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What is family planning injection? - Dr. Jyoti Kala

The family planning injection is a long acting reversible and a very effective method of contraception. The family planning injection available in India is DMPA or depo medroxy progesterone acetate. It is given as a single shot to the muscle within the first 5 days of the menstrual cycle and works for upto 12 weeks. Your doctor will ensure you whether you are pregnant or not, the advantage of the DMPA injection are that it can be taken once every 12 weeks only. It does not interfere with sexual intercourse, it can be taken during breast feeding. It is totally private. So no one neds to know you are taking an injection and it also decreases heavy and painful periods in many people. But there are a few disadvantages too, some women have prolonged or irregular bleeding. So this effect can last for upto 3 to 6 months. Some women may even stop their period after a year or few. But do not worry. This is not harmful to your body and will settle down once you stop these injections. Some men may also have weight alterations including weight gain during the use of these injections. And also a decrease in bone density, you also need to be sure that you are not pregnant before the use of these injections because they are contraindicated in pregnancy. There are certain other contraindications that your doctor will rule out prescribing the injections to you. So the DMPA injection is an ideal option to you. If you are not planning pregnancy in the next year, if you are breast feeding your baby and if you find it bothersome to take a pill on a daily basis or if you want your privacy and do not want an intrauterine device, like the Copper T inserted.

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Amanda Chrome

Amanda Chrome . 2 months ago

Would this method shrink fibroids

Dr sheetal Gupta

Dr sheetal Gupta . 2 months ago

Some men may have weight alterations... It's written in video discrebtion. I think typing mistake..Pl correct it

6teen Thielito

6teen Thielito . 6 months ago

Hi Dr I have injection for 3 months going to 4 month and my period not come help me please

Kiran Babar

Kiran Babar . 7 months ago

mam I have injection 3 month gaibe but it's 4 month start but my pirdes not coming


TKP STYLISH . 7 months ago

Hernia in the belii

Vishesh Tiwari

Vishesh Tiwari . 8 months ago

No one tells the cost or price of this injection.. anyone can share ?? Tell me..

Vinoth Kumar

Vinoth Kumar . 9 months ago

Mam pls tell to Tamil I want to now

Mamata Singh

Mamata Singh . 10 months ago

What if this injection take in 9 days of mins???? Is this work or not


WORLD IN OUR HAND . 10 months ago

ஐய தமிழ்ல சொன்னா என்னவாம்

Jyoti Jaglan

Jyoti Jaglan . 12 months ago

Mam ma pragnent nhi hona chati koe ingaction ha Kya pls reply


SANDEEP KUMAR . 12 months ago

Mam meri wifi pragnet 3 month h

Livelife & study

Livelife & study . 12 months ago

Mam English का क्या करे. हिन्दी भी अछा लगता है.. मै चाहता हूं मेरी वाइफ एक saal प्रेग्नेंट ना हो तो मै क्या करूँ.

Rafiq Khan

Rafiq Khan . 1 year ago

I lv the way .....u r so kind dr


BAPU SINGH . 1 year ago

I hate inglish

Sudershan singh

Sudershan singh . 1 year ago

9419725388 pls contact me

Sudershan singh

Sudershan singh . 1 year ago

Pls i want to fimely planing

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