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Eat Healthy for Under $20



Published on 6 years ago

Do you believe healthy foods are out of your budget? Dr. Oz reveals how you can feed your family delicious, nutritious meals all for less than $20.

Comments :

Will Alexander

Will Alexander . 2 weeks ago

My enthusiasm to use “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) weight loss plan is at all time high. I did not change my diet regime and did not improve my workout level. In only a short period of 30 days, I already lost 6 pounds. The technique has let me ate lesser and getting full is a lot a lot quicker. .

enlightened advocate

enlightened advocate . 3 weeks ago

Thats not a meal. The doc himself I bet wouldnt eat this stuff and dude you can talk to a woman without touching her every 30 seconds. Quit being so grabby Harvey.

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson . 3 weeks ago

How tf is canned salmon 35 cents? Where??😂

Umar Farooq

Umar Farooq . 4 weeks ago

Who in the earth came up POWDERED PENUT BUTTER???? And WHY THE HELL I've seen this is any store?

Sam Maniscalco

Sam Maniscalco . 4 weeks ago

A kid is not gonna eat green soup lmao even I know that and I don’t have kids


LabwaMiau . 1 month ago

This specific cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is not just premium quality medicine but reasonably priced too. I started to utilize this adhering to my doctor`s recommendations to lessen my blood cholesterol. I got it for over Two weeks. It is great! The discomfort has vanished and my energy level has grown in each day. I am gaining better results on my labs. .


BLERON MJEKIQI . 1 month ago

is this doctor retarded? nothing there is healthy, salmon is obviously healthy but even that is canned!!!

Tiara of Love

Tiara of Love . 2 months ago

1:37 that was so nasty, she can’t even lie

James Eats

James Eats . 2 months ago

Dr Oz: This is 1.50$ A seving Karens: Woooooo

Will Alexander

Will Alexander . 2 months ago

It would have been much better if I found out this kind of “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a few years back. I dropped 12 pounds in 3 weeks up to now. Naturally I work out several times a week, and also eat good food. The effect shown to me is fantastic. I absolutely endorse the item, hope it works as great for you since it does for me. .

SAEuropean Patriot

SAEuropean Patriot . 2 months ago

Damn. Apart from the oat meal this food looks absolutely disgusting. Healthy food tastes like crap.

Silke Koepl

Silke Koepl . 2 months ago

Please stop touching women like that it is creepy and makes lots of them feel uncomfortable. There was the one who lost heaps of weight and you did it and it was so inappropriate. It's not a metoo thing it's just that some men don't get that it feels patronizing and unnecessary. 00:54 she is not a little girl who needs to be taken by the hand she looks at the camera and that look says it all: 1:42 she actually moves away when he touches her arm. You need to look at the body language the person has you are talking to!

Gerald Staats

Gerald Staats . 2 months ago

It “detoxes!” ..... Amazing!! 🤪

jesse Johno

jesse Johno . 2 months ago

Her 2 year old son eats so much? WTF? Really? She is attractive, her body is not. Salmon is the only one that was appealing.Quinoa is good as a side dish for most people. Basically another Dr Oz fail.

cesar gallo

cesar gallo . 2 months ago

How is everyone so stupid eating meat thinking there’s anything nutritious about it wtf???

Eric Schmitzul

Eric Schmitzul . 2 months ago

Those are ridiculous examples!

Lisa C

Lisa C . 3 months ago

Not a good idea to learn how to eat inexpensively from people that are richer than you.

Rex II ForSure

Rex II ForSure . 3 months ago

One of my favorite is Brussel sprouts

Saint Zayan

Saint Zayan . 3 months ago

Why is it that they pay you less for eating healthy but they pay you more for eating unhealthy? This world is wicked and ran by Satan

Terry Dover

Terry Dover . 3 months ago

Eat good it k.a.g

Berniece Briggs

Berniece Briggs . 3 months ago

I have already been working with this cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) to help reduce my own bad cholesterol and also increase good cholesterol. For several months of utilizing it, my cholesterol has much better drastically. My energy is boosting and my thinking is so much clearer at this point. .


