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Lewis Capaldi | Someone You Loved

Aaron Logan

Aaron Logan

Published on 1 year ago

Film : Été (2017)
Director: Gregory Oke
Writer: Gregory Oke
Stars: Dan Partridge, David Burnett, Rhiannon Handy

Set in the idyllic green hills of Herefordshire, against a soundtrack of vintage French rock, Été tells the story of a frustrated young sheep shearer and his growing attraction to a colleague.

Comments :

soager009 69

soager009 69 . 21 hours ago

He looks like young Tom Hardy!

Racho Solís

Racho Solís . 3 days ago

Who's that thin man, he is sooo dench cute!

Tình Trần

Tình Trần . 4 days ago

What movie is it?????

Cecilia Fernández

Cecilia Fernández . 1 week ago

Alguien sabe como se llama la serie o película

Leonardo Jose

Leonardo Jose . 2 weeks ago


Daniel Ricardo Iles

Daniel Ricardo Iles . 2 weeks ago

What is this movie?

John Smitherson

John Smitherson . 3 weeks ago

Whiteville...diversity people.

William William

William William . 3 weeks ago

I Love 2020 😍❤ brazil on-line

Dessa vez irei opinar

Dessa vez irei opinar . 3 weeks ago

Triste, mas lindo

Edward Kasenge

Edward Kasenge . 3 weeks ago

Guys, is this a short film, I need to see it


D.J. . 3 weeks ago

No one really WANTS to be gay in the beginning of their awareness of sexual attraction to the same gender. So much for all those ignorant people who say it's a "choice".


ท่ากุลสุขคีรี . 3 weeks ago

Loving someone who doesn't love u back and is loving someone else is like driving a car with no gas.. It wont take u anywhere..

2 6

2 6 . 4 weeks ago

This is sooooo sad...

Marge Frugal

Marge Frugal . 4 weeks ago

I dont really know but this make sense...

lil solo peepme

lil solo peepme . 4 weeks ago

I love him so fkn much ... & he doesn't even care...

Raymond Taylor

Raymond Taylor . 4 weeks ago

Love it all

belvan 88

belvan 88 . 1 month ago

what's the name of movie ..., ? please ...


leonellarrosa . 1 month ago

Thank you


leonellarrosa . 1 month ago

What is the name of the movie?

Baginda Robby

Baginda Robby . 1 month ago

What's the name movie

Shahbaz Malik

Shahbaz Malik . 1 month ago

You are sooo cute jind love li beautiful jigar ♥️

Shahbaz Malik

Shahbaz Malik . 1 month ago

Hi lovely friend your all video s very good love

Олексій Філоненко

Олексій Філоненко . 1 month ago

Damn who knows the name of the movie .....

Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights . 1 month ago

My straight guy was called Patrick, I ran into him recently after around 13 yrs. He's American and was visiting Geneva again where I live. We spoke for barely 1 minute, he was wearing a cap and shades. Oh well, what you gonna do. He didn't even take his shades off.

anrdey ferreira

anrdey ferreira . 1 month ago

Where can I whatch this??

Blue Dhalia

Blue Dhalia . 1 month ago

I've suffered through this in every relationship I've ever been in.. I just hope the one I'm in now is different. Fingers crossed.

just dad

just dad . 1 month ago


Jonathan Christie Alamsyah

Jonathan Christie Alamsyah . 1 month ago

this song is not an original cover song. the one who sang this song is the original singer

Jang Pidi

Jang Pidi . 1 month ago

What title the song?

V.A. D-R

V.A. D-R . 1 month ago

I think this everyone's love experience one time or another gay or straight. Shit hurts. It's when they get married that kills the most.

Andi Kurniawan

Andi Kurniawan . 1 month ago

It's more like scar with no blood at all.. Hurt so much.. 😭😭😭😭😭


Toby TOBY . 1 month ago

say it out !!!!

Yan 9999999999

Yan 9999999999 . 1 month ago

What is the movie tittle?

ian carpenter

ian carpenter . 1 month ago

does anyone know what movie shows this comes from

Paritosh Kumar

Paritosh Kumar . 1 month ago

Which movie is it ?

ali khan

ali khan . 1 month ago

I liked a guy just like this before. I read him like an open book. I practically knew everything about him that no one else did because he was so secretive and closed off. He was so calm and collected about everything and went unphased through all the time that I knew him and I fell for him so hard that I could barely think. He was my student and the age difference between us was 2 years. I knew him better then even his mom. One day he just argued with me and left instead of punishing him cause i couldn't just punish him and he never came back to say sorry and i am still waiting for him to come and say sorry so that i can teach him again and can see him everyday. I like to sneak peak at him when he is going to college while waiting for transport. He now even doesn't look at me while i am walking by. Tell me where i go and what do i do.

ali khan

ali khan . 1 month ago

which movie clip is it?

Pershia Zoea

Pershia Zoea . 1 month ago

gays are just the cutest, i'm so happy they existed

Warley SLima

Warley SLima . 1 month ago

Tão complicado gostar de alguém que jamais sentirá o mesmo que você. É tão confuso, doe muito em saber que seu sentimento não será correspondido, mas também, pode acontecer que seu sentimento possa ser correspondido...nunca se sabe!


jon . 1 month ago

why is this music video like a thousand times better than the original

Mara Sousa

Mara Sousa . 2 months ago

Nome dessa série ou filme aí por favor?


Dιεγο . 2 months ago

is he bi?

Cristian Otac {vevo}

Cristian Otac {vevo} . 2 months ago


Michael Lianza

Michael Lianza . 2 months ago

What's the title of the movie?

Muhammad Rynaldi

Muhammad Rynaldi . 2 months ago

Does anyone know if this music video comes from movie or what ? let me know whats the movie if it is ✌️

Ariel Sabanero

Ariel Sabanero . 2 months ago

What movie is ?

Rank it Ups

Rank it Ups . 2 months ago

I have a crush. we are both An actor in our theater hes very handsome some say im cute too but whatever. im Bisexual so he doesnt know im Gay because act like boys friends with boys. i fall inlove with him. he got drunk one night and i guide him to go home when he kiss me and i thought he likes me. after that we never talk .. until i saw him with my bestfriend which is a girl. 😢

Yzar Geivson Oliveira

Yzar Geivson Oliveira . 2 months ago

What is the name of the séries

Michael Ramey

Michael Ramey . 2 months ago

This song is so amazing ! Thank you Lewis ! There are so many emotions and meanings in it for so many people . But for so many the meaning is the same . I read through the comments and one wrote , your not gay until you fall for someone straight ! Well , yeah , I’ve been there before also more then once . But for me right now it’s the song that brings out the loneliness at night as I am in Indiana waiting on my guy in Georgia to come be with me . I’ve waited so long and feel like giving up most days , but I hang on waiting on him . But feel like it’s never going to happen as I lay here at night lonely and alone .

Philippa P

Philippa P . 2 months ago

I actually thought that this was the original music video for the song and got really disappointed when I realised it wasn´t 💖 Beautiful video/film though!!

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