Which is the best weight loss diet? Ketogenic diet vs low carb diet vs atkins vs paleo? Which one of these meal plans is best to burn fat?

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Ketosis: 0:54
Atkins Diet: 1:32
4 Phases: 2:00
Paleo Diet: 3:01
Dairy Products: 4:21
Which One Do I Pick?: 5:19

Isn't the ketogenic diet and low carb diet essentially the same thing? How about Atkins and paleo aren't all of these diets just a fancy way of saying keep your carbs low. Well it's definitely safe to say that you are limiting your carb intake in all of these diet plans but each plan calls for a slightly different approach to burning fat. Most ketogenic diets require you to keep your carbs under 30 grams a day and the most carbs that I've ever seen on a keto plan was 50 grams a day. Usually this will account for 5% of your total daily intake. Then you would have somewhere between 75 to 80 percent of your calories from fat. And finally 15 to 20 percent of your calories from protein. With ketogenic it's clear that the carbs are very limited at only 5 percent per day and the reason why carbs are so limited is because the ketogenic diet is trying to put you into ketosis. To sum it up simply ketosis is a state in which you're going to burn more fat and produce Ketone bodies in your liver for use as energy when carbohydrates are really low. Low-carb diets on the other hand don't require an exact number of carbohydrates the way that keto does. Obviously since it's low carb you wouldnt expect to have more than 20 to 30 percent of your calories coming from carbs but even at 20 percent it's a huge difference from the five percent that you get with keto. So with low carb we can consider the exact number of carbs undefined whereas with Keto that number is very defined with exact numerical values. What about atkins? When taking a closer look at Atkins you see that Atkins is different from keto and low-carb as well. With Atkins the General accepted split is 30% protein 10% carbs and 60% fat. Again this is higher in carbs than the 5 percent we see with keto which Keto dieters would not support because they would say that having a higher level of carbs would take you out of ketosis. But Atkins at certain points dies definitely put you into ketosis. The plan takes you through four phases and a lot of these phases match up with the keto structure. In Phase 1 of Atkins you have to limit your totally daily carb intake to only 20 grams per day. This is as low if not even lower than keto. Then you progress to phase 2 where you still keep carbs really low but you add in certain vegetables berries nuts and seeds back into the diet. Then in Phase 3 which you only start once you're about 10 pounds from your weight loss goal, but once your there you start to add 10 grams of carbs to your diet each week. And finally in phase four you enter maintenance which allows you to eat anywhere from 45 to 100 grams of carbs per day. Phase one and two sound just like the ketogenic diet and I'm sure when your in those two phases you will be in a state of ketosis but when you enter into phase 3 and phase 4 you're going to be moving more towards a general low carb diet which as ive already mentioned is very different from keto. Now how about paleo, where does paleo fit in all of this. Well paleo once again elicits fat loss by keeping the list of approved carbs short but the paleo plan is different because it only allows Foods that were believed to be eaten by our caveman ancestors. The best paleo macronutrient split as defined by the perfect health diet and paleo leap.com is around 20 percent carbohydrates 65 percent fat and 15 percent protein. Again this is slightly different from what we've seen with low carb and Atkins but it's very different from keto. Even though paleo and Keto are both low in carbohydrates Keto is significantly lower than paleo again keto totals only at 5% of total daily intake. The Paleo diet is also very specific with what foods you can and cannot eat. Even though you can do this diet with regular produce it's highly recommended that all your meat products are grass-fed wild caught and pasture-raised. You're allowed to eat any fresh vegetables except for potatoes and any nuts except for peanuts. Also eggs, healthy oils like olive oil, and fresh fruit especially berries are allowed on the plan. Grains, bread, cereals, any processed food, legumes, beans, and Dairy are completely off the plan. Dairy is a big part of the ketogenic diet for many people. A lot of people get the massive amount of fat required on keto with options like cheese. Cheese would be forbidden on the Paleo diet but on paleo you would actually be...

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Cali Girl

Cali Girl . 5 months ago

Awesome video. I had been wondering what the differences were between these 3 diets, and this explained it very well! Also helpful, was the fact that you can tailor the diets to your individual preferences. I do more long distance cardio than weight training, so knowing that weight lifting is more explosive, needing that quick energy burst, helps. Thank you!

Strength & Health Gym

Strength & Health Gym . 9 months ago

.. Keto fits to NOBODIES 'lifestyle'


Jeeses99 . 10 months ago

Balanced diet and eating clean >>>>>>>>>>> all of these "diets"

Jack Rodriguez Flores

Jack Rodriguez Flores . 10 months ago

Thanks, man!


bananian . 10 months ago

How are cows, chickens, and olive oil cavemen food? Peleo sounds so bogus.