PROPAINZERO . 3 months ago

Lol this is the biggest bull shitter


C J . 3 months ago

I would think parsley has more benefits than celery.

Fresthenics Fitness Club

Fresthenics Fitness Club . 3 months ago

Athletes would never be able to survive just off these 3 “meals” a day.

Jon Maurice

Jon Maurice . 3 months ago

lol. the lady who supposedly knows about healtht foods is fat. fucking fabulous.


N0ZP1K3R . 3 months ago

This Dr. Oz is a scam.

Valentin LHD

Valentin LHD . 3 months ago

I bought canned salmon after watching this video. Worst idea ever

David Chavez

David Chavez . 3 months ago

This is all great but what about all the other stuff you gotta add to it?

Ronaldo Murphano

Ronaldo Murphano . 3 months ago

I think doctor oz has a little thing for that woman. She's sexy.


okaybluepanda . 3 months ago

soup looks like gerber for adults

Harley Ross

Harley Ross . 3 months ago

I love this woo woo salesman. Gives her $20 on air. Keeps bringing it up. As if she's some charity case. Grabs her hand?! Omfg no, creep factor over 9000!!!!!

I love noodles

I love noodles . 3 months ago

These are good ideas. It tells you the price per serving and that really doesn't help. If you had only $20 and no other money, and none of these ingredients on hand, and you had to buy them all, even for just one of these "meals," it would add up fast. Too fast.

Paul Jeon

Paul Jeon . 3 months ago

Why is he touching her so much?


BeetsbyDwight . 4 months ago

Nothing on here would fill me up or taste good to me, I'm going to die because of my ways of eating and I'm only 160lbs


D15c0nn3ct . 4 months ago

‘Puts grass in water, heats up in microwave to create grass soup’ That tastes really good!

David S.

David S. . 4 months ago

Classic snake oil salesman


Sledgemotion . 4 months ago

I just get a salad bowl at Chipotle and call it a day

yo yo yo yo

yo yo yo yo . 4 months ago

did no one think it was suspicious when one of the 1st things she said was "my 2 year old son likes to eat so much he's so expensive"..? he's...two.... does he eat more than your grown husband im so confused.

Vijaychandar Govindula

Vijaychandar Govindula . 4 months ago

Cook ur food in mud vessels ,and prevent metals entering ur body by cooking in metal vessels and food get poison ,I can send mud vessels


LIFE RENU . 4 months ago

Great video


drummaboi420 . 4 months ago

1:38 B#tch.... Why did you lie? That sh*t even looks nasty.

Frankie Jacob

Frankie Jacob . 4 months ago

I became so excited to use the diet plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I didn`t modify my very own diet plan and also did not improve my exercise level. More than a period of 30 days, I lost around 6 lbs. With the help of this process, I did notice that I consumed food less and also filled up faster. .


Filippo2FM . 4 months ago

As a way to strengthen the existence of my “good” cholesterol and also reduce the “bad” cholesterol I possess, I applied having this amazing cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . I am not certain if this is made like this manner. Since I have not tested it and so I do not have any idea if this works. I am really excited for 30 days ahead in order to get my cholesterol level checked. Based upon almost everything I`ve examine, this will truly help. .


MARKO W. . 4 months ago

no lie ive gotten in the best shape of my life off canned spinach and rotisserie chicken i was spending 20-30 dollars a week on food and only eating at home my bank account gotta lil more mature lol

Gravity Gravy

Gravity Gravy . 4 months ago

how much is nasa food?

Lamir Ranee

Lamir Ranee . 4 months ago

he forgot to mention tha broth gonna cost you at least $2 or $3.That canned salmon is gonna be high sodium.And how the hell are you suppose to survive on only that all month?


Jonny_mazerati . 4 months ago

This video was what a little boy would come up with ... get real


Jonny_mazerati . 4 months ago

All crap


MILO BROWN . 4 months ago

Sheeeeit. All that combined isn't a serving for me.

JEGS Channel

JEGS Channel . 4 months ago


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