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The Black Keys - "Let's Rock" [Promo #13]

The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Published on 5 months ago

New album “Let’s Rock” out now ⚡ https://wbr.ec/letsrock

Sign up for the free The Lonely Boys and Girls Club here: https://www.thelonelyboysandgirlsclub.com

Catch The Black Keys on the "Let's Rock" Tour this Fall:

Comments :

User Name

User Name . 1 month ago

Ok boomer

Ray Miller

Ray Miller . 3 months ago

this man owns one good pair of new balance shoes and one for mowing

Justin Sims

Justin Sims . 5 months ago


Dan Minter

Dan Minter . 5 months ago

I don’t want to be a dick, but that is not how you rake leaves


catmansma . 5 months ago

They're my boys too. I'm old enough to be their mother.


cli260 . 5 months ago

They went full on youtubers

Julian Brany

Julian Brany . 5 months ago

"over and over and over again" - subtle hit at jack white?

BJ Vynz

BJ Vynz . 5 months ago

Man, he ain't wrong! Really love that 'Get Yourself Together' track! I'll go, I'll go, wherever you go.

santi moya

santi moya . 5 months ago

New Album sucks

Dillan Connell

Dillan Connell . 5 months ago

I'll rake to that


Pickle . 5 months ago

This alone deserves a grammy and literally every other award in the world

Neon Horizon

Neon Horizon . 5 months ago

His name is probably Roy. I like Roy

Metro North

Metro North . 5 months ago

i'm enjoying these promo videos way too much.

Tanner M

Tanner M . 5 months ago

Blue Jean shorts and a tucked in shirt looking killer

a thief

a thief . 5 months ago


Mert Güneş

Mert Güneş . 5 months ago

Let's Rake


NeverSaySandwich1 . 5 months ago

Boomer opinions

Sean Gaston

Sean Gaston . 5 months ago

I wait for these everyday

Dylan Young

Dylan Young . 5 months ago

This album is probably the most solid rock album I’ve listened to in 8 or 9 years, it was a long four years to wait for them I hope new music comes soon!

Canal da Bloom

Canal da Bloom . 5 months ago

I dont agree. You guys are not the best band, Jack White a hundred milion times better

Jose Dominguez

Jose Dominguez . 5 months ago

Those are my boys too. Cool dude!

Eily Bergin

Eily Bergin . 5 months ago

Has he ever raked in his life? :D


katinjegat . 5 months ago

This album really upped my raking productivity by at least 200%

Chronosphere Steen

Chronosphere Steen . 5 months ago

makin bangers POGGERS

Mitchell Gildea

Mitchell Gildea . 5 months ago

You know it's a good tune when you can rake to it

Igor calixto da silva

Igor calixto da silva . 5 months ago

Here I am, in the toilet browsing 9gag and listening to the black keys while suddenly... Man is that some kind of retro active promo? I'M LOVING IT!

Theurban Robinhood

Theurban Robinhood . 5 months ago

The Black Keys got it going, they're my boys? I wish Dan and Pat were my sons. :(

Dean Krouse

Dean Krouse . 5 months ago

Best album yet!

Battlestar Galacta

Battlestar Galacta . 5 months ago


Lee Yan

Lee Yan . 6 months ago

I trust this ol man, you narcs.


cajuncutie12 . 6 months ago

You go Mr. Tommy!!!

Full Wave Recked

Full Wave Recked . 6 months ago

Flex the promo!


SrZhuculentho . 6 months ago

Modern Music in 44 seconds.


xvas . 6 months ago

This man tells the truth!

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