Stephanie Horwitz

Stephanie Horwitz

Published on 1 year ago

This video is about Family Vacation | Oasis Lite | Worst Hotel in Cancun| Cancun with 2 under 2

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MaryLeila2245 . 4 months ago

I just got back from vacations at this hotel and it does sucks that its the worst hotel in Cancun without a doubt. NEVER AGAIN!!!


theiraqi81 . 5 months ago

Did any one see anything about the resort ? Or I am the only one that watched kids crying and a mother complaining ? Lol

Jake Walsh

Jake Walsh . 9 months ago

I'm 22 and went for spring break and I even thought it was horrible. Could not even get a damn drink! I could not imagine going with a family to this shit hole.

Dynafrom at Dyna Financial

Dynafrom at Dyna Financial . 9 months ago

This resort is SHIT.


CaptainFacts . 9 months ago

This resort isn’t for families, it’s for party lovers.

Abby LaPolla

Abby LaPolla . 10 months ago

go to the Moon Palace, i’ve been there 5 times it’s much better

Jodi Harris

Jodi Harris . 11 months ago

Holy you complain a lot ... sounds stressful to complain that much...

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