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Bandana Halter Top DIY Sew or No Sew Refashion



Published on 4 years ago

Please watch: "How to Blend Chalk Mineral Paint and Add A Transfer"

Comments :

Mary mendoza

Mary mendoza . 1 year ago

Wrong color, chola's did this back in the days

Chelsea Mercer

Chelsea Mercer . 2 years ago

this is so cool. i'm glad to have found this because these are like 50$ online! :/

Latisha Davis

Latisha Davis . 3 years ago

love this

Steve Wrightson

Steve Wrightson . 3 years ago

Love your video tutorial, I think I will sew one of your halter tops for my sister. Thank you for posting. x

Tina Lynn

Tina Lynn . 3 years ago

i no there is a way of no sewing one because i have made them about 12 yrs ago but have forgotten

Musical.ly Best

Musical.ly Best . 3 years ago

where I live I'll get shot wearing that

Lindy Scott

Lindy Scott . 3 years ago

Oh my goodness this is awesome! I already have bandanas, unfortunately my sewing machine has a broken needle, so looks like I'm hand sewing it!

Anna Pace

Anna Pace . 4 years ago

Do you think using elastic around the bottom for the shorter version would work for more security?

Teresa Yantone

Teresa Yantone . 4 years ago

Great idea Amy! I love it. I see those in my DT all the time and wonder what I could do with them. Hugs!

Jolene Goodwin

Jolene Goodwin . 4 years ago


Antonette Borromeo

Antonette Borromeo . 4 years ago

great idea..simple but super cute!! :)

Irma Brooks

Irma Brooks . 4 years ago

Would love to see what it looks like on a real person. So cute!!!

Jacqueline Haley - Hand Of The Queen

Jacqueline Haley - Hand Of The Queen . 4 years ago

Love the way you show excitement on your videos! You inspire me! :) Thanks for all that you share!


monikita777 . 4 years ago

This is soo cool!!! Love your tutorials always Amy :)

Tiffany Arpin

Tiffany Arpin . 4 years ago

super cute!!


whirlwindofashion . 4 years ago

great idea


rxstrmom . 4 years ago

You know I love these refashions Amy! Love you girl...xo patti :)

Lala Hastings

Lala Hastings . 4 years ago

great idea, really like it thanks for sharing.

runs ash

runs ash . 4 years ago

excellent work you are looking very nice in this video

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