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Finger Tapping With Chords

Let's Talk About Math Rock

Let's Talk About Math Rock

Published on 2 years ago

Hey, Steve here. In this video, I'll show you an approach to writing finger tapping ideas while holding chords. I aimed this lesson at those who are new to this style of finger tapping , but I think it'll be useful for those of who already know how to tap. Thanks.
Chords and Charts: http://letstalkaboutmathrock.com/finger-tapping-chords-lesson/

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Comments :

Gabowtf Rewrite

Gabowtf Rewrite . 2 weeks ago

Awesome bro!! Thanks a lot :D sub

bill williams

bill williams . 5 months ago

Can you make a video showing examples of diminished finger tapping licks


Jamil . 6 months ago

For those who are familiar with the 3 notes per string scale, the root note of the maj 9 chord shape is the 4th degree of the mixolodyian shape. Edit: Also, for the min 9 chord, the root note is the 5th degree of the Aeolian shape.

Lucas Bet

Lucas Bet . 9 months ago

Hey Steve, what daw are you using there? It looks so unusual... thanks!


Jerome MENNINGER . 9 months ago

THX 1000 times !

Muscle Lee

Muscle Lee . 9 months ago

thanks alot, very usefull

David Salatich

David Salatich . 9 months ago

You have no idea how much this helps me thanks ❤

David Salatich

David Salatich . 9 months ago


ja maglaqui

ja maglaqui . 11 months ago

quick question do i need to use a distortion pedal to get that tapping sound because I can't hear any sounds when I tap the strings on my guitar


Baphoman . 12 months ago

What pedal effect are you using ?


hennis . 1 year ago

This was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Валерий Петренко

Валерий Петренко . 1 year ago

Спасибо за русские субтитры

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes . 1 year ago

This is awesome. could you make a video where u slow down the sliding and tapping part so i can get it note by note


GATUMADRE117 . 2 years ago

What a nice tutorial bro, i play the intro riff whitout tapping, i heard the song before but i dont know the name xd, greatings from Mexico and keep the excelent work sensei

Oliver Cant

Oliver Cant . 2 years ago

What would your advice be for stopping unnecesary ringing of the strings when you pull off? I'm not sure if I'm tapping the strings too hard or what but I've been finding it annoying when to sound clean. Either that or maybe I just need to work on my precision a bit more.

Евгений Корнеев

Евгений Корнеев . 2 years ago

спасибо за русские субтитры! этот полезный урок сделал мой день!

Post Production

Post Production . 2 years ago

Thank you for a very informative lesson! And thanks for the Russian subtitles! It's great that you can listen to what was going on) I Have a few of my video tapping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OYSv4zMGOc

nigel grimm

nigel grimm . 2 years ago

Great intro mate

สุรุจ บัวประดิษฐ์

สุรุจ บัวประดิษฐ์ . 2 years ago

Thank you Steve!! You are ma great teacher for a long time.


Wafficus . 2 years ago

Do a Piglet specific video please. The arpeggio slide type riffs always blow my mind.

Matthew Bystrzak

Matthew Bystrzak . 2 years ago

Steve, I posted a video using these techniques. Curious on your feedback. Its only a minute And a half long. Let me know... https://youtu.be/USV4TO3xg_w Great video, BTW.


isarow . 2 years ago

Good job, keep doing this

zackery long

zackery long . 2 years ago

Your a good teacher and I understand tapping a lot more now because of this

Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez . 2 years ago

This lesson really helped big thanks man😎

Alec Licata

Alec Licata . 2 years ago

Great stuff as always! Would you mind using a color other than red for the circles on similar future charts? Black and red are hard for colorblind eyes

Anus Repair Man

Anus Repair Man . 2 years ago

Im late to the party, but anyways heres wonder wall.

Anthony Stefani

Anthony Stefani . 2 years ago

Love your vids man

Diego Luyo

Diego Luyo . 2 years ago

Oh man! I'm here before Anus Repair Man. Nice Razer mouse there. Can you do a video on Vasudeva style of music?


Treinstein . 2 years ago

Yes! Finally a vid on tapping

Psychedelic Pikachu

Psychedelic Pikachu . 2 years ago

Hey Steve! will there ever be a how to write/play like Sleepy Dog? That would be interesting seeing you analyze his method of writing


yeastiality . 2 years ago

cool video, also check out josh martin on youtube for some really advanced wacky tapping stuff (it's not maffrock but you could apply the same techniques)

Ramadan Steve

Ramadan Steve . 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for this. I have a question, I can usually come up with a cool sounding idea/arpeggio, but when trying to expand on that, my licks and phrases always become boring and predictable, and I have trouble mixing it up. Do you have any advice on getting out of the rut playing the same patterns?


OhMarcOh . 2 years ago

Can we have a tutorial on writing and playing in the tuning of DAEAC#E? D:

Dixit Dominus

Dixit Dominus . 2 years ago

The speed of sound in seawater is an awesome band. Great video also, really useful :D

Alejandro Sandoval

Alejandro Sandoval . 2 years ago

Jeez that scale is pure emo/math sound


h . 2 years ago

It’s been a while since I haven’t commented on your videos haha

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