Zach LaBoube

Zach LaBoube

Published on 3 years ago

The original HCG diet is a thing of the past? In this interview, Tanya Stewart, Esq of the Turning Point Summit and Fearless Focus Coaching interviews Dr. Zach LaBoube, founder of InsideOut Wellness and Weight Loss on his new book HCG 2.0 - A Modern Adaptation of the HCG Diet. Learn why ketosis, low carb dieting is the only way to rapid weight loss and more importantly sustainable weight loss. Also learn the difference between HCG diet drops and prescription HCG injections. Visit

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Cookie4XO . 9 months ago

Love this, and HCG patches has been life for me. I did the drops and injections before from Dr offices, but the patches you don't have to take with you, and the injections I forgot to do a couple of mornings...Dr Zach do you still suggest the tuna pouches though? I went to the grocery store and they ALL had sugar as an added ingredients.

Marisa Dana

Marisa Dana . 1 year ago

Excellent video!

Thia Hostad

Thia Hostad . 2 years ago

I know onions and fruit are high but you are saying that it IS possible as long as you stay below 30 gms of carbs

Linda Murphy

Linda Murphy . 3 years ago

Thank you for an informative interview. I now feel more prepared for my HCG protocol🌟

s scott

s scott . 3 years ago

Hello Dr. Thanks for replying. First I must say that I've only been eating a vegan diet for 3 months. I get my protein from nuts and seeds such as chia seeds. I also eat beans, quinoa, Freeka and other whole grains. Nutritional yeast, spirulina. I also make banana smoothies with hemp seeds a few times a week and my favorite milk is hemp milk. Oh and I try not to eat tofu. There is more to this list but this is just to give you an idea.

Zach LaBoube

Zach LaBoube . 3 years ago

I'll say that any form of the HCG diet is difficult for Vegans. It's actually impossible to do with the original HCG diet. However, HCG 2.0 offers a wider variety of protein options which makes it doable. If you don't mind a daily protein shake, then you should be ok. What are your current sources of protein in you vegan diet may I ask?

s scott

s scott . 3 years ago

Hi Dr. LaBoube. Does HCG 2.0 work for Vegans?

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