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BUDGET Meal Prep | HEALTHY AND CHEAP | Meal Prep On a College Budget

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting

Published on 2 years ago

Meal prep on a budget! All meals are really cheap and healthy. They are really delicious too. Definitely possible to stay healthy and also eat yummy food while you're on a budget. Hope you find this video helpful! Don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up the video!

☆ Breakfast ☆ Peanut Butter and Jelly Oats Bar ☆
1.5 cup of rolled oats
200-250g of Peanut Butter (Depends on how much peanut butter you like)
1 cup of Almond Milk
3-5 Tablespoons of Maple Syrup. 3 Tablespoons may not be sweet enough for some! :D
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder
1/8 Teaspoon of salt if your peanut butter doesn't have any added salt
140g of Strawberry/Grape/Blueberry Jam
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon of Baking Powder

(I've also excluded coconut oil in this recipe. You can add a tablespoon if you wish to)

Mix all the wet ingredients together then add the dry ingredients. Mix it well and pour it in a tin. Then add some jam! You can add as much jam as you like, or as little as you like.

☆ Lunch ☆ Tuna Salad - $2 per serving ☆
1 can of chickpeas
2-3 Capsicums (Bell Peppers)
2 Carrots
Sundried Tomatoes
1 can of Tuna (450g)
Olive oil

Mix tuna with two tablespoons of olive oil, some salt, pepper and paprika. I added quite a lot of paprika cause I like it. Adjust to you liking!

Sundried tomatoes is the key for this meal (IMO). The salad is super tasty with it but sundried tomatoes are not the cheapest option. I would be using some sort of dressings I didn't add that so it's fine! :)

☆ Dinner ☆ Chicken and Rice - Less than $2 per serving ☆
Cook a cup of brown rice with 2 cups of water for around 30 minutes

For the chicken part:
800g of Chicken Thigh
1/2 An onion
2 cloves of garlic
Cayenne Pepper

Cook the onions and garlics first. Add some paprika and cayenne pepper. Then add the chicken! Now add more paprika if you wish to, oregano, salt and pepper. I just eyeball it. It doesn't have to be super precise.

Once the chicken is nice and brown, add a can of tomatoes. Then let it cook for around 30 minutes for the liquid to evaporate.

Cook some broccoli in the mean time! You can boil or stir fry it.

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Comments :

Natalia Natalia

Natalia Natalia . 4 days ago

Is there an alternative for the peanut butter in the first recipe

Livy Scott

Livy Scott . 1 week ago

Are u Austrian? Any way u help me so much:)

turnip brassica

turnip brassica . 2 weeks ago

should be doing porn not this nonsense.

Will Alexander

Will Alexander . 3 weeks ago

I have actually made use of this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a few days already as well as the final results are remarkable. I still have the energy I need without suppressing the appetite without making me feel jittery. I have not changed anything else I`m doing and have shed 7 lbs. .


sen . 3 weeks ago

"Australian foods are pretty expensive" yea I agree, here chickens are 2 AUD per kg (if converted to AUD)

Михаил Быстров

Михаил Быстров . 3 weeks ago

you mix a bunch of fat and carbs together, not good at all


jessabella77 . 3 weeks ago

What I really liked about this was that it wasn’t like over the top as far as prep. A lot of this “easy” and affordable videos still have so much prep or a ton of ingredients or just expensive ingredients. This looks completely doable and quick. Great video!

The Drip Family

The Drip Family . 4 weeks ago

Looks tasty

armando zuniga

armando zuniga . 4 weeks ago

Trying it

DJ Does Dumb Stuff

DJ Does Dumb Stuff . 1 month ago

Tuna is much cheaper in the US.

Krazy Be Riding

Krazy Be Riding . 1 month ago

Eat the same shit everyday for a week.. i need variety

bluesanyu Films

bluesanyu Films . 1 month ago

Property is probably the most expensive in Australia.. Great advice for feeding yourself under $10 a day!! :)

Action Cooking

Action Cooking . 1 month ago

Hi Chloe, love your chanel and your healthy and cheap recipe is great.

Zuraidah Mustah john

Zuraidah Mustah john . 2 months ago

Hai.. boleh tahu kakak dari mana? ..dorang kata english kakak banyak slang. salam perkenalan.


P Y . 2 months ago

Thank for you converting all the gobbledygook units into normal American, units.


angelzhit . 2 months ago

The oatmeal slice looks so good and healthy.


杨潇雨 . 2 months ago

tried the lunch recipe , it is awesome delicious

Jon Eill

Jon Eill . 2 months ago

the mole on her cheek is really cute


AJM Lee . 2 months ago

1:35. You’re welcomeb


BeautifulDoom792 . 2 months ago

What's the degree to cook at for the breakfast bars? And the chicken?

