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Trying the KETO DIET For A Week (Low Carb High Fat Diet)

Abby Pollock

Abby Pollock

Published on 3 years ago

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What's up What's up! This past week I completely changed my diet from eating high protein, high carb and low fat to eating almost no carbs, way less protein and high fat. This week has been challenging as well as eye opening to say the least. I'm not sure if I'll keep up the keto diet, but I'd love to hear what you think I should do in the comments section below!


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Comments :

Abby Pollock

Abby Pollock . 3 years ago

#TFNFAM EARLY SQUAD!! This week has been a JOURNEY. For real. What do you think? Should I keep doing keto? Tell me!!

Persephone 0

Persephone 0 . 3 weeks ago

Hi. My diet is based on something you would call a mix of keto and paleo. I have been eating dairy free and gluten free for 5 years now. I didn't do it because I had health problems but because I naturally tend to go after what is best for me in every way. I have been eating keto-paleo (and also dairy free-starch free-soy free etc) for a year now and since the first week I never felt sleepy or tired (that's a reaction of a body used to processed food, straches, gluten etc) instead I immediately felt more awake, more active, my mind was way more clear even compared to the period I was already eating grain, gluten and dairy free (starches were the only thing I was still eating at that time). I also started to slim down (not loose weight) and lost all the water retention in the first three days. If eating adeguately I assure you don't starve. I cannot reccomend this lifestyle enough. It's the best for the body because it respects the biology of our organism. This means more energy, more mental clarity, more joy (because also the mood changes), many diseases will vanish without need of taking medicines anymore and aging starts to reverse (many people saw their hair growing again, grey hair disappear, wrinkles softening, skin improving).


17jun1989 . 3 weeks ago

Ive been on keto for about a few months, i've lost soo much weight and don't need as much sleep as usual, i wake earlier than normal, my body feels so energized.

High Class Lifestyle

High Class Lifestyle . 3 weeks ago

Its working so well... ❤❤👄👍✌

stefano nutini

stefano nutini . 3 weeks ago

After I had found this fat loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” through Google, I felt fired up to try it instantaneously. I actually was so thrilled. My own good friend lost 10 pounds right after this unique weight loss program, I truly advise you surf Google to find out how. .


Soph_23 . 4 weeks ago

You have to go longer on the Keto diet for it to work properly I know everyone's different but on day 2 you shouldn't feel that tired It happened to me after one month, I've been on it for 1 year now

Life Essence Is Stored In The Balls

Life Essence Is Stored In The Balls . 4 weeks ago

I tried keto for 7 hours and I didn't see any benefits.

Denise297_on the prophetic edge

Denise297_on the prophetic edge . 2 months ago

You can lose weight on any diet. Its calories in and out. Why put yourself through all this.

xeb edy

xeb edy . 2 months ago

Considering it takes around 3-5 months for your body to become fully fat adapted, what you did was change your diet for a week, you did not go keto. Carb binging can knock you out of keto for 3+ days! It depends on your body health, your young so it would prob be quicker than others.


lindseyhunt1090-GarageB . 2 months ago

keto for a week makes no sense. you probably barely got into ketosis in a week.

Theresa Lovely

Theresa Lovely . 2 months ago

Keto is low carbs, not no carbs. And medium protein, not low protein.

Jameson bradley

Jameson bradley . 2 months ago

Low protein.....idths

Arroh Chan

Arroh Chan . 2 months ago

It's GRAIN not KERNEL of rice

xs_ fox

xs_ fox . 2 months ago

Its crazy, i went low carb 4.5 days ago. Day 2 i felt ill AF. Now i feel way better and i am full 😊 No cravings yet.

Regina Phalange

Regina Phalange . 3 months ago

I'd NEVER do this :--)

Shazana Khan

Shazana Khan . 3 months ago

I’m scared she’ll collapse suddenly as her body can’t live of it’s own fat (she doesn’t have any). I don’t even know why she’s doing it, she’s slim already. She’s just bone and skin tbh🤷🏻‍♀️

Kay Allen

Kay Allen . 3 months ago

What research have you done before starting this diet?

Chuck Biscuits

Chuck Biscuits . 3 months ago

A week,.? try 3-months and put a shirt on,.. you’ll catch your death!


xydoit . 3 months ago

Did you keep on with Keto?


xydoit . 3 months ago

He will get diabetes. Not you


xydoit . 3 months ago

Take stake.


xydoit . 3 months ago

You explain that good


xydoit . 3 months ago

He need Keto


xydoit . 3 months ago

A week it is not enough. Your body still use carbs.

