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Stephanie Macedo

Stephanie Macedo

Published on 12 months ago


Use this calculator below
1. Put it on 'Maintenance'
2. Take 25% off the number you get!
3. That number is your intake per day (whether you work out or not)


*Everyone's calorie intake will be different based on your own stats*

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Comments :


Charlotte . 1 month ago

I’m a new subscriber, I absolutely LOVEEE your energy!!!

marinann santo

marinann santo . 5 months ago

Omg u r amazing fuerte y bonita mujer ;) a mi me gusta tus videos ;) Wil u ever make a video in Portugues ;) ?

Cynthia Ann

Cynthia Ann . 9 months ago

Try chamomile tea it helps me fall asleep, so relaxing

Hanane Fadil

Hanane Fadil . 10 months ago

Love love love love your videos I’m addicted ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


RISEOFKINS . 10 months ago

You honestly have the best what I eat in a day on Youtube !

Leonila Ortiz

Leonila Ortiz . 10 months ago

I’m so impressed with your cooking skills! That roast beef 😩🤤😍

Dulce Perez

Dulce Perez . 10 months ago

Everything looks so good! Where do you buy your groceries??


XNTRXS 92 . 10 months ago

Thanks a thousand! In what you say about how to lose weight so simple, can I ask if these diets I can consume them always? or just until I reach my desired weight Do you recommend strict diets? I'm going to combine it with what I'm doing @t To improve my results. I wait your answer. Thank you!!

Melly Mel

Melly Mel . 10 months ago

Hey boo new subbie I loved this video hopefully we can be friends idiskk

Nisha Fitness

Nisha Fitness . 10 months ago

Awesome video! I used to think I was sooo hungry all the time but I realized it was my body’s way of telling me I was thirsty. I’ve lost 100lbs & kept it off for 5 years 🙌🏽💪🏽! Started sharing my journey on my channel. Keep up the awesome videos!!

Bianca Tibbets

Bianca Tibbets . 10 months ago

I didn’t know you were Brazilian !!! I can totally relate to the garlic and onion love relationship ! I’m Brazilian too !! Haha

Amanda Garfield-Lott

Amanda Garfield-Lott . 11 months ago

Trying to endure through fall and winter is so harddddd😭😩

Ivona Kovačević

Ivona Kovačević . 11 months ago

omg GARLIC girl as me <3

Nayeli Gutiérrez

Nayeli Gutiérrez . 11 months ago

Every time I’m not in the mood of cooking I come and watch you , because you always put me in the mood of cooking and having my kitchen clean lol 😝

Angelica Garcia

Angelica Garcia . 11 months ago

Omg are you Amy Macedo's sister? Lol either way love ya! Just subscribed you are so funny !!!


Livinglifetothefullest1986 . 11 months ago

What camera do u use and how do u edit ur videos

/Mickkayla \

/Mickkayla \ . 11 months ago

Have you had any negative effects from eating at this deficit? Hairloss?

Kati Greenway

Kati Greenway . 11 months ago

Love your "What I Eat In A Day" videos! Please never stop making them. I love how the meals are simple yet healthy!

Aracely Garcia

Aracely Garcia . 11 months ago

What store do you shop for your groceries? Those carrots 😋😎

amylou 262

amylou 262 . 11 months ago

I ♥️ tasters choice too!

Alicia Johnson

Alicia Johnson . 11 months ago

This is helpful 👌

Radene M

Radene M . 11 months ago

Your little eat eat eat dance is ME! 😂😂😂 Love you Steph! 💕


celinky . 12 months ago

The first What I Eat In a Day where someone knows how to cook. Bless up!

Stacey King

Stacey King . 12 months ago

I usually get my Turkey bacon from Costco. The brand is called lite life naturally. It's so yummy! Per one slice I believe its 25 cals.


Thatslaura . 12 months ago

Hey girl 👋 love the video 👌🏼 I just started my channel🤗 hopefully you can check it out 🙈😁

Melusha S

Melusha S . 12 months ago

Thanks for being so practical with your meals. A lot of these videos have like a breakfast of half a toast with 2 slices of avocado lmao These are genuine meals that will fill you up but also is calorie conscious. Thanks girlie!

Pixie 1991

Pixie 1991 . 12 months ago

I love your glasses!!! So cute 😍😍

Jade McAllister

Jade McAllister . 12 months ago

I loved this what i eat in a day, im such a fussy eater but i actually like all these meals🙌🏼 literally ur dinner meal is one of my go dinners too especially in this winter season 💕

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole . 12 months ago

Amazing video!!

Juliet asmr

Juliet asmr . 12 months ago

lmao cycle week is the worst, the non-stop eat eat eat be real sis XD x

Mayraaa 5

Mayraaa 5 . 12 months ago

I’m making that rice tomorrow for my chicken and broccoli ☺️👌🏻👏🏼

Shelley-Ann Ali

Shelley-Ann Ali . 12 months ago

Steph! Omg 👅 that meal look so damn good😍 Love your “what I eat/ recipe” videos. XOXO 🤗😘🌺💖

Caterina Amaral

Caterina Amaral . 12 months ago

In the beginning of the video you said pasta and I just got hungry😲😂

perez mirka

perez mirka . 12 months ago

Just discovered your channel!! Trying to lose weight as well! Love the way you eat! New subscriber!!

Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis . 12 months ago

Yaaas!! I posted a what I eat in a day video yesterday 🖤

Raquel Espino

Raquel Espino . 12 months ago

Props hun.. That looks so delicious!!!! Q

Rose Pop

Rose Pop . 12 months ago


Stef's Munchies

Stef's Munchies . 12 months ago

I absolutely love your videos! Im from Mississauga living in BC now and I miss home so much I feel like i'm there when I'm wathcing your vlogs! I would love if you checked out my channel though I'm still quite new!!<3 Keep up the good work Steph! :)


CRYSTAL LOPEZ . 12 months ago

Yasssss I love how full your plates are and not plain what so ever food inspo 😍


lelexsvge . 12 months ago

I want that sweater!!! Looks so fluffy

Baby Baby

Baby Baby . 12 months ago

that thumbnail 😍😍 u are such a hottie !!!

Claudia Sousa

Claudia Sousa . 12 months ago

I died when you said "I'm going to have one more potato. That's right you know why? Because I can." Hahahah. I love your cooking videos you have such nice recipe ideas!

Michelle Wesolowski

Michelle Wesolowski . 12 months ago

The eat eat eat actually killed me 😂😂😂 bish I’m dying


namjooncansteponmeandiwouldthankhim . 12 months ago

When my body is like "eat eat eat" I don't eat one thing, I eat eat eat the entire kitchen 😅 Any tips on this?


asindy123 . 12 months ago


Ashley Blanton

Ashley Blanton . 12 months ago

You said for 1 can black beans and 1/2 the water but then you said so whatever Amt of black beans you add the same Amt of water can you clarify? I really wan to make this recipe

Daniela G

Daniela G . 12 months ago

Everything you make looks bomb! I love how you’re still eating delicious food, it makes it less diet-y! 😍

Nour Al Sabah Saleh

Nour Al Sabah Saleh . 12 months ago

im gonna take a break on christmas cz who doesnt want a little break 🙈

mommy ofthree

mommy ofthree . 12 months ago

That looks very delicious 😋 I'm gonna have to try this recipe thanks for sharing 😘🙂

Denise Luna

Denise Luna . 12 months ago

I swear I loveeeee these videos. Definitely making this recipe. It looks soooo good

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