Sung Lee

Sung Lee . 1 year ago

When I was doing paleo to lose weight, I thought I was supposed to eat only 20 grams of carb

nf094e R E N Γ‰ E

nf094e R E N Γ‰ E . 1 year ago

What about sugar busters?

Cucumber Chris

Cucumber Chris . 1 year ago

Great! Finally a simple direct explanation. THANK YOU! It was just a clear unbiased explanation. Thank you! Thank you!

Angela Hite

Angela Hite . 1 year ago

I agree that moderation is the key in any lifestyle change. If something is too drastic you'll never stick with it. I want to find a book that will give me good recipes and guidelines for whole food eating but stays within 60 to 90 carbs a day. I have been on 20-50 carb limit for the past 3 months and Ive lost about 50 pounds but I'm noticing that my face is not as shiny and bright as it used to be. I look kind of tired and lethargic even though I don't feel bad. I probably need minerals which im going to look into today. If you have any book suggestions for whole food eating in a carb range please share. Thank you for your video

Ritu ΰ€‹ΰ€€ΰ₯

Ritu ΰ€‹ΰ€€ΰ₯ . 1 year ago

If along with Keto Diet, I someday’s eat Bananas 🍌 and Apple 🍏 and someday’s few Vegetables like Pea, Beans, or Carrot πŸ₯• or Brinjal πŸ† Onion and All Legumes Pulses etc will this be β€˜Keto & Paleo Combo.’ Exercise I do is only 30 Minuets Walk. Please tell what this Diet can be called β€˜15% Carb : 60% Fat : 25% Protein.’ ?? Can it be called A Keto with Paleo Combo ??

Jenny Gibbons

Jenny Gibbons . 1 year ago

Sensible approach and really well explained. Thanks.

Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller . 1 year ago

Awesome work. I like the flexible approach you are taking. I’ve been on Keto with good weight loss success and high mental clarity. Dropped 16 pounds but found I’m slightly weaker at the gym. Once I hit my goal weight, I’m going to start adding healthy carbs soon and switch to a low carb diet mostly due to slight lack of strength and sleep issues I believe may be caused by super low carb intake, calorie restriction and lack of essential minerals. Thank you for the flexible thoughts on how different people need varies diets.

Diana Jackson

Diana Jackson . 1 year ago

Keto no more than 5% carbs, low carb isn't specific, Paleo is 20% carbs, and Atkins is 10% carbs.

Spencer Smothers

Spencer Smothers . 2 years ago

someone doesn't know how percentages work

m balong

m balong . 2 years ago

Outstanding! Been reading, watching videos, & experimenting the last 6+ months and I’d recommend this as video #1 for folks just starting to try to figure out what’s right for them. Balanced, informative, and not prescriptive or evangelistic about one approach or another. I don’t subscribe to much on YouTube, but hit the subscribe button about half way through this video, if for no other reason than an appreciation for how well done it is. This is what good looks like for an informative video. Thank you.

Ray Ray

Ray Ray . 2 years ago

Can you still lose weight/fat by staying on a strict keto diet except you drink one 12oz diet coke a day too. Even if it always kicks you out of ketosis .. can you still burn fat and lose weight by never being in ketosis but you eat healthy carbs , salads, grass fed meat, pecans and keep your macros at 75/20/5 .... But yet you're never in ketosis but still have that keto style diet everyday ..

Lou Cyphir

Lou Cyphir . 2 years ago

have you heard of many people doing keto after Gastric Bypass?

Morning Morning

Morning Morning . 2 years ago

I thought keto is low carb Also what is 15% carbs = in grams do u know

Ikaika Arnado

Ikaika Arnado . 2 years ago

Keto honestly has been the only real diet I've ever been on because I naturally ate that way and love keto centric food. cutting out the carbs was easy because I only ate them out of societal norms and convinence. Thus, Keto intuitively made sense to me. The only thing I miss are crossants...

Will M.

Will M. . 2 years ago

I’ve been doing LCHF which is 100 to 150 g of carbs even though it’s often under 100 g of carbs which I consume everyday.

Nini Khan

Nini Khan . 2 years ago

Good content. Very informative. Glad to know that keto diet is not the only way to lose body fat, there are tons of other ways all leading towards the same goal i.e weight loss. Thanks a ton.

Alan Aquino

Alan Aquino . 2 years ago

Well the atkins diet have 4 phases. That 30% protein 10% carbs & 60%fat must be in phases between 2 & 3 already or ongoing weight lost or pre maintenance. In phase 1 you need only 20 net grams of carb limit which is equivalent to a ketogenic diet that is 5% carb macros.


Kingofthelifts . 2 years ago

ketogenic will kill you fast sd. Your cholesterol will be through the roof! Have fun having a heart attack!

