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[HD] Oasis - Roll With It (Live @ Fuji Rock Festival '09)



Published on 10 years ago

2009.07.24 Fuji Rock Festival, Niigata, Japan

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이멸치 . 3 weeks ago

Roll with ot


randomsh1t1471 . 1 month ago


Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey . 5 months ago

Love Liam.But not a patch on Glastonbury 95.


ST&NLY ST&NLY . 6 months ago

LG vocals in 2008-9 was crap

ngawang susilo

ngawang susilo . 7 months ago

Oasis - Roll With It (Live @ Fuji Rock Festival '09

ngawang susilo

ngawang susilo . 7 months ago

Oasis - Roll With It (Live @ Fuji Rock Festival '09

Boois Hoois

Boois Hoois . 9 months ago

This is the most horrible era of Oasis. Noel clearly doesn't care anymore, and Liam's vocals were complete garbage. Big fan, but Oasis was on life support after standing on the shoulder of giants.

Sergio Espinoza

Sergio Espinoza . 11 months ago


Andrey Gubenko

Andrey Gubenko . 1 year ago

They used to be so good back in 1995... this performance is horrable


Vik . 1 year ago

Excellent version, we can't ask much of Liam in 2009 but Noel make the difference...

Andy Fulton

Andy Fulton . 2 years ago

Think Liam sounds pretty good here to be honest


rimphyd . 2 years ago

The only ones doing their job in this was the guitarist and the drummer.

Nick Bonnes

Nick Bonnes . 2 years ago

Good performance. Best of the 2008-2009 area

Jieuo Villanueva

Jieuo Villanueva . 2 years ago

0:38 to 0:40 his original vocals came back but after that it's still ok though


ノエルギャラガー . 2 years ago


Jope Voorhees

Jope Voorhees . 2 years ago

hard song for liam's actual voice

Leonardo Angeles Ochoa

Leonardo Angeles Ochoa . 2 years ago

La voz de Liam terrible, comparando con otros años, justo ese año la banda se separa :( ahora Liam a mejorado mucho su voz :)

Andrew Mcphail

Andrew Mcphail . 2 years ago

Noels vocals in the chorus don't exactly help fs


Amnesiac . 2 years ago

Que pena... en ese tiempo la banda estaba cayendo. Noel no canto su parte junto a Liam y la guitarra... Ademas se nota la ausencia de Whitey :( Roll with It sonaba mejor con el

Alzwei Jailson

Alzwei Jailson . 3 years ago

3月にfuji rockのこの全編が映画化されるみたいですが この声でもoasisは魅力的です

นาตยา มูลทอง

นาตยา มูลทอง . 3 years ago

good sound

Morrys' wigs

Morrys' wigs . 3 years ago

Awful vocals. No wonder Noel was fed up.

Fabio Pascali

Fabio Pascali . 3 years ago

they were great, but not in tuis case.....awful chorus...Noel was thinking in his account bank


VH MV . 3 years ago

Como la mierda la actuación , la guitarra nunca fue el tono, la voz hecha pedazos y como que quieren terminar lo más pronto posible la canción, de hecho ese año se separaron no? lamentable.

Iain Guthrie

Iain Guthrie . 3 years ago

Awful vocals, see how great he sang this song 1995/2000 as well...

yu man damon Wong

yu man damon Wong . 3 years ago

noel just played different (yes it is not as good as the original) and he didnt use the correct effect and tone. too edgey, too grunch and not jinggling enough... wrong guitar too, if it is on an epiphone it would be nicer.


TheFifhFab . 3 years ago



gigsjp2xxx . 4 years ago



underneonloneliness2 . 4 years ago

What's kermit the frog doing on vocals?

Sazabi MSN-04

Sazabi MSN-04 . 5 years ago

Kermit the frog vocals, tragic....


cesarpoooh . 6 years ago

What´s wrong with noel in this song? He didnt do the background voice, his solo was out of tune and in the chorus, he did this weird noisy voice... He ruined a awesome song and great video

takahiro yamada

takahiro yamada . 6 years ago

歌 こんなに下手になってたんだ


tksqhddnfl5 . 6 years ago

omg why liam's voice is so different :(

Juliana Pérez

Juliana Pérez . 6 years ago

liam's voice was really fucked up!

simon castillo

simon castillo . 6 years ago


Pedro Carvalho Baldi

Pedro Carvalho Baldi . 7 years ago

Mad fer it


themerrymen . 7 years ago

"Don't let any fooker get in your way." Love it


Yayo . 7 years ago

Noel's guitar is out of tune or he is not playing the right string


xnic0491x . 8 years ago

great work liam!! live forever

Alain Ponce

Alain Ponce . 8 years ago

his voice its not that bad in this song!!! c mon!! he is doing a good effort on this one! Noel too!

Gabriel Moraes

Gabriel Moraes . 9 years ago

worst liam moment vocals


AleLiam . 10 years ago

Oasis live forever!!

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