . 4 weeks ago

Thanks guys :)

Raysa Ortiz

Raysa Ortiz . 4 weeks ago

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Ashley Rangel

Ashley Rangel . 4 weeks ago

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Pavan Kumar TVN

Pavan Kumar TVN . 4 weeks ago

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Nur Islam

Nur Islam . 4 weeks ago

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Apit Finsyah

Apit Finsyah . 1 month ago

Thank you


TheRenutzu . 1 month ago

I enjoyed! Great workout ❤️

Dangelo Mateo

Dangelo Mateo . 1 month ago

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Mokonachan92 . 1 month ago

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AskLizz . 1 month ago

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Kavita Aasat

Kavita Aasat . 1 month ago

Thanks Madam

afsheen shah

afsheen shah . 1 month ago

It seems to be great workout. Can I do it 3 months postpartum normal delivery?

Julia Winstead

Julia Winstead . 1 month ago

Great cardio!!!! Great video

Dagm Alemayehu

Dagm Alemayehu . 1 month ago


Ju An

Ju An . 2 months ago

Wonderful video!!!

yammu yammi

yammu yammi . 2 months ago

My 1st day.. Wish good luck guys..


Deborah . 2 months ago

Great job!

Jyoti Vishwakarma

Jyoti Vishwakarma . 2 months ago

How many kgs does this exercise cause our body to loose?

Samson Sakala

Samson Sakala . 2 months ago

I am very much encouraged with all the best exercises which you are giving me

p m

p m . 2 months ago

The sounds is REALLY tinny...UHH>...says' "standing cardio" and you're on the ground AND the cool down is WAY too short. I won't be back

George Alike da instructor

George Alike da instructor . 2 months ago

awesome workout you should check out my aerobics workout too so we can share ideas

Jackie Roberts

Jackie Roberts . 2 months ago

My fit watch buzz on my wrist instructing me to move, found this..254 calories burnt loved it thank you... out of breath sweaty and feeling good...


readingjewel . 3 months ago

This workout was great and very effective.

Salma feroz ali

Salma feroz ali . 3 months ago

Thank you. Just completed and loved it. Sweating and out of breath already

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson . 3 months ago

Wow this is hard but very doable after practicing and improving fitness. Cant wait to try it again and again.

im a phauguette

im a phauguette . 3 months ago

ms natalie ikeman did THAT.

Chirombe Miranda

Chirombe Miranda . 3 months ago

For some reason i love you and enjoyed you workout and i would be doing it for 30days .....i need motivation guys I'm preparing for my first year in university next year ....I'm currently in matric writing my trails in SA.....1 like =a full workout

Desara Kormaku

Desara Kormaku . 4 months ago

Anyone else having problems getting past the 10 min? My heart started hurting a lot and I actually got scared Edit: one week later and I am able to almost perfectly complete the whole workout! We just need to not give up! Thank you so much for this video

im a phauguette

im a phauguette . 4 months ago

sis said "take it up a notch" girl my damn heart and lungs bout to explode

Devanshi Sheth

Devanshi Sheth . 4 months ago

That was a great workout! Loved it. Did the whole at once. Loved you. Keep going. Much love.XOXO

moirangthem ganga

moirangthem ganga . 5 months ago

Thank you its really wotking to reduce tge weight❤️😘.. U r so sweet🤗😍

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 5 months ago

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C Aiello

C Aiello . 5 months ago

62 and saw it through!!! Nice.

Bhagyashree Meghani

Bhagyashree Meghani . 5 months ago

This is a great workout!! Made me sweat like anything!!

yangli githuka

yangli githuka . 5 months ago

Heyy Mum i am from Nairobi, Kenya and i just wanna thank you sooo much. God Bless you as i can now train myself without going into my pocket.

Ranjitha Srinivas

Ranjitha Srinivas . 5 months ago

I have delivered c-section after 7month I can do this

poulomi Das

poulomi Das . 5 months ago

Oh wow! But i could hardly complete the whole workout at a time..but it seems to be really effective... I hope i'll be done with it in coming few days..most hardworking workout i came across in youtube. Thankyou!!

Gurnani Rachana

Gurnani Rachana . 5 months ago

I am doing this and sweat lot.! Thank you so much

Lola Fox

Lola Fox . 5 months ago

I did it!! *Dies*

Ami Lee

Ami Lee . 5 months ago

Still in warm up trying this as a beginner is funny but im already tired but i want to reach my goal and I will

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