Laura Laws

Laura Laws

Published on 2 years ago

A day of what I ate yesterday, Sunday, with Gestational Diabetes while trying to keep my glucose levels under control at 32 weeks pregnant. This is based on my drs protocol. Everyone will be different but here are some tips and tricks I've learned so far. Also, it is very similar to what they recommend for the pregnancy diet for everyone.

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Fasting Blood Sugar: 92
Breakfast: 12 oz coffee with 1/2 Boost Glucose Control Chocolate
Breakfast Blood Sugar: 131
Snack 1: 1/2 Protein bagel with cream cheese, everything bagel seasoning, cucumbers, tomatoes
Lunch: Chipotle Veggie Bowl
Lunch Blood Sugar: 113
Snack 2: Parmesan Popcorn, coconut oil, oregano, pepper
Dinner: Side salad with Goddess Dressing, 7 whole grain crackers with cheese, small amount of mac and cheese
Dinner Blood Sugar: 108
Snack 3: multigrain waffle, cottage cheese with vanilla extract, cinnamon, berries and fresh mint

Thanks for watching and I'm not a doctor or nutritionist so be sure to consult with your doctors!

About Me
My name is Laura Laws and I started this channel because I wanted to get the word out about the ERA test (I thought it would be weird to put it on my Real estate channel). The ERA test is a biopsy they do in the IVF process to see when you are receptive to implantation. It is new and I wouldn’t be pregnant without it! My husband Phil and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We have 3 ragdoll cats and we are due June 10, 2018 with our first baby girl! I have shared my 2 rounds of IVF as well as weekly pregnancy updates & other baby related videos. I am a real estate agent and you can check out that channel if you’d like to see more info on real estate, smart home technology and other random stuff here:

Comments :

Issella Morgan

Issella Morgan . 1 month ago

Your morning snack is more that your “breakfast”.

Sumera Seraj

Sumera Seraj . 2 months ago

Are u not allowed to have any animal protien like chicken or fish or lean meat


Glamorrous . 2 months ago

I was told mine needed to be under 120! And fasting under 90. I’ve had issues with my fasting numbers 😭 and I’m always starving

Jasmine Roper

Jasmine Roper . 3 months ago

I get hungry in the middle of the night 😭

Lauren Danielle

Lauren Danielle . 3 months ago

That’s awesome your allowed to go to 140 im only allowed to go 120/:

Maria Solorzano

Maria Solorzano . 6 months ago

I love your sparkling water. Pretty creative! Thanks for sharing your ideas 😁

Hayley Herrick

Hayley Herrick . 7 months ago

Hello I just received my One Touch Verio Meter today and had a question if anybody could answer it would be much appreciated. Do I have to set the time and date everyday or will it do it automatically once it's set up the first time? Thank you!

Qamar Hiba

Qamar Hiba . 8 months ago

Plzzz suggest me what bread I can use and how many times I can eat and I am 30 weeks pregnant found out diabetes.isnit safe for baby health after delivery share your experiences plz so that I can follow


PolyMade . 8 months ago

You are lucky! 3 days ago with 24 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I have to measure my sugar 6 times a day and I can only eat three meals and one snack, I'm looking for recipies ideas to make, I don't want to eat salads all day :\

Emily M

Emily M . 9 months ago

How many hours do you space out your snack to meal time?

Lopamudra Jena

Lopamudra Jena . 1 year ago

Laura , thanks for sharing this useful video, my fasting sugar is not coming down.Could you please tell me you dont eat anything between last snack (8:30) and morning reading(7:10). Also were you taking the snack 3 daily with cinnamon. When did you deliver baby ?? and did you ever take insulin.

Nichole yvette

Nichole yvette . 1 year ago

Im too diagnosed my worst fear finger pricking anyonevelse overcome this fear?

Sarah Relatable

Sarah Relatable . 1 year ago

Do you do caffeinated or decaf coffee?

Shahnta Johnson

Shahnta Johnson . 1 year ago

These videos have helped so much! I’m currently 16.5 weeks pregnant and had my first glucose test at 10w. I got the news that I am borderline diabetic so I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible before it gets out of control! Your “what I eat in a day” videos have gave me a whole list of what to buy!

Lindsay Mawhinney

Lindsay Mawhinney . 2 years ago

How often did you have to change the battery? I just got mine and it’s already dead!

Tris A

Tris A . 2 years ago

i thought cinnamon causes miscarriage

Jax Joy

Jax Joy . 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing

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