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Does to Me - Luke Combs (Unreleased)

Jonathan Ebmeyer

Jonathan Ebmeyer

Published on 2 months ago

I do not own the rights to this video. This is from a Facebook Live video posted by Ray Fulcher back in 2016. This song is on Luke's upcoming album "What You See Is What You Get" and features Eric Church.

Comments :


J M . 2 weeks ago

Where is the full video couch session??

Robby Doerflein

Robby Doerflein . 2 weeks ago

good song brother

Jessica Ponticello

Jessica Ponticello . 2 weeks ago

@lukecombs why is this not on your CD it's awesome song!

Brandon Burnett

Brandon Burnett . 3 weeks ago

I feel bad saying this but Luke combs just makes everyone look like they sing bad.

Aaron Horn

Aaron Horn . 4 weeks ago

So glad he put this song out

Justin Bragg

Justin Bragg . 4 weeks ago

this song 👍👍👍


RockyTop23 . 4 weeks ago

This will feature Eric Church in his album tomorrow and I can already tell it’s gonna be a huge hit

Crystal Fowler

Crystal Fowler . 1 month ago


Crystal Fowler

Crystal Fowler . 1 month ago


Crystal Fowler

Crystal Fowler . 1 month ago

Means more than you know POINT BLANK


Day12My . 1 month ago

Not hard to see who made it and who didn't by watching this.

jay goudy

jay goudy . 1 month ago

Great song, fyi...flag is hanging wrong

Kim Brady

Kim Brady . 1 month ago

No offence to anybody but luke combs needs to sing this song..

Mel Stant

Mel Stant . 1 month ago

Cannot wait to hear this with Eric Freaking Church! Hot Lanta baby 11/17, cannot wait. Broken knee or not I will be there!

Matthew Levac

Matthew Levac . 1 month ago

damn, i could see him an Church singing this. pumped for that to come out if the description is true!

Diane Holmes

Diane Holmes . 1 month ago

I love it!

Anthony husband

Anthony husband . 1 month ago

Combs is just a presences, no disrespect to Church but Combs is this song.

Rocky AEV

Rocky AEV . 1 month ago

American flag is backwards

Nock 'Em Down Outdoors

Nock 'Em Down Outdoors . 1 month ago

Awesome! Lyrics speak to you.

Simon Comerford

Simon Comerford . 1 month ago

nice song

John Baum

John Baum . 1 month ago

The little guys voice isn’t nearly as good as Luke’s.

Paul Holt

Paul Holt . 1 month ago

You need one of my wooden flags hanging up there behind you. Song us awesome!


Trx400ex1991 . 1 month ago

Horrible song

Seth Hilliard

Seth Hilliard . 2 months ago

good job Luke

Aaron Lang

Aaron Lang . 2 months ago

Why is Luke holding that left handed guitar.pretty sure he’s a righty.

Dylan Davis

Dylan Davis . 2 months ago

okay hold up i was trying to get the lyrics so i can cover this and put the captions on and read them😂

Martell Arthur

Martell Arthur . 2 months ago

Other guy should 100% stick to writing and the guitar

Kristina Barnes

Kristina Barnes . 2 months ago


Justin Ellis

Justin Ellis . 2 months ago

Why is it that every time I hear Luke’s voice I get chills?

Matthew Peet

Matthew Peet . 2 months ago

Other guy is garbage. Eric Church will be deadly in this song

Tanner Hudgins

Tanner Hudgins . 2 months ago

I love Luke Combs and he does this song great but I think Eric Church would do better.

Dylan Davis

Dylan Davis . 2 months ago

i think this might be my favorite song i’ve listened to it about 100 times already and it hasn’t even been released

Thomas Galant

Thomas Galant . 2 months ago

It's Thomas galant ...I love this may God bless you brother I wish I can see you in person so bad..your favorite of all times .. Benson North Carolina..I love you brother keep it up..


xLOx14x . 2 months ago

Luke blows me away every single time

Justin Stejbach

Justin Stejbach . 2 months ago

Ccr have you ever seen the rain guitar?

shania lorusso

shania lorusso . 2 months ago

The other guy makes me change the video sad- hopefully luke will record a live version alone

Ashley Dahlhauser

Ashley Dahlhauser . 2 months ago

This is perfect!

Preston 1127

Preston 1127 . 2 months ago

Dude where are the albums at??

Jim Sutton

Jim Sutton . 2 months ago


Kyle Wilkins

Kyle Wilkins . 2 months ago

That's absolutely not Eric Church

Carlos Herrera

Carlos Herrera . 2 months ago

This song is gonna feature eric church on his album

Ryan Bendict

Ryan Bendict . 2 months ago

Wow!!!! That’s the jam!

David Frame

David Frame . 2 months ago

Love it

Chris Buckalew

Chris Buckalew . 2 months ago

Yeah....they should let Luke sing, other kid should stick to strumming and writing

matthew bendyna

matthew bendyna . 2 months ago



McRoberts74 . 2 months ago

Man. Eric Church sounds awful


Jareduhman . 2 months ago

Lets gooo

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