Versatile Vicky

Versatile Vicky

Published on 2 years ago

How to burn fat Faster at Home Naturally | Lose Belly Fat Fast with Cayenne Pepper | Cayenne Pepper Benefits and Weight Loss
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Cayenne Pepper Benefits :
Cayenne Pepper Tea :

How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week :
Flat Belly Drinks To Lose Fat in 7 Days
100% Effective Belly Fat Loss Drink :

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How to make Hemp Powder
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Comments :

Divya Deepa

Divya Deepa . 12 months ago

Is that normal red chilli powder

Pritha Sircar

Pritha Sircar . 1 year ago

Do we need to follow any strict diet or exercise routine along with the drink ? Or does it work anyway?


FIKILE MNISI . 1 year ago

Did you say I shouldn't take it if I have high blood pressure and children? Or U mean children should not take cayenne pepper??


newvick06 . 2 years ago

Hi Vicky, thanks for the weight loss diets. How much we can consume this pepper? I mean if we incorporate 2-3 teaspoon in food then still we need to take 1 teaspoon in glass of water at night also?

Anamika Singh

Anamika Singh . 2 years ago

hello dear in ur egg diet plan can i use green tea only 2 time instead of 4 time that is in morning and in eve without effecting result. plz reply. eagerly waiting....

kavita prakash

kavita prakash . 2 years ago

Kya paprika and cyanne pepper same h

kainat zehra

kainat zehra . 2 years ago

Hi ...plz tell a detailed plan for arthritis + diebetic patint..... for my mama ..... I love ur videos .... u r awesome

Ani B

Ani B . 2 years ago

Any remedies for hair growth mam ? P.S. You're awesome.. πŸ˜€πŸ™

sumit gupta

sumit gupta . 2 years ago

your voice and diction is really seductive.

Edil Mengesha

Edil Mengesha . 2 years ago

In Ethiopia we call it Mitmita

Raza Somai

Raza Somai . 2 years ago

plese make a diet plan for metabolism

Jacque Dez

Jacque Dez . 2 years ago

can teens take it?

Waheed Alam

Waheed Alam . 2 years ago

mam is there any video which will help me to reduce weight before eid?I m very tensed about my day by day increasing weight?plz tell me about that video which will help me to reduce weight very fast, thanks

Ayan Khan

Ayan Khan . 2 years ago

i am fat boy plzz help me

Madhura sweets

Madhura sweets . 2 years ago

Also the summer meal plan was very awesome my hair texture has improved and I have strong long nails and the cellulite buster prunes receipe is awesome Pl upload more videos you r perfect Pl arrange a meet up in Mumbai we all want to meet you 😘

Madhura sweets

Madhura sweets . 2 years ago

Always you upload an informative video keep it up πŸ‘ u r the best Pl do upload a video on olives and weight loss receipes also


MisterBassBoost . 2 years ago

I like! Keep it up!


MisterBassBoost . 2 years ago

Good! Keep it up!

Zaid Shaikh

Zaid Shaikh . 2 years ago

thanks mam love you 😘😘😘

Zohra Usmani

Zohra Usmani . 2 years ago

Can I use normal red chilli powder it effective ....pls rply mam fast ...thanxx for sharing video 😊

Prashanth Prashu

Prashanth Prashu . 2 years ago



Dulge . 2 years ago

is this the same as curry powder?

Sneha Verma

Sneha Verma . 2 years ago

how z it different from the normal red chili powder we use daily in household ?? or is it just a fancy name ??

ranuritesh singh

ranuritesh singh . 2 years ago

hiii very nice ur r super duper....


FLEETWOOD CODA . 2 years ago

u r good

Zaid Shaikh

Zaid Shaikh . 2 years ago

pregnancy plan kar rahe ho to le sakte he kya?

Shravani Pandu

Shravani Pandu . 2 years ago

informative thank u,,,,,

vaishnavi dixit

vaishnavi dixit . 2 years ago

Thanks for the information... U r excellent.. M following your plans and started lossing weight...

razia shaik

razia shaik . 2 years ago

first viewer! Thank you Vicky.

debasmita Pandab

debasmita Pandab . 2 years ago

i like u'r every plan...its really works..thanks a lot dear...

Zoya Rafi

Zoya Rafi . 2 years ago

internal hemmorhoids patients alse cN use thise cayene pepper ?

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