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Peter Murphy - Indigo Eyes (Remastered)

Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction

Published on 5 years ago

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Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter . 1 week ago

Peter Murphy really is the master of wave and gothic. Thanks to my oldest sister and one another person, in my eyes a really pal for me who also is a great gothic fan; both of them are great gothic fans since it is existing. Unconventional and great melodic rock music it Peter made and sung! :)

CeeCee Crockett

CeeCee Crockett . 4 weeks ago

It's what he DOES!

José Silva

José Silva . 2 months ago


Sabra Zafarano

Sabra Zafarano . 2 months ago

this guy invented cool


arteblack13 . 2 months ago

Who are the red-wing angels?

Slicky Kid

Slicky Kid . 2 months ago

When I ran into Peter Murphy and Bauhaus a few years ago. I knew right away that they were the perfect gothic band and singer for me. The Cure, Joy Division, and Nick Cave couldn't do it for me. Those three were way too dark and depressing. I love dark stuff. But not stuff like there music. I like some of there creepy songs. But not there other stuff unfortunately.

Reynard Fox

Reynard Fox . 3 months ago

my kids love this song! They sing it as we are driving. Love Peter Murphy and his genius lyrics

Michael Confoy

Michael Confoy . 4 months ago

Get better Peter. You are the real Bauhaus!

N. E. Barton

N. E. Barton . 5 months ago

I cry when I hear this song. So poetic.

Antigone Freimann

Antigone Freimann . 7 months ago

This song not only brings back my teenage years but also reminds me of my youngest son, who has dark indigo blue eyes. <3

James Kristoff

James Kristoff . 7 months ago

Fuck yes Peter Murphy... I love this man... I love this song... so good

lady Buggy

lady Buggy . 8 months ago


FireTiger941 . 11 months ago

The playmate sings like Orphee in some thunder world...

alfredo tirado

alfredo tirado . 12 months ago

Goth rock of high quality, Peter Murphy is awesome

Pamela Hamilton

Pamela Hamilton . 1 year ago

Love 💕 this... asking to be bathed in light, to be exemplified.... but not evil but estranged ...

robin avalyn

robin avalyn . 1 year ago

People: this song is an allusion to the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice.

Crickett C.

Crickett C. . 1 year ago

I just heard it for the 1st time but I like it..indigo 👀

Inachu Ikimasho

Inachu Ikimasho . 1 year ago

Asking to be made in light. The desire of Lucifer. Indigo eyes...... the meaning of this.... like all those stay positive posters showing feet on the beach asking why GOD was not with them and then god replies those are my foot prints.... I was carrying you. In this regard the power of GOD in his eyes. He fears no evil as he walks past the fallen red angels gnawing at flesh. The black tree blocks his way........ GOD reminds him as he continues through the valley of death


DJL66 . 1 year ago

Bathed in light. Gorgeous

Mark Riva

Mark Riva . 2 years ago

Such a sublime pleasure to interview Peter in his Roosevelt Hotel room in LA for the release of the follow-up to this seminal album, which was one of my top five releases of 1989. Available on cassette tape along with autographed Peter Murphy t-shirt locked away in the Riva archives.

Hambone Jones

Hambone Jones . 2 years ago

Fantastic song to pork to.

jeffrey jefferton

jeffrey jefferton . 2 years ago

wish it was LOUDER :/ .....


AutomatikSystematik . 3 years ago

Sounds nice. But I like the vinyl album extended version.

Kevin Miles

Kevin Miles . 3 years ago

I get it, he's talking about, someone is turning bad and causing problems, but he has soft place, they don't like he has it, so just causing problems! Plus, he used Star Wars, to use obi to say," take me light or be a example!"

david tickner

david tickner . 3 years ago

Has to be my favorite Murphy tune. Timeless


siouxsielover88 . 3 years ago

Anybody know if there is a story behind this song? Kinda seems to me like there would be.



Hmmm...reminiscent of The The?

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