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Oasis - White Room Sessions [1995] - HD



Published on 6 years ago

• setlist •

00:00 Acquiesce
03:56 (It's Good) To Be Free
07:32 Talk Tonight
11:56 Don't Look Back In Anger
16:07 Wonderwall
19:53 Roll With It
23:50 Round Are Way
28:41 Some Might Say

Comments :

Ryan Stroup

Ryan Stroup . 3 weeks ago

How did they get tony to get on the show without getting into a fight with Noel? And wasn’t this after he was fired? Edit: found of its two separate sessions. One in April and one in December.

Ahmet Tugrul

Ahmet Tugrul . 2 months ago

best setlist ever!

Bud Hull

Bud Hull . 2 months ago

Songs had more thump and boom back when Tony was there and Bonehead was still turnt up

Silverblacksky 01

Silverblacksky 01 . 2 months ago

that time the real last old England ... true brit pop

Ghost black

Ghost black . 4 months ago

Always in it Always on it Always want it. I'm afraid you had to be there.

Sergeant Defiance

Sergeant Defiance . 5 months ago

Guys , finally i can actually hear Guigs' Bass for once

Red Star72

Red Star72 . 6 months ago

Quite funny there's an advert for a pregnancy test!

richard startin

richard startin . 6 months ago

People talking about Tony McCarroll..... That's Alan White drumming. For some reason he's sat with the Tony McCarroll slouch but it's definitely Whitey.

Shan dizle

Shan dizle . 7 months ago

He’ll never sing that second verse haha!

tapeworm taeyong

tapeworm taeyong . 7 months ago

That bass is crisp as fuck, love it

tapeworm taeyong

tapeworm taeyong . 7 months ago

Iconic kings


tyronerodgers . 7 months ago

What's extraordinary about this selection of songs they played on the White Room is that half of the songs they played were "B sides". I remember seeing the first 3 songs which were the first broadcast that year as a 14 year old but looking at the listing now... They were ALL B-sides. Absolutely mind boggling! That's how good they were.

Ross Morgan

Ross Morgan . 7 months ago

1995 probably when they were at their absolute best, young fresh hungry and ready to rule the world Legends in their own time

Simon H

Simon H . 7 months ago

How underrated is It’s Good to Be Free? Fuck me.


R S . 9 months ago

Noel sounded like shit back then, voice wise. He may have had the upper range but his voice really was sub par. Funny, back then I thought he was an ace singer lol. He's much better now though.


LiveforeverLuckyManEJ-200 . 9 months ago

7:32 Love that epiphone ej 200. I wonder if Noel still has it.

merry Derry

merry Derry . 9 months ago

This is brilliant

merry Derry

merry Derry . 9 months ago

Noel very same as his old lad

merry Derry

merry Derry . 9 months ago

Coked out head on noel

Ricardo Granda Ayala

Ricardo Granda Ayala . 9 months ago

When people play music from heaven!!!


Vincecouk . 9 months ago

24:43 epic nostril shot


Savvygamblers . 9 months ago

Untouchable voice back then. Top stuff and looks off his fucking bonce for the majority of these haha. What shite music this current generation now has.


SAMUEL LACKEY . 9 months ago

Bigger Than the Beatles? That host is full of shit!

Boris BriTvA

Boris BriTvA . 9 months ago

лучшие брови в мире

Lucas Herrera

Lucas Herrera . 11 months ago

I was born on that day. December 22, 1995.

Mike Mason

Mike Mason . 11 months ago

as a lipreading expert at.... 6.13...he said stupid woman!

pena ayd

pena ayd . 12 months ago


peace and love Manchester

peace and love Manchester . 1 year ago

Fucking quality

The Fan7

The Fan7 . 1 year ago

Liam was high as hell.


Windy . 1 year ago

This is class.


GET BIGGER SECOND . 1 year ago

tony plays acquiesce

Derek S

Derek S . 1 year ago

where the fuck are the pedals !?

Graham Furay

Graham Furay . 1 year ago

Best band in the history of rock n fukin roll...end of


ThAdonis . 1 year ago

What other band could have started with 3 b-sides? Especially this early into their careers.

JSMCalder - Bushcraft & Camping

JSMCalder - Bushcraft & Camping . 1 year ago

The last great rock band. Im a die hard metalhead but Oasis were the right band at the right time. Liam is the last great rock and roll front man.

blue bird

blue bird . 1 year ago

why did they take an amateur drummer on the band?

Jacob Reininger

Jacob Reininger . 1 year ago

Liam looks so coked up lmao

joebodman 8

joebodman 8 . 1 year ago

Noel looked well into this one


Danny . 1 year ago

When the drugs kick in 2:55


ferreroman . 1 year ago

VHS did had a hi-fi mode with close to cd audio quality btw, totally not recorded on hifi here


ferreroman . 1 year ago

unfortunately by hd you mean VHS quality could be HI-FI sound but it is not for some reason


dezmounts . 2 years ago

Oh wow, new years dropped when Noel was playing Wonderwall, what a coincidence xd

Daniel Van Auken

Daniel Van Auken . 2 years ago

stupid fucking harmonica needs to jammed up his ass


10FC ULL . 2 years ago

That string quartet sounded fing dreadful on DLBA.

lon barron

lon barron . 2 years ago

Back when Noel used to shout more than sing Don't Look Back In Anger.

Caroline Eve

Caroline Eve . 2 years ago

wonderwall and Noel??? big mistake. Liam sing Noel write. I wish they will Play concert together someday . But please Noel let your biblical brother sing. ..


LIVERNIL753 . 2 years ago

Haha, Liam looked better, cuter even before he wet his hair later on the programme :-)

ติ่ง blackpink&Oasis Channel.

ติ่ง blackpink&Oasis Channel. . 2 years ago

Don't look back in anger.😘😘😘.

John T

John T . 2 years ago

noels voice on talk tonight is terrible especially after liam has just fuckin smashed the first two songs

Elliot Harrington

Elliot Harrington . 2 years ago

Tony on Don't look back in anger?!?!? Bootuful

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