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Lowering ldl cholesterol | 5 fruits to lower cholesterol

Natural Health

Natural Health

Published on 2 years ago

Lowering ldl cholesterol | 5 fruits to lower cholesterol

To include these fruits in our diet can help us a lot. They can contribute to improving our general health as well as regulating our cholesterol levels.

How can you achieve cholesterol lowering? Cholesterol is one of the chemicals that our liver produces. It is vital to our health . A good cholesterol level is very important for our well-being and inner balance.

This is important information because many people still think cholesterol is bad or harmful.

The key is the balance. It is also important not to allow bad cholesterol, or LDL, to increase.

LDL is bad because it is a chemical substance that accumulates in our arteries . It slowly hurts our health.

Also another information to remember is that our body produces cholesterol. If our body produces the right amount for us, taking cholesterol from other sources can put our body at risk .

There are several cases where we need to be careful. Some of them are to be over 40 years old or a family history of high cholesterol. In these cases we need to be careful what we eat.

In this video we want to share some information about cholesterol. We can change our lifestyle, avoid sedentary life and make our diet more colorful and tasty .

Today we will focus on our diet. And what better is the fruit to give it more flavor?

Using fruits we can balance our cholesterol levels.

1. Avocado, more than a delicious fruit.
2. Pink grapefruit, excellent for balancing cholesterol.
3. Orange juice for good cholesterol.
4. Strawberries, a healthy temptation.
5. An apple a day ... reduces your cholesterol levels?.......For more watch video in detail.

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Comments :

Norma Berastain

Norma Berastain . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for share very important healthy God bless you Amen

William Owens

William Owens . 3 weeks ago

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scottishangie . 1 month ago

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Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood . 1 month ago

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LabwaMiau . 2 months ago

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elviraknoll . 2 months ago

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D P . 3 months ago

May Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

Berniece Briggs

Berniece Briggs . 3 months ago

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Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 4 months ago

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Rodolfo Virtucio

Rodolfo Virtucio . 4 months ago

Thank for your wonderful shareng of information godbless

Lone wolf

Lone wolf . 4 months ago

Eating patato , u fool eating patato increases the fat which means increasing the colestraol

Henry Fox's

Henry Fox's . 4 months ago

I eat all of those, also no pasta, no pizza, no chips, no carb, no junk food, no sweetie, no juice and my cholesterol is terrible high. I don't believe you

Foster Mason

Foster Mason . 4 months ago

I have this cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for my Papa and he`s got much better cholesterol level readings and also reduced blood pressure level readings. This is exactly a top quality method, he used other brands but this amazing one provided him far better cholesterol and sugar numbers, he’ll adhere to them in the future. .

Ame Y

Ame Y . 4 months ago

My medical professional forced me personally to have my cholesterol level decreased to 200 if you take statin. Nevertheless I went to another medicine to take. And tried utilizing this cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . To my amazement, it truly gets results. It’s lowered to 200. I have warded off the flavour of capsules that are undesirable. .

Diez Nutz

Diez Nutz . 6 months ago

Listening the robotic voice increase my bad cholesterol.

Isaac Cruz

Isaac Cruz . 6 months ago

Eat strawberry’s

Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee . 8 months ago

Green apple or red apple???


dscoolit@gmail.com . 9 months ago

Dump the computer voice , irritating !


SYAMAL CHAUDHURI . 9 months ago

Thanks. Very important tips.


dindog22 . 9 months ago

I can't stand the stupid computer voice

Ernestine Morrison

Ernestine Morrison . 10 months ago


nazli sohail

nazli sohail . 1 year ago

My uric is 4 before it was 6+ can ihave broccoli n avcado which dr said to avoid

nazli sohail

nazli sohail . 1 year ago

If we drink juices from these fruits


Spindrift . 1 year ago

Coalstral is misspelled in the thumbnail.

william D.salinas

william D.salinas . 1 year ago

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover shellfish and cholesterol try Pronto therapy folio (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got great success with it.

Queen's Hill

Queen's Hill . 1 year ago

¥vegetablecurr yrebceip

Celeste Brown

Celeste Brown . 1 year ago

I have high cholesterol on medicine eat fish

Gifty Edem Senyaglo

Gifty Edem Senyaglo . 1 year ago

Very educative, thanks so so much

Zasmin Ali

Zasmin Ali . 1 year ago

U said eating Apple with the skin on . But my problem I feel it stuck going down

History Lover

History Lover . 1 year ago

Use an actual human to narrate!

Hanna Beata

Hanna Beata . 1 year ago

Thank You.

Subramaniyam Gobi

Subramaniyam Gobi . 2 years ago

Thank you very much for the good health facts.

John Ackerman

John Ackerman . 2 years ago

I am looking to lose weight. Some people say I'm ok the way I am, but I had strawberries tonight and I am looking into exercising a lot more to lose my belly fat. Thank you for this video

Paula Johnson

Paula Johnson . 2 years ago

If you take blood pressure medications, avoid all types of grapefruit. It blocks metabolism of the drugs.

Julie Higa

Julie Higa . 2 years ago

I was able to lower my cholesterol. by eating cucumber with aple cider vinegar. at least 3 times a week. now my ldl is now 70 only & good hdl. it also made my a1c from 7 to 5.4 . avoid red meat

Sarah Nyarko

Sarah Nyarko . 2 years ago

thank you

Shae Chantell

Shae Chantell . 2 years ago

Does it matter what kind of Apple you eat such as granny apples

Judy Berends

Judy Berends . 2 years ago

This was very interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.

Jenny Khan

Jenny Khan . 2 years ago

I have learn so much I have change my diet

Carmen Dawn Allan

Carmen Dawn Allan . 2 years ago

Txs For this. 😊.👍

Trini very beautiful

Trini very beautiful . 2 years ago

Having to eat healthy food for diabetics and cholesterol is expensive

Prabhanjan Mandal

Prabhanjan Mandal . 2 years ago

Good discretion.

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