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The Real Deal on the Cookie Diet

ABC News

ABC News

Published on 10 years ago

The diet promises to help you lose weight by eating 6 cookies all day.

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just gabriel from argentina

just gabriel from argentina . 4 months ago

When it comes to weight loss it's all about calorie monitoring, the diet concept is great but 1000 calories is too low! Amp them to at least 1500 and add a vitamin supplement!

Vicky Traversa

Vicky Traversa . 2 years ago

No one is sick.. So rather than be obese it's gotta be better

Egor Lisitsa

Egor Lisitsa . 3 years ago

I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on WooPep page, great for health :)

Blake Randle

Blake Randle . 3 years ago

This is bullshit! the claims presented by this diet lack so much evidence. Even from the way the lady was talking, it sounds like she was paid to cover the doctor's ass. Its pretty amazing how people are so quick to take on this. Lean protein? Yeah, whatever! It's pretty awesome how nutritionists like me see the real truth behind this bullshit.


waki . 3 years ago

actually, any cookie should do the job, however one decent meal is important.

Terrence Head

Terrence Head . 4 years ago

I'm waiting for the mexican food all u can eat diet!!!

Myriam Dwyer

Myriam Dwyer . 4 years ago

I did the cookie diet 13 years ago. I have managed to keep the weight off, even after having my daughter in 2005. I only did it for a month since I did not want to lose too much too quick. It totally worked for me and would do it again.


Kimmi . 6 years ago

do u still eat the cookies everyday?


MsLizamod . 7 years ago

no negative affect of a low calorie diet ...really .. tell that to the children in 3rd world countries with kwashiorkor and marasmus


TheSexybraz . 7 years ago

As appose to being obese? He says it is not a long term solution, I am sure if these people cared more about health then looks they wouldn't be overweight and would exercise and eat right.

Irish Mae Q. Jones

Irish Mae Q. Jones . 7 years ago

everybody knows that already, and I'm pretty sure you also knew that it's SOOO easy to say but hard to do... just sayin'

Rosemary Kramer

Rosemary Kramer . 7 years ago

There's another good one... low carb cookie diet and they have no enriched flour or sugar and just a little whole wheat. They worked for me and my boyfriend. It was life-changing!

Sherry Watson

Sherry Watson . 7 years ago

I'm with Rosie45100. I also lost weight using R&D Cookie Diet and I've kept it off almost 3 yrs now... and I'm not "stupid"! Cookie dieting isn't for everyone but if you overeat and find you can't control your eating, if you have a problem with hunger or cravings you can't control easily then I think they are a good choice. They were for me!


prathijamusic . 7 years ago

ok.. anything that u eat thats fewer calories will lead to weight loss, but these cookies will prolly harm ppls health with the extra enriched flour, wheat, and sugar.


Ivestor1 . 7 years ago

Nice gimmick. Get rich off people that's not only fat but stupid. The secret of weight loss is simple burn more calories than you consume. Duh.

Tyrone London

Tyrone London . 7 years ago

needs to treat himself!!


FromRamlose . 8 years ago

"... knew she had to make a change to live af healthier life..." It just seem so wrong to me that the cookie diet should be the way to a healthy live xD But I am so glad for that it works for some people :D:D

Zoe Jordan

Zoe Jordan . 8 years ago

Yeah, Josie (at least in the picture/video) does not look like a size 0


ktnoodle . 8 years ago

@audreychuang0326 cookiediet website

Rosemary Kramer

Rosemary Kramer . 8 years ago

I love cookie dieting. I lost 70 lbs about 3 yrs ago on R&D Diet Cookie. I think theirs work better and they are almost half the price.

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