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Meal Prep 3,000 Calories In 14 MINUTES!

Mike Thurston

Mike Thurston

Published on 1 year ago

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Comments :

Mike Thurston

Mike Thurston . 1 year ago

Sauce on the eggs was Winiary Przyprawa! 4 Eggs - 312kcal P:24g F:20g CHO:2.4g 200g Turkey, 250g Spelt, 80g Greens - 710kcal P:57g F:4g CHO:109g 200g Turkey, 120g Rice, 80g Greens, 100g Beetroot - 710kcal P:62g F:12.6g CHO:86g 100g Oatmeal, 100 Frozen Berries, 1tbsp Honey, 350ml Almond Milk - 586kcal P:19.6g F:11g CHO:93.6g 1 x Banana, 1 x Apple, 1 x Nakd Bar - 277kcal P:3.1g F:2.9g CHO:64.6g 50g Mixed Nuts - 288kcal P:10.5g F:25g CHO:11g 1 Scoop EHPLabs Isopept - 120kcal P:25g F:1.5g CHO:2g TOTAL - 3,022kcal P:202g F:77g CHO:378g

Brendan Abel

Brendan Abel . 4 days ago

Fill its!

John Doe

John Doe . 5 days ago

Man your farts must Reak!

D Eldoradosash

D Eldoradosash . 1 week ago

I thought that Im only one who can't find things in front of me

Shamanbear Two

Shamanbear Two . 2 weeks ago

Okay, that was fun to watch but I wouldn't let you in my kitchen:) Here's a couple of ideas. Sweet potatoes - take a sweet potato, poke holes all over it with a fork, put it in the micro for about 3:30 minutes (varies on size and microwave power). When the micro dings, flip the potatoes over and zap another 3:30. When the micro dings the second time, take a clean dishcloth and wrap around the potato and firmly roll it in your hands while squeezing. You can feel the inside separating from the outside skin but don't squeeze so hard as to make it into mashed potatoes. Put back in and zap another 3:30 minutes and voila - just like a baked sweet potato but in less time than it took to make the rice. There are countless variations on this theme online. Some folks brush some oil on and toss on cinnamon or wrap in a paper towel, etc. But I just do it plain. Almond milk - you can make your own almond milk (without the extra ingredients like emulsifiers, gums, etc.) with nothing more than your blender, almonds, water, and a cheesecloth. You could add any sweetener if you wanted to or omit. The verdict is pretty unanimous that homemade tastes better, richer, etc. And you can use other nuts instead of almonds like hazelnuts or cashews. Again, countless videos online.

Johann Prosper

Johann Prosper . 2 weeks ago

Ok, this looked stressful as hell. Lol

Dingo Nuts

Dingo Nuts . 2 weeks ago

Just coocked some chicken and it was really chewy and my tummy really badly hurts

Jason Bartle

Jason Bartle . 2 weeks ago

Best cooking show ever! Haha I loved it!


SkippingLegs . 2 weeks ago

White people always torturing themselves with the rice, just get a rice cooker.


ThePoorBoy . 2 weeks ago

5:36 -- I check in with my balls when I'm cooking too, mate.

annant srivastava

annant srivastava . 2 weeks ago

Can I please get this meal plan in an excel sheet. Thanks

cook ies

cook ies . 3 weeks ago

His ass tho 🤤🤤


mianhan100 . 3 weeks ago

How about wash the meat before chucking it in? 🤔


ayo50 . 3 weeks ago

Fantastic work. Been watching your videos since July this year and you definitely put out quality material on all subject matter pertaining to fitness. Good stuff, keep em' coming!


Numpack . 3 weeks ago

The close up looks so good I’m hungry now haha

Always_ Mad

Always_ Mad . 3 weeks ago

Has this guy got any polishness in him


LandscapeInMotion . 4 weeks ago

Mike - what is your cholesterol?

Adam Australia

Adam Australia . 4 weeks ago

You can indeed get salmonella poisoning from turkey.


UprisingPhoenix . 4 weeks ago

I’m allergic to chicken 😔

Jason Kehoe

Jason Kehoe . 4 weeks ago

Meal prep: 17 minutes Clean up: 1.5 hours

Padurean Eusebiu

Padurean Eusebiu . 1 month ago

quick mafs

Clifford Cruz

Clifford Cruz . 1 month ago

ur are sooo cute doing this vid. u can tell that u dont talk when u cook lol

Bilal Baig

Bilal Baig . 1 month ago

ygm 1:56

Shar Murt

Shar Murt . 1 month ago

Making food is not the problem. Preparing beforehand and washing after is

Alex Jay Jegels

Alex Jay Jegels . 1 month ago

My typa cooking. Just chuck everything in a container.


TatTvamAsi . 1 month ago

imagine you accidentally ate that oatmeal then watched this video. OMG ... dead

Mustafa Sharif

Mustafa Sharif . 1 month ago

Is there any honest bodybuilder out there to share his steroids playbook


IBrainedMyDamage . 1 month ago

3000 calories in 14 minutes+ cleanup+ purchasing groceries+ store... So about 2 hours

John Lee

John Lee . 1 month ago

8:46 lmao bro


LumpyRex007 . 1 month ago

bullshit buddy. You had everthing on the table already. Do over.

Cuba G

Cuba G . 1 month ago

I dont like the taste of oats and use cornflakes instead. I think they mightbbe denser. Or maybe its just the brand


MafioSol . 1 month ago

That was painful.

Sdvn 07

Sdvn 07 . 1 month ago


Leigh Phillips

Leigh Phillips . 1 month ago

Thanks for this. 14 mins is awesome.

Taneisha Granderson

Taneisha Granderson . 1 month ago

3k calories is not a random number...it was MIKE TYSON meal plan 3 to 4k a day To maintain his 175lb weight.

Γκα Ζερβας

Γκα Ζερβας . 2 months ago

Thank you for this man!!! Much help for my bulking plan. You're a beast!

F H97

F H97 . 2 months ago

Not fair😪😪😪😪 i burn only 1300 calorie at rest😪😪😪😪😪💔

Alfred YAO - Artist

Alfred YAO - Artist . 2 months ago

Mike Tyson!! 🤙 💪

Elie Yaffa

Elie Yaffa . 2 months ago

whoever still cook on teflon is an idiot..

Elie Yaffa

Elie Yaffa . 2 months ago

I suggest you stop garlic completely as it desynchronize both emisphere of youre brain and kill brain cells aswell

sushil sontakke

sushil sontakke . 2 months ago

I like ur haircut.. ❤... Me too getting bald looking to keep same haircut

Lungelo Doncabe

Lungelo Doncabe . 2 months ago

8:45 😂😂you don't need to do that

Travis Anderson

Travis Anderson . 2 months ago

Mike! You’re the man!!


S-K . 2 months ago

Obviously that on its own is rather bland Seasons oatmeal

Per Andersson

Per Andersson . 2 months ago

look healthy

Luis Pereira

Luis Pereira . 2 months ago

Plain rice is pretty plain 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ikram Khan

Ikram Khan . 2 months ago

"Shout-out to Jamie Oliver, he's actually done something useful for once" lmao 😂😂😂

krishnendhu chakra

krishnendhu chakra . 2 months ago

you are the Albert Einstein

Lal Zada

Lal Zada . 2 months ago

08:47 ROFL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

John Smith

John Smith . 2 months ago

Nothing better than a knowing you have pre made meals after gym

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