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Published on 3 years ago

Live at O2 Academy Brixton, London 06/09/2016 - WATCH THE VIDEO IN HD!

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Comments :

Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd . 4 months ago

A waste of Johnny Marr. Fuck this terrible wannabe Beatle song

Greg Sovine

Greg Sovine . 5 months ago

I know they have a history, but it's always cool to see s celebrity who is clearly star struck by their heroes. Let's you remember that they are human too.

horrid henry

horrid henry . 5 months ago

Makes oasis's version sound very average then again no band can be compared to the smiths ..Johnny fuckin Marr guitar legend 🥇🎸and one bell end


scottmulderz . 6 months ago

I love how Noels like fuck yes this is the one and only Johnny F. Marr 5:36

gary paine

gary paine . 7 months ago

noels bass player is such a twat.....

Adam Moore

Adam Moore . 7 months ago

That croud pop was insane

Properjob 73

Properjob 73 . 9 months ago

I was there - fu##in biblical!!!!

Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson . 10 months ago

How fucking cool is Johnny like when he lifts up his jaguar

Harry Laing-ross

Harry Laing-ross . 10 months ago

How the fuck have I not seen this before? This is incredible.

Not Dutch Van der Linde

Not Dutch Van der Linde . 1 year ago

3:33 Imagine if Liam had strutted out to sing with Noel then the place would’ve gone mental

Caroline Santos Estrela

Caroline Santos Estrela . 1 year ago


Yay It’s an Avocado

Yay It’s an Avocado . 1 year ago

Johnny marr is one of the best guitar composers in indie history. It’s unfortunate he’d associate himself with a prick like Noel Gallagher

m. h.

m. h. . 1 year ago

When legends meet...

horrid henry

horrid henry . 1 year ago

Smiths best band ever... Oasis very average... Marr just showed how average they are. Steals the show.

Kev M

Kev M . 1 year ago

Sweet upload, cheers.

mk floyd

mk floyd . 1 year ago

Johnny Marr is class...

Caroline Eve

Caroline Eve . 1 year ago

The only benefit is that the crowd sings louder than Noel....

Cameron Reed

Cameron Reed . 1 year ago

Johnny’s solo. Biblical.


mywhychromosome . 1 year ago

Also, I like the 'extra-dreaminess' of this version, the addition of a second-guitar Noel actually lets have volume (Since it's Marr and not one of his usual henchman) really helps layer the song and give it an atmospheric vibe ala the album version, whereas the typical Oasiis live version steam-rolled any of the subtleties like atmosphere and went with like a punk cover haha. Also, Marr's version of the lead sounds awesome...very Edge/U2


mywhychromosome . 1 year ago

Lol it's funny that Noel is trying an altered chord sequence, a slightly different rhythm, etc, but the crowd is just excitedly trying to superimpose the original vocal track over it anyway

Lee Partington

Lee Partington . 1 year ago

imagine being able to just bell your childhood idol and be like 'ee arr come play a gig with us" and he just fukin turns up. Biblical

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins . 1 year ago

It's great but John squire was better doing it


HENJAM48 . 2 years ago

The secret to brilliant songwriting... Write a song that you will never have to sing all the way through ever again...

Paul Street

Paul Street . 2 years ago

Love this version, sounds like Primal Scream


plasticbudgie . 2 years ago

The fact johnny looks younger than Noel is funny

Dean C.

Dean C. . 2 years ago

Why is the SUPERSTAR SUPER TALENTED LEGEND JOHHNY FCKN MARR playin with the likes of noel? Oh well, Marr can do what he wants, he EARNED it.


Spaceman . 2 years ago

Haha can't hear marr's guitar :(


SamPalmer . 2 years ago

Manchester's best

prakhar pant

prakhar pant . 2 years ago

Johnny marr loves the fender jaguar, in every video i see him holding the jaguar.


TomH . 2 years ago

I’ve listened to this hundreds of times and only just realised that when Noel introduces Marr, he introduces him as if he’s Johnny B. Goode; ‘but he could play his guitar, just like ringing a bell, go go, go Johnny go..’

Jay Kim

Jay Kim . 2 years ago

what a solo part by johny...


Mark . 2 years ago


Schlumbucket Returns

Schlumbucket Returns . 2 years ago

Marr is great, but this song sucks the big one. It's whiney Brit shit.

murray L

murray L . 2 years ago

Johnny Fuckin Marr

nick williams

nick williams . 2 years ago

brings a tear


MIKEE . 2 years ago

Would love to see a colab album from these two

Crypto World

Crypto World . 2 years ago

the song sounds so boring without liam singing it actually.

Eric Stoecker

Eric Stoecker . 2 years ago



kuttersprodukt . 2 years ago

Oasmiths? Smoasis?

Shaun McNally

Shaun McNally . 2 years ago

Johnny fucking marr! Didn’t miss a beat. Awesome performance, one of my favourites

Komo Lee Ray

Komo Lee Ray . 2 years ago

Johnny Fucking Marr

M.S. Davis

M.S. Davis . 2 years ago

Johnny FUCKING Marr!


Kit . 2 years ago

good lord! now the beatles have to reunite to top that.

Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper . 2 years ago

Unreal audience interaction

Beardy Ry

Beardy Ry . 2 years ago

Johnny Marr looks like Alex turner

Ilona Kadic

Ilona Kadic . 2 years ago


Matt Jones

Matt Jones . 2 years ago

Dear milenials - This is how you attend a gig properly.

Casey Cipriano

Casey Cipriano . 2 years ago

Not a single phone in the air..... just letting emotions go and really enjoying what's being performed in front of them.... Not common over here in America, and it's a damn shame....


rotpeter . 2 years ago


anthony valentine

anthony valentine . 2 years ago

im a massive oasis fan but this is the best guitar solo ive ever heard on this track gem needs to listen to this ...................

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