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Stephi Nguyen

Stephi Nguyen

Published on 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your continued support every single day! I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy this video :)



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Comments :

Dannifier Li

Dannifier Li . 1 week ago

Cooking with gloves on ~😒


Medeiia . 2 weeks ago

What does that spring roll taste like? I’m a picky eater so..


Pluto . 3 weeks ago

Love the recipes, but for the vegetarians out there: has anyone an idea what to use instead of chicken? Does it work when I replace it with tofu?


khaavren3 . 3 weeks ago

these look great. I've been getting into a rut with the kids' lunches. these will be super helpful.

oxvh TV

oxvh TV . 1 month ago

Please show the moment you took a bite of that God damn spring roll. Missed that moment :'(


zziggy808 . 1 month ago

I’m new and idk your name was Stephanie. Hi👋🏼, my name is New Sub

Tropic Gacha

Tropic Gacha . 1 month ago

I freaking hate cucumbers but EVERY lunch I see is with cucumbers.

Leta Lestrange

Leta Lestrange . 1 month ago

My mom used to make my school lunches before this year and they were healthy but just really boring and I would buy something not so healthy in the cafeteria along with it. I would feel kind of shitty and guilty Now I make my own lunches and look up ideas and recipes and they’re all really delicious, healthy, and fun to make! I feel so much better about myself every day

papa razzi

papa razzi . 2 months ago

don’t u have to boil the noodles what

Joshua Mukandila Damphoussse

Joshua Mukandila Damphoussse . 2 months ago

Here before 1M? 👇🏽

DM Tunes

DM Tunes . 2 months ago

Who else watching while eating fast food


SocialMoth . 2 months ago

Getting tired of my cold deli sandwiches. Going to try these. I love Asian inspired food!

Lucinda Archuletta

Lucinda Archuletta . 2 months ago

Great ideas, im starting a total lifestyle change, so these look delicious!

SEO Forest Academy

SEO Forest Academy . 2 months ago

Looking up lunch ideas because i'm tired of biscuits D:

Mel F

Mel F . 2 months ago

cool & cheap


L A R A . 2 months ago

how is chicken even healthy


Jewels . 3 months ago

My college aged son sent me a list of items to pick up from the grocery store and they were for these dishes. He's in school full time and works full time but he's also a very healthy person. I just made the wraps for him to take to work for his lunch. (He's 20 and usually makes his own lunches but today he was rushing so I whipped them up...my roll technique can use some practice but they looked and smelled amazing!) He took hummus as his 'sauce' because he doesn't care too much for hoisin. I'll update later to let y'all know how he liked it.....and this is now on my menu for lunch next week too! Thank you!!!

Maria Balcelo

Maria Balcelo . 3 months ago

Thank you really easy to the point meals 😊

Mehmet levent sener

Mehmet levent sener . 3 months ago


it's just lynn

it's just lynn . 3 months ago

im so asian that i know exactly which hoisin sauce u used from that sneak peak😂

Lily Jauregui

Lily Jauregui . 3 months ago

I craved every single thing 🥺🥺


Dana . 3 months ago

You are such a refreshing change from other YouTubers with the loud voices, you’re voice is very soothing and calm 😊

S. Jones

S. Jones . 3 months ago

What part of the supermarket is rice paper found?

Nae Perea

Nae Perea . 3 months ago

I really needed new options I got tired of chicken rice and veggies every day lol😂😫🙄

Georgie S

Georgie S . 3 months ago

What did you wrap the rolls in?xxx


Rujewitblood . 3 months ago

Hi, thanks for the video, one question how long can i keep these out of the fridge before i have to eat them?

Sana Aijaz

Sana Aijaz . 3 months ago

awww what ever you little heart desires!!

Garlic Girl

Garlic Girl . 3 months ago

Okay, I made the greens one for lunch and Yummo! :)

Milo_Tiktok 0409

Milo_Tiktok 0409 . 3 months ago

Chị là người việt ạ

Keenan Smith

Keenan Smith . 3 months ago

As an Asian I've always used Chow mein noodles but never pasta, gotta try this.


ITSLIZZ . 4 months ago

Tofu in the rolls would be yummy too😋

Rachel Hope

Rachel Hope . 4 months ago

Do u have a substitution for sugar in the stir fry sauce?


omni . 4 months ago

is it weird that i wanna wat healthy rn but like it use to look YUMMY like a healthy sand which

Mint Gelato!

Mint Gelato! . 4 months ago

Thanks for these lunch ideas! Im an upcoming 6th grader and I am really looking to clean up my eating. These helped a lot!

YourpalMimi Mia

YourpalMimi Mia . 4 months ago

How many days will the spring rolls last?


Fah미나 . 4 months ago

Finally, simple recipes I'll actually eat


Hyunjinsmilk . 4 months ago

For the noodles, do i boil them first? Or..


A L . 4 months ago

Put balsamic vinegar and feta in the quinoa bowl its way better than hummus

Aliza Tsabo

Aliza Tsabo . 4 months ago

microwave is extreamly unhealthy and even forbidden in russia


Alexis . 5 months ago

dis bish really use rubber gloves bc she touching chicken?? JUST WASH YOUR HANDS

Aileene Maldonado

Aileene Maldonado . 5 months ago

So simple!! This is perfect 💖

Duaa Sabah

Duaa Sabah . 5 months ago

"Hummus is life" yasss sis

Adinda zahra

Adinda zahra . 5 months ago

Aku berangkat sekolah jam 6, trs bikinnya ini gimana😭

jastyn grace

jastyn grace . 5 months ago

love how i was watching this while eating cup noodles


Ropey . 5 months ago

If im honest brah i would never eat any of this.


Water . 5 months ago

Please stop using plastic utensils and containers x

Melissa M

Melissa M . 5 months ago

Everything looks delicious! Thank you so much for posting, I can't wait to try these out :)

Diego Loredo Becerra

Diego Loredo Becerra . 5 months ago

Hummus is life?


Versatile. . 5 months ago

The thing is Broccoli rlly smells after a couple of hours

Tu Anh Ha

Tu Anh Ha . 5 months ago

ur vietnamese hah?

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