Ka S

Ka S . 3 months ago

A week is just the start, you really need to do it for 6 months to really get the best impact. And there are carbs it’s just real food vegetables from above ground that’s not starch or root vegetables or grains. Plenty of vegetables are left to eat.

Rachelle McKellips

Rachelle McKellips . 4 months ago

Great info!

korbyn watt

korbyn watt . 4 months ago

All looks no brains


SmellyCat . 5 months ago

I was overweight my entire I feel until I found keto. I had tried every diet known to man. I lost 60 lbs in 1 year. Kept it off for 5 years and have never been healthier or felt better. GO KETO💙

Pencil Boot

Pencil Boot . 5 months ago

I’m on my second week of keto and feeling very calm and relatively ok. Last week was very hard because I was adjusting to the diet but I think I’m starting to ease into this better.

Pencil Boot

Pencil Boot . 5 months ago



Eva . 5 months ago

And all the chinease and Italians are rolling their eyes! lol

Katrina Maree

Katrina Maree . 6 months ago

But if you are eating high fat, then your body will be burning off what you eat if you were in ketosis? Unlike if you were on a low carb, low fat diet, your body will take the carbs first and then the fat??? Thats what I had always thought? Perhaps I am wrong? Anyway, the Keto diet involves most foods I really don't like or can't eat due to allergies.

harry viking

harry viking . 7 months ago

You are a cool lady!! Keep going ...you both look and sound quite healthy!!!

harry viking

harry viking . 7 months ago

LOL! I got very dizzy some times after cutting most carbs!! That is over now and I am loosing weight, not so much hungry any more, can easy go 18 to 20 hrs before eating. More energy1 PS I do not eat much vegetables. Eat more organ meats and beef plus fish. Fermented veggies like kimchi is allowed.

thinkin outloud

thinkin outloud . 7 months ago

when a newbie drops 2 lbs in just a few days, the weight isn't fat coming off, its just water

إمرأة في ألمانيا Healthy Chef

إمرأة في ألمانيا Healthy Chef . 7 months ago

I quit keto but I still eat keto meals and enjoy my healthy carbs ... I love bread

Michelle Tessitore

Michelle Tessitore . 8 months ago

Keto is a difficult transition for someone who works out as much as Abby. He body is a different kind of "beast" than someone who I find that can really benefit from the ketogenic diet. It's not to say that people who work out can't do keto, but it is a longer process to adapt to than a week.

Lacie Pech

Lacie Pech . 8 months ago

Try the carnivore diet! My friend has been doing it for 2 weeks now and I think it's crazy. But, she is looking and feeling better than ever. It's basically a more extreme Keto diet.

Cody Angelo

Cody Angelo . 8 months ago

You suck


beats4u2 . 9 months ago

Do it!!!!!!

Adam marquez

Adam marquez . 9 months ago

Like your videos but one week isn’t enough for keto

Sirilius I

Sirilius I . 9 months ago

"...a lil'cookie..." *is dying*

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams . 10 months ago

I find Keto pretty easy, as I’ve been doing it on and off for 12 months, so am Keto adapted... it suits me, and I love that I feel I concentrate more and don’t go into a carb slump in the afternoons, I lost about 7lb pretty quickly, and have kept off the weight, I also do IF most days.... BUT..... it is limiting and I get really bored with the food...😫 So go off track every few weeks, but don’t beat myself up about it... balance and find what works for you individually!! And obviously keep active ladies...


Katie . 11 months ago

The keto diet put me in an odd place mentally and my body didn’t feel right. I would measure my ketones every time I peed and it would be the highest possible which felt like a victory. But I couldn’t sustain such a diet, there’s no way.

QueenLana PepsiCola

QueenLana PepsiCola . 11 months ago

Ur lisp is soo cuteeee

Dave Kohler

Dave Kohler . 11 months ago

Need to eat a lot of cruciferous greens the keto diet.

Karla Jeletic

Karla Jeletic . 11 months ago

Your bf was so supportive lol

Sonia Sohi

Sonia Sohi . 11 months ago

Carbs are also filler type foods. They are what we eat to stay full, hence why the craving for carbs when on carb free diets.


Perfectdark . 11 months ago

Is it just me, or is your face clearer day 7 ?

Felicia J

Felicia J . 11 months ago

Was that 11 dollar gas???

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