Edzzz Ramos

Edzzz Ramos . 2 months ago

It's like jennie of blackpink accent 😍

King Cookie

King Cookie . 2 months ago

Timetraveler: man I really love the UK.... I mean the US 1775s guy: say what?

Brood Kaster

Brood Kaster . 3 months ago

Dear Chloe, thank you for sharing your food prepping skills.. I will defenitely do this myself this week! Could you please let us know: Can you store the breakfast bars in the freezer too? :) I cannot eat all that in 3 days :)

Sayeta Zonen

Sayeta Zonen . 3 months ago

Wow, thank you so much!

O.o Wtf

O.o Wtf . 3 months ago

Thank you so much for this video Chloe

Hazelnutmynut Wong

Hazelnutmynut Wong . 3 months ago

Hi Chloe, can i replace the almond milk with fresh milk or full cream milk for the breakfast meal??

Jacyn Symone

Jacyn Symone . 3 months ago

Thank you!

Kimberly Park

Kimberly Park . 3 months ago

So we bought the ingredients on your list and realized too late that you left out the can of tomatoes

Kevin FSU Notorious

Kevin FSU Notorious . 3 months ago

Omg shes gorgeous.... I need to marry this girl. Lol thanks for tips

Mitch Vorst

Mitch Vorst . 3 months ago

This was actually helpfull and not annoyingly cheerfull presented. Thank you!

Katt Way

Katt Way . 3 months ago

A can of tuna is around 79 cent in my country :D funny how the prices vary from country to country :)

CurlsAndMascara 2016

CurlsAndMascara 2016 . 3 months ago

I’m obsessed with peanut butter and jelly, but I’ve cut out bread since i have no self control when it comes to sandwiches 😂😂 i cant wait to try the oatmeal bars now though!! Looks amazing! 😍

Ace A

Ace A . 3 months ago

Thanks. Motivational with all the savings numbers in the beginning.

Indira VSG

Indira VSG . 3 months ago

Excellent!!! Calories breakdown would have been even better but I loved all three recipes!!!

Trinh Bui

Trinh Bui . 4 months ago

Can I drink milk coffee while weight loss

brad notachance

brad notachance . 4 months ago

Yep expensive in nz though

MetalheadRob Redbar

MetalheadRob Redbar . 4 months ago

Been living on my own for years .. I need to learn how to cook something healthy, Thanks!

hello celoh

hello celoh . 4 months ago

Y’all are beautiful the way you are. If any of you are struggling, please refer to this video from Audrey Whyde- https://youtu.be/_acJFjLYzRk Please help her be able to reach out to more people and spread the word on body positivity🙏❤️

Archangel Mystic

Archangel Mystic . 4 months ago

She have chinese accent but looks like pilipino for me

Charity Mitchell

Charity Mitchell . 4 months ago

I tried the lunch salad. I didn't have all the ingredients and I added some Cajun seasoning to it, and it was awseome. You don't have to have the exact vegetables and it still works

Miss Tay Rosé

Miss Tay Rosé . 4 months ago

This was very helpful, thank you fir sharing. Question: where did you get the containers from?

ArtisticAnimeDreamer ChohuiDance4Ever

ArtisticAnimeDreamer ChohuiDance4Ever . 4 months ago

Idk what part of america everyone live at but where i am healthy food is way to expensive😩

ET 👽🌼

ET 👽🌼 . 5 months ago

is there something i can substitute peanut butter with? I’m allergic to peanuts:(

Nancy Dotimas

Nancy Dotimas . 6 months ago

*is that brown rice?*

Simon DeSantis

Simon DeSantis . 6 months ago

Dear god this girl is GORGEOUS....and I usually don't post thirsty comments online...lol

Eduardo Lauren

Eduardo Lauren . 6 months ago

When i had discovered this fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” via Google, I felt fired up to try it out quickly. This has given me excitement. I suggest you to Google this program as well. My friend has got rid of 10 lbs already because of this weight loss program. .

Valerie Boileau

Valerie Boileau . 6 months ago

That's pretty amazing, Chloe! <3

Charlee K

Charlee K . 6 months ago

Omg I so love this video and yes it is sooooo affordable, just what I need it, thank you so very much for sharing ❤️


soulsmusic15 . 7 months ago

Where did you get your containers from


Mann . 7 months ago

If you really think meat and veggies are expensive in Australia, go and check New Zealand then. It is hell expensive and even the dairy products are sooo pricy while they export such things really cheap, but not for their own people!!! 🤔😥

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