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HOW TO TRACK YOUR MACROS - An Easy Guide | Ashley Salvatori

Ashley Salvatori

Ashley Salvatori

Published on 2 years ago

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In this video I explain the simple way to track your macros!!! It can be confusing for a newbie to the keto lifestyle! Its really simple.

The app I use is called Carb Manager for IOS you can also use My Fitness Pal for andriod.

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Comments :


Merson . 2 weeks ago

Great jod Ashley, thank you for the help during my start up phase.

Ydn Perz

Ydn Perz . 4 weeks ago

I love this app, but they count total carbs not Neto carb that is the one that we need in Keto diet. 😣

Johnny Kaldani

Johnny Kaldani . 3 months ago

Johnny, my Johnny. Mangia, mangia!

Miata Ezueh

Miata Ezueh . 3 months ago

Thank you! Every other explanation was too intense and complicated.

Asathe Cre8ur

Asathe Cre8ur . 3 months ago

So what if u cook a meal at home. How easy is it to track your whole meal

Jazmine Marie

Jazmine Marie . 4 months ago

When should you change the macros? I’m down 20lbs

Maria Diaz

Maria Diaz . 4 months ago

Both Android and iPhone have the app.

Lisa x

Lisa x . 4 months ago

SHOW HOW TO ENTER AN EGG OR ‘SOMETHING’ SIMPLE. Haven’t found one video on basic food logging in😖

Asathe Cre8ur

Asathe Cre8ur . 5 months ago

What about when you eat out at a restaurant

Donni Kubbitz

Donni Kubbitz . 6 months ago

I got the app so I won't have to research my own calories on all my labels. I learned I need to research my own calories on all my labels. Be careful with this please, folks. It has ridiculous inconsistencies that I found in the first 20 minutes of use.


vinetender . 8 months ago

Just starting out - standing in front of my fridge n pantry with the app ready to meal plan -how to start choosing the various foods? So far I have bacon n eggs avocado breakfast. How to plan lunch to go and dinner at home ? I just want simple meals - so overwhelmed and already confused and discouraged. Seems so easy for others but I dint get it. Do newbies use a meal plan with measurements spelled out?

Cathy holmes

Cathy holmes . 8 months ago

One question: is it 20 net carbs per MEAL..or DAY? I’ve heard both.

audra teabo

audra teabo . 10 months ago

Thank you so much for your video Ashley. I was doing it pen and paper-very discouraging. You have changed my life xoxoxox Thank you- I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!


NJ CAMOCUTIE . 12 months ago

Hi Ash, quick question im doing the Keto diet and in my settings section do i use net carbs or total carbs? Please help, starting tomm. Thanks so much, keep up the great vids

anne webber

anne webber . 1 year ago

thank you you are the only one thats explaned it x

Lorne I

Lorne I . 1 year ago

Hi Ashley- wondering how you treat foods that have negative net carbs? I have found a few products (olives and cocoa powder) that have more fibre than carbs. How does this make sense?

Frank Arena

Frank Arena . 1 year ago

Ashley, One quick question, when using the app that you have and prepping your food for a few days per say does it give you the amount in oz you should be giving in the meal prep? I guess what I'm asking is once you make your meals does it tell you how much to put in each container to meet your 70% fats, 5-10% carbs and 20% protein. thanks for your time


gigiandthemelody . 1 year ago

So happy I found that video this app is way better then my fitness pal

Jacquelyn Romeo

Jacquelyn Romeo . 1 year ago

Where do you recommend to get your personalized macros?


Pintsizedpanda . 1 year ago

love your videos, they have been really helpful as i’m starting my keto journey! i was wondering, are you using the paid premium version of the app?

Branky Ma

Branky Ma . 1 year ago

Thank you for this link. Very helpful! 🤗

Mandi Smith

Mandi Smith . 2 years ago


Vani Contreras contreras

Vani Contreras contreras . 2 years ago

Should I count net carbs or total carbs

freddy gamer

freddy gamer . 2 years ago

Hi... i’ve just started this journey three days ago after a lot of research and you’ve been very helpful.. i’ll try that app... i really need to lose weight after having three kids is time for me to get on track ... thanks for your help

Re'Aunna Armstrong

Re'Aunna Armstrong . 2 years ago

Suggestions on getting more fat? I notice today I'm not hungry but I've only eaten about half of my recommended fat. My green juice had some fruit in this morning which thru me over my carbs a bit but here I am completely satisfied but apparently I haven't eaten enough... thoughts/suggestions?

Chris's life vlogs and escapades

Chris's life vlogs and escapades . 2 years ago

How do you know what your macros should be at? I assume they are different for everyone.

Renea Riffel Momma Bear Keto

Renea Riffel Momma Bear Keto . 2 years ago

Thank you for this info.. Been trying to track it myself on paper .. But due to family crisis.. I need something better so I quit forgetting 😒..


BGAIL . 2 years ago

Cronometer app is also fantastic. I love pen and paper, but tracking macros on phone/computer is THE way to do it quickly and keep an eye on what is going on. GREAT explanation, Ashley! Going to refer this video to friends who ask...

Naimo Khalif

Naimo Khalif . 2 years ago

Hey, I’m struggling with calories and portions. I’m nursing my 15 month daughter and I weigh a lot lol. I started keto 3 days ago, experienced what I think is the keto flu but I think my fats are too high (I’m having whole avocados 2/3 a day and today I made a cheese sauce with nearly two cups of heavy cream) and carbs are way 10g. There’s so much info out there that I’m confused. So far, the carbs I’ve had are from spinach and one zucchini I had today. I feel like I’m failing and therefore won’t be consistent. I’m doing IF 16/8 as well. Thanks 🙏🏽

Cotton Chopper

Cotton Chopper . 2 years ago

Track yo mac

Mini Confections & More

Mini Confections & More . 2 years ago

I’m started my new life style on March 1st. I’m buying all my supplies. I’ve tried keto before but I stopped because I had surgery. Wish me luck. I’m watching all your videos. You’re an inspiration.

Pascale Devalet

Pascale Devalet . 2 years ago

Hi. The more I watch video the harder it get for me. I was on a vegetarian before. For me vegetables come first. I’m not a big fan of eggs, I can eat eggs twice a week. My problem is breakfast i don’t know what to eat for breakfast.

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