Val Bowers

Val Bowers . 2 years ago

I don't think they are the same thing!!!! Fat is definitely goal on keto!

Lacey Anderson

Lacey Anderson . 2 years ago

Good video! The only crucial component missing is the role protein plays in Keto/Atkins. Keto focuses on keeping protein low for a reason, when protein is too high the body will break it down as glucose.

Kasey Graham

Kasey Graham . 2 years ago

Thank you for this information. I am probably one of the statistics for weight gain! My thyroid out of whack, gained more weight since I was 8 years old and never able to lose it, it just piles on and the gallbladder was yanked years ago and I still have issues just like I have an inflamed gallbladder. So my point is, (sorry I tend to get lengthy) that I am grateful for the information you have provided. I'm not ketosis, but I am low carb. Not Atkins nor Paleo but I wanted to get more information on the differences of all of these. So far, low carb has helped to STOP the triggering of my food addiction (the cause of never being able to stick with a diet). I must take Zantac every day to eat normal foods, but it is what it is. Eating lower carbs has helped to get the food addiction in line and at the same time, I have begun to notice that I have fewer body aches and more energy. Knowing the difference will help with my journey to cleaner eating and knowing that I won't need to be ketosis, Paleo or just a meat eater. This video has been extremely helpful. And the best part is knowing that I am healing inside, losing inches, and getting more energy. Thanks again.


J.b. . 2 years ago

Eat all whole foods 5-6 times a day, no processed foods and drink nothing but water, then train hard push yourself to failure and through failure on every set you do. Fuck all the fads if you do this you will see results this is coming from a guy who has always been fat and ate cookies, cake, sodas, juices, bread, tortillas, ice cream, chips, hamburgers, pizza if you eat like that and dont have a awesome metabolism you will be fat, if you eat grilled/baked chicken/fish kale, spinach, brusell sprouts, and a complex carb baked sweet patatoes, brown rice twice a day dinner/lunch, oatmeal with some berries and nuts no butter no sugar in the morning then 2 healthy snacks like an apple banana the fat will fly off it did on me anyway. I went from 210lbs to 175lbs in a few months and feel completely diff i also trained 5 days to failure. Hope this helps someone. Oh yea as a rule of thumb if it isnt 100% natural it probably isnt any good for you.

Michael Snitzer

Michael Snitzer . 2 years ago

Thank you for this video. I've spent days searching for a video that explains the difference between the three diets in a simple way. You nailed it! I'm subscribing now.


dorian345 . 2 years ago

Keto ftw!

Wildman Samurai

Wildman Samurai . 2 years ago

Good video, I subscribed.

Wildman Samurai

Wildman Samurai . 2 years ago

keto is much better


gnostie . 2 years ago

Very well said.

Afiq Al Hazm

Afiq Al Hazm . 2 years ago

Whats ur opinion about IIFYM diet?


tof . 2 years ago

Loved your explanation keep going πŸ™πŸΌ

David W

David W . 2 years ago

Love the info but the thumping bass coming from the car outside is really annoying.

Brax Fistya

Brax Fistya . 2 years ago

Accidentally got into Ketosis a few years ago. The. Fat. FALLS. Off. You. Now I'm actually a little scared to deliberately get into it again. Damage is fine - irreversible damage though?


TheMerryPup . 2 years ago

Thanks for the good info on all of these eating 'diets.' I just like to keep things simple and eat at a calorie deficit while training hard 6 days a week. Works for me.

Hira Khalid

Hira Khalid . 2 years ago

Paleo sounds good


blesbey . 2 years ago

I swear like just the other day I was thinking that keto was pretty much low carb.Well,fliping through Pinterest....eventually all the diets meshed together and I got confused all nerd likeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Thanks for giving each way of eating a clear division. Great video ✨😊❀✨!

Viper Jack

Viper Jack . 2 years ago

On 1680 kcal with ketogenic my result are : 140g Fats 63g Pro 21g Carbs are they right? or protein are too low?


c174 . 2 years ago

Outstanding πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. ... #truth

Gilbert Villanos

Gilbert Villanos . 2 years ago

great info as always thanks

sweet sour730

sweet sour730 . 2 years ago

I did Atkins. It worked for me

owais suryo

owais suryo . 2 years ago

is losing more than 2 pounds/week is safe for my gains? cause i've heard that they are indeed safe even better than slow and steady diet.

Vivi Larco

Vivi Larco . 2 years ago

Great I was looking for a simple explanation. Now I'm not that confused. Thank you Max. πŸ˜‰Have a great week πŸ€—

Jamie Strathearn

Jamie Strathearn . 2 years ago

You need a hair cut mate

Jamie Strathearn

Jamie Strathearn . 2 years ago

I love it.. Love eating full fat..

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