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Bandana Bag Tutorial - Whitney Sews

Whitney Sews

Whitney Sews

Published on 10 years ago

Tutorial for a cheap and easy bag you can make for Valentines Day!

I hope you like the show and subscribe because there are more shows to come! If you have any sewing questions or ideas for future episodes please leave me a comment.


My etsy store- www.generationgap.etsy.com

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Comments :

Spitzy Banger

Spitzy Banger . 2 years ago

I have never seen this video of yours before..I see that it's 8 years old. I still have to ask...where in the heck did you get thread for .05 cents

kraft Girl

kraft Girl . 6 years ago

I like your little draw string bag must try it next

Katie Guardado

Katie Guardado . 7 years ago

I liked the purse!!!!!!#


goirkens . 8 years ago

What kinds of jobs did you have where you got free wood and bandanas?

Alejandra Miller

Alejandra Miller . 9 years ago

Thank you so much Whitney, all your ideas are sooooo creative and oriented to recycling!!!! Keep all those idea coming! May your mind, heart and life continue to shine! ale miller from México


JaimseyGirl . 9 years ago

Thank you so much for this! I used this idea to make a bag for my sister's birthday. Love it!!


Phoenix1018 . 9 years ago

we need a love button for all your videos!


Moesshar . 9 years ago

You're video tutorials and ideas are great.

Lenna Marquez

Lenna Marquez . 10 years ago

Hi Girl!!! i like everything you do!! I have a question What is name of the device which is next to the scissors? As you see I'm from Mexico and i don't know i can buy it. Please spell its name. XOXO

Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts

Patricia Page Mosaic Arts & Crafts . 10 years ago

Looking forward to see your ´vintage dress projects! You are great!

JMarie A.

JMarie A. . 10 years ago

Wow a cute trendy bag for .25!!! I really liked that! Cant wait to see the vintage pattern looks!

Heather Garcia

Heather Garcia . 10 years ago

Very very nice! I think this would be really cute to wrap a gift with for sure!


QueenLeilani . 10 years ago

ooohhh i like this. i have a bunch of bandanas that i don't use. i want to try this. this would even be cute as a makeup bag, just sew a zipper to the top.


candylace510 . 10 years ago


Whitney Sews

Whitney Sews . 10 years ago

Thank you :)

Whitney Sews

Whitney Sews . 10 years ago

Aww thank you! I'm glad you like the videos :) I've seen a lot of hard to understand how-to videos...so I try my best to make tutorials that are understandable because I know how discouraging it can be to want to try a project and not understand what to do.

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