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20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight



Published on 2 years ago

Things you can eat that will help your diet!
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For the new year, most people’s resolution is to lose weight with a diet or take care of their body to get in shape. And we know that health starts with nutrition as you will get many benefits from eating and drinking the right type of food. This is why we are showing you 20 foods that help you lose weight. Make sure you watch this video until the end to learn more about how water can easily help you.

Eating fruits is one of the best ways to stay healthy. You have probably heard about juice diet, but eating whole fruits is actually much better for your body because you get more fiber. We suggest you eat fruits like grapefruit, avocado, and berries.

We will also debunk some myths that you have heard before. For example, eating eggs is not bad for your heart, pasta won’t make you gain a lot of weight, and nuts won’t make you fat. These foods are actually part of a healthy diet.

If you want to eat animals, salmon and tuna are some of the best food that you can eat because it is full of good nutrients and will make you feel full so you won’t eat as much. But you can also choose a vegan diet if you want to lose weight.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more about foods that help you lose weight like quinoa, potatoes, soup, yogurt, dark chocolate, spinach, beans, oats, brown rice, and more. Are you going to try any of these foods this year? Can you think of any other healthy food? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.

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Elizabeth Del Rosario

Elizabeth Del Rosario . 2 years ago

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GoodBoy Raxe

GoodBoy Raxe . 2 weeks ago

can you eat just bread?

Kapoe 808

Kapoe 808 . 2 weeks ago

If I listen to my body I will end up eating a box of pizza


GAVIN PATTON . 3 weeks ago

nice tips

Dangelo Mateo

Dangelo Mateo . 3 weeks ago

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Cosmos . 3 weeks ago

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David Messiah.

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Amazing world

Amazing world . 4 weeks ago

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YuorGay . 4 weeks ago

Half of these items are completely false. For quick and fast weight loss the Keto diet is the best. Half these items are loaded in carbs so no. My friend lost 40 pounds in 3 months from the keto diet, he went from 203 to 163. Can you not completely lie to people who watch your videos? Thanks.

Ricshia Bold

Ricshia Bold . 4 weeks ago

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IceyyPop . 4 weeks ago

I’m having juice write now 😳

Gen Gen Gen

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Debra Murphy

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Super Soap

Super Soap . 1 month ago

Can I smoke that stuff?

Dafina Berisha

Dafina Berisha . 1 month ago

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Nuzi Jahlaw

Nuzi Jahlaw . 1 month ago

I'm afraid to eat egg💙🤪🤪🤪😱

ǝǝlʎɥS Tweet

ǝǝlʎɥS Tweet . 1 month ago

20 food that “might” help you lose weight .....👌🏼

Brandon 111

Brandon 111 . 1 month ago

Pasta is not good for you.....

David Rabinowits

David Rabinowits . 1 month ago

I only eat organic. You people should try too...

The Blue Ninja

The Blue Ninja . 1 month ago

I love this UwU 9:11

Frankie Jacob

Frankie Jacob . 1 month ago

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My Weight loss battle begins

My Weight loss battle begins . 1 month ago

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Livi O'Byrne

Livi O'Byrne . 1 month ago

I am 13 years old and training to be a professional ballet dancer. The max weight for woman professionals is 110 lb. I already am 110. I'm fairly slim. Almost all my weight is in my leg muscles, but I want to avoid putting on extra weight. Any suggestions?


Canodiablo . 1 month ago

The key to lose weigth is to eat less

frost mizo

frost mizo . 2 months ago

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johnathan scott

johnathan scott . 2 months ago

People who are complaining about not seeing results ask yourself this. Am I eating the right foods daily? Not just here and there but all the time. When you're eating "healthy" are you adding unhealthy things to your foods when you cook/eat them? Like ranch with veggie or butter when you cook veggies. What is your calorie intake and are you keeping track of what your putting into your body with a calorie calculator or any of the other ways you can keep track? Also when you are go to the gym and you're sitting on a machine with your phone whipped out isn't really working out, when you're at the gym focus on the gym not whats on your phone. You need to setup a diet and a workout routine also don't forget when you workout its good to switch what you're doing from time to time don't just do all cardio and don't just lift switch the days that you go to the gym and the work outs that you do while you're there. A variety of foods and a variety of workouts is key to not only losing weight but switching things up and keeping you interested in maintaining these LIFE STYLE changes. Doing this for only a month or two will only get you minimal results you didn't put the weight on over night so don't expect to lose it over night either. Stay focused and motivated and you will reach your goals it will be hard to do but that's what makes it worth the struggle good luck to everyone that's looking to make a change in their lives.

Adouring Cherry

Adouring Cherry . 2 months ago

Thankyou for the video 😊😊😊

A Mc

A Mc . 2 months ago

To whoever is watching this and thinking that they are fat and ugly. You are wrong. You are beautiful and perfect.

That Readheaded Paige

That Readheaded Paige . 2 months ago

could you possibly do one for people with Nut allergies or soy allergies??? :))

Akulina Kuznetsova

Akulina Kuznetsova . 2 months ago

Over the last 6 weeks I've lost 29 pounds by taking Ketosisbreakthrough.com


Prabhpreet . 2 months ago

Im a Dietician and this 101% vedio is bullshit...and what more suprising is that people are beliving it....lol plz go to a certified dietician, he will tell you real things...

It's Giobeatees

It's Giobeatees . 2 months ago

I recommend quinoa and cheese stuffed in pepper

despicable 2

despicable 2 . 2 months ago


hell noo

hell noo . 2 months ago

i dont know why i heard Damon instead of Salmon

yawng wu

yawng wu . 2 months ago

i like to eat apple one at a time do you like apples to?

All public Channel

All public Channel . 2 months ago

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Marwa Kassem

Marwa Kassem . 2 months ago

Ive always thought pasta is bad for diets

Owen's Corner

Owen's Corner . 2 months ago

But I hate dark chocolate


Wizzie . 2 months ago

Yeah, Nah

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