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Published on 2 years ago

जानिये वह कौन से Top 5 Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Products है जो की सबसे अधिक वजन कम करते है - https://mp3download.xyz/watch/5HLrvRTa-J0

जायदा से जायदा वजन और चर्बी कम करने के लिए आसान और असरदार ड्रिंक - Very Effective Weight Loss Drink - https://mp3download.xyz/watch/BiaRtPMs9FU

पेट की चर्बी कम करने का सबसे असरदार तरीका | न कोई कसरत, न कोई डाइट | Lose Weight & Belly Fat Fast - https://mp3download.xyz/watch/unfb8AntNKg

Hi Friends,

Today I have presented a Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Hindi and it is a 1200 Calories Indian Diet Plan TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST as much as possible.

I have written down the Diet plan in English so that international viewers can also understand it.

Hope you have liked my review. Pls ask me any questions you have, I would be glad to answer them.

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Till Next Time, Take Care!

Raj Singh

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Comments :

Dr Naseem

Dr Naseem . 1 day ago

Can I use masala oat without milk

Abhijit Das

Abhijit Das . 3 days ago

Sir Kan sa green Tea Lena chahai hai

papa mom

papa mom . 1 week ago

Pagal he 👦kya ye milk 🍼ke sath koi gree tea ☕ pita he

Atul Sharma

Atul Sharma . 1 week ago

No one can lose 15 kg in 2 week

Navneet Verma

Navneet Verma . 4 weeks ago

Mujhe milk pine se bhut jyada gaish banta hai kay kare

Jamshed Khan

Jamshed Khan . 4 months ago

Can I take egg diet plan on alternate days

Ajay kewat

Ajay kewat . 4 months ago

Musle loss bhi Hoga 3000% isme

Sangeeta Kanojiya

Sangeeta Kanojiya . 4 months ago

Sir paneer koi sa bhi kha skate hain

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma . 5 months ago

Yaha par koi response kyu ni deta

swati pagare

swati pagare . 5 months ago

Dinner m paneer k option m kuch aur kyuki dailly paneer hona posible nhi h

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma . 5 months ago

Mera 1 wek me 4 kh kam ho gaya guys last fridy 81 aya but tody 77 aya hai great

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma . 6 months ago

Papaita aue anar kha sakte hai

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma . 6 months ago

Pls bata dho 60 kb aur ye dietpalin kitne tak contiue krna padega 60 weight krne tak

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma . 6 months ago

Kelloks cornflakes le sakte hai naste me????pls jror batay m 21 age and weight 80😑😑😑😑😑😑

tripti agarwal

tripti agarwal . 6 months ago

What could be the alternative of apple??? Because i dont like apple...

Amandeepp Singh

Amandeepp Singh . 6 months ago

plan is good. but too much of green tea isnt good for health. As per harvard one cup is sufficient

Deepak Sajan

Deepak Sajan . 6 months ago

Sir itni jada green tea ek din mein peene se koi problem to nahi koi

Deepak Sajan

Deepak Sajan . 6 months ago

Sir mene 3months mein 18kg weight loss kiya or meri diabetes b normal rehti hai lekin ab mera weight loss hona ruk gaya hai sir helpme


UTTAM PATHAK . 7 months ago

Ots me masala ots used kar sakte h

Puja Rani

Puja Rani . 7 months ago

Can we eat Dalia in place of oatmeal

HB Ke Videos

HB Ke Videos . 7 months ago

Which dal can be used in lunch? Udad or mix ?

HB Ke Videos

HB Ke Videos . 8 months ago

Sir can i drink one cup of milk tea in a day?

Tayyaba Naveed

Tayyaba Naveed . 9 months ago

Kia oatmeal keep jga Jo ka dalya ly skty hain

Usman Jee

Usman Jee . 9 months ago

1400 calaris wala dait plan btain pls

Kamalkandhari Kandhari

Kamalkandhari Kandhari . 9 months ago

Instead of chapati can one eat rice.

Kamalkandhari Kandhari

Kamalkandhari Kandhari . 9 months ago

Very simple and easy low calorie diet....God bless

Reena Sachan

Reena Sachan . 9 months ago

My weight is 71 kg and height is 5"3 I want to loss my weight about 15 kg. I am also doing gym and steps more than 10000. How can I loss my weight fast?

Somnath Sinha

Somnath Sinha . 10 months ago

1200 calories what about the metabolism that is going to screw up 600 calories khila do jyada wt loss hoga.

ibraheem Ali

ibraheem Ali . 10 months ago

15kg tu mushkil hai. 3 to 5kg possible

Rais Ahmad

Rais Ahmad . 10 months ago

Sir green tea me honey daal kr pee skte hain kya plz reply

Haider Abbas

Haider Abbas . 10 months ago

Kia museli lay saktay han oats ki jaga

Sonia Bhola

Sonia Bhola . 10 months ago

Sir ap ki video bhut achi h bt daily ye hi follow krna h n kb tk and breakfast m ots k alaava or kya le skete h

Salman Janjua

Salman Janjua . 10 months ago

Kitnay din ka meal plan ha. Good result K liye

sagar soni vlogs

sagar soni vlogs . 10 months ago



ELECTRO INDIA . 10 months ago

Bakwaas kutai ki jaisai. ..calories vs weight hi nahi patta ..bhenchod

Bakesh Rawal

Bakesh Rawal . 10 months ago

Sir dray fruts Ki jagah flexseed le sakte hai

Ritika Walia

Ritika Walia . 10 months ago

Can tea be taken once a day without sugar

sathwik mahanthy

sathwik mahanthy . 10 months ago

How many days have to follow dis diet?can we substitute veg curries in Dal's place for some alternative days,if so what type of vegetables we have to take.


kamboj746 . 10 months ago

Badam ko bhigona kyo hota dusre nuts ko kyo nahi

Abhishek Jadhao

Abhishek Jadhao . 11 months ago


Banu Mathi

Banu Mathi . 11 months ago

I tried 700 calories diet n lost 5ks in 1 week. so now will this 1200cal help me 4 sure

Gulnaz Siddiqui

Gulnaz Siddiqui . 11 months ago

Sir kya chapati Sai weight increase hota h

fatima khatoon

fatima khatoon . 11 months ago

Kia me oats ke jagah brown bread use kr skti hu bcuz I don't lyk oats plsss sir reply me😶😶😶😶

Subhash Tarner

Subhash Tarner . 11 months ago

M roj 700 calories burn karta hu only walking se

Ajeet Gupta

Ajeet Gupta . 11 months ago

Mai subha 4 roti aur sab ko 4 roti kahata hu too itna calcoria hai

Hooria Hussain

Hooria Hussain . 12 months ago

Hello i am a diabetic patient so can i have 1 chapati at night bcoz i can't leave chapati

Dawood Chaki

Dawood Chaki . 12 months ago

Great video

Waseem Anjana

Waseem Anjana . 12 months ago

Hello hum paneer ko kaise khaye roast ya is may spices laga k roast kar sakte kya please reply kariye

Prs Sharma

Prs Sharma . 12 months ago

Why not Poha instead of oats

Geeta Duseja

Geeta Duseja . 12 months ago

Can I drink carrot juice instead of green tea at evening snack sir

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