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Ingrid Andress - "More Hearts Than Mine" (Vertical Video)

Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress

Published on 5 months ago

Ingrid Andress - "More Hearts Than Mine" (Vertical Video)

Listen to "More Hearts Than Mine" here: http://wmna.sh/mhtm

Ingrid's brand new track, "Lady Like" is available NOW: http://wmna.sh/ladylike

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Music video by Ingrid Andress. ©2019 Warner Music Nashville.

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Comments :

Judy Large

Judy Large . 23 hours ago

I love this song , it is currently on repeat

Victor Jorda Romero

Victor Jorda Romero . 2 months ago

*Vertical videos are for people without enough IQ, always horizontal videos, no matter in which social network you expose the video, this fact is by coherent logic, and those who continue to make vertical videos, people, celebrities or companies, They do not understand the reason and lose value, they are not professionals, they are manipulators. And if someone is lazy to turn their cell phone horizontally, it proves to be mentally retarded.*

DeAdLy fArT

DeAdLy fArT . 3 months ago

I am inlove with your voice and everything about you..

Madison Reel

Madison Reel . 3 months ago

I love this song so much ❤️💙❤️😍❤️ ❤️😍💙❤️❤️😍💙

Efizzy foods

Efizzy foods . 3 months ago

You just got me as you fan ... And why are you not on billboard yet ... Omg

Kim Burn

Kim Burn . 4 months ago

Amazing artist hope i get to go see her perform one day .thank you for amazing heart felt songs

Mark Armstrong

Mark Armstrong . 4 months ago

This truly a beautiful song, I was drawn in right from the get go with your soothing and emotionally flawless voice. Thanks for this amazing tune👌😎✌


Keziah . 4 months ago

this is so good. <3 is it bad that i want her songs for myself? hahahahaha. sorry

Emrie Kate

Emrie Kate . 4 months ago

omg i love this song i listen to it every day for at least 4 hours!!!!!! i cant wait for a concert i will be in the front row!!!!!!!!!!

res nullius

res nullius . 4 months ago

"If we break up I'll be fine, but you'll be breaking more hearts than mine." this line. 💔💔💔💔

OwlZone Gaming

OwlZone Gaming . 4 months ago

🌻🦉 I love this song !!!! So Special 😊😊

John Jaeger

John Jaeger . 5 months ago

This should be a number 1 hit. What else can you do. Way to go Ingrid. We need to get you back to Music at Chateau Belvedere

Will Roderick

Will Roderick . 5 months ago


Hernan Echavez

Hernan Echavez . 5 months ago

Thanks for wonderful talent ;) you've got a new fan now here) keep up the good music 🎶. I look forward more from you.

Addi Ellison

Addi Ellison . 5 months ago

Ingrid, I love your song Lady Like.... Then it's More Hearts Than Mine.......... I love you

xxx tx

xxx tx . 5 months ago

I honestly cannot stop listening

Andre Camara

Andre Camara . 5 months ago

Ingrid you are awesome

Toby Tomas

Toby Tomas . 5 months ago

She should be far more famous. Totally underated

Tully Mars

Tully Mars . 5 months ago

What a voice. Reminds me of early Neil Young or James Taylor.

John J

John J . 5 months ago

Her family is lovely according to her description. She's good vocalist. I hope if she didn't use drugs names like alcohol name in here.

Abdullahi Adan

Abdullahi Adan . 5 months ago

Can’t stop listening


Shays . 5 months ago

I hate it when the camera man forgets to turn the phone when he shoots! 😜 love the song, and this clip is great 👍

Arely 234

Arely 234 . 5 months ago

She is so underrated

Md sazal Hossain

Md sazal Hossain . 5 months ago

Nice song

hala odeh

hala odeh . 5 months ago

i can never get enough of this song

aditya singh

aditya singh . 5 months ago

I'm the 18th

aditya singh

aditya singh . 5 months ago

Love this song ❤️

Tom Salaz

Tom Salaz . 5 months ago

I like you better horizontal. Ohhhhh! Jk. Everyone who knows me, knows I love this song regardless of the presentation.

majo barrios

majo barrios . 5 months ago

Is this one .... hope u like it

majo barrios

majo barrios . 5 months ago

I made a cover of your song .... I love it

FFF Rafa

FFF Rafa . 5 months ago

2nd comment!❤❤❤

Camille cortis

Camille cortis . 5 months ago

This is one of my favorite songs

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