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Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya (Diplo Remix) [Official Audio]



Published on 2 months ago

Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya (Diplo Remix) [Official Audio]

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Comments :


Diplo . 2 months ago

has niall had some work done?

Erwin Perez

Erwin Perez . 6 days ago

As 😍😍😍😍😍😍


YouGotNicoked . 1 week ago

This is bringing me unspeakable mounts of confusion

taro ashida

taro ashida . 3 weeks ago

Dancing Diplo💙

Ste Mac

Ste Mac . 3 weeks ago

I think you should of left the organ drop on it without the percussions and the retro kinda vibe at the start I wanna make a remake 🔥

Luis Villicaña

Luis Villicaña . 1 month ago

This is 🔥 diplo delivers as always

Abid Aziz

Abid Aziz . 1 month ago

marky mark and the funky bunch vibe

Different Story

Different Story . 1 month ago

Padre Diplo always got a snack for U people :)

Stefely Rochford

Stefely Rochford . 1 month ago

Director: Do you want to be in this video? Diplo: Yes, but I won't be available. Director: SAY NO MORE!

Sapan Acharya

Sapan Acharya . 1 month ago

Fuck man, couldn't get out my head... It's stuck... This is really something


ASHI . 1 month ago

Is it Diplo or Peter Beilish from game of thrones?

Fred Rossi

Fred Rossi . 2 months ago

They look like Robin Thicke


FOX . 2 months ago

I can take your mans if I want to

Luíza G

Luíza G . 2 months ago

the disappointment when I saw Niall’s alternative mv was huge

tushar bhanot

tushar bhanot . 2 months ago

WOW....What a remix!!!!!!......Club vibes.....

Michele Zavala

Michele Zavala . 2 months ago

I can't stop laughing great idea for a video guys hahhahahahahaha


CATalyst . 2 months ago

Diplo is truly awesome dude))) at the beginning I thought it was Niall ... XD


Prezti . 2 months ago

Such a great performance by Dillon Francis

Gin Cin

Gin Cin . 2 months ago

Tripping on acid and all i see is diplo dancing 10/10

Ali Amer

Ali Amer . 2 months ago

Fresh idea.... Nice job 🙂

Pablo Esquivel

Pablo Esquivel . 2 months ago

From peru answer me please


veɴuz_طئدضב . 2 months ago


Bernie Z

Bernie Z . 2 months ago

Sick use of deepfake tech!

Айбек Нуртазин уулу

Айбек Нуртазин уулу . 2 months ago


Bruna Letícia afrodite

Bruna Letícia afrodite . 2 months ago

Fiquei viciada nesse clipe I LOVE ❤

Partner ZVNE

Partner ZVNE . 2 months ago


Gabriel Rodriguez sanchez

Gabriel Rodriguez sanchez . 2 months ago

Máquinon 👌🏻👌🏻


Deadhead . 2 months ago

Bass house 🔥🔥🔥 Thumbs down sucks whoever did it Listen to the beat 👊💥

Melody Jane

Melody Jane . 2 months ago

La ame 😍

Erwin Perez

Erwin Perez . 2 months ago

Estoy enlamorado ya 😍😍🙏🙏 q ponpas 😁😀😍😍

Erwin Perez

Erwin Perez . 2 months ago

LOS. E VISTO 1000 YA 😍😍❤❤❤😂😂

DONiall hilal

DONiall hilal . 2 months ago

please, please, please

DONiall hilal

DONiall hilal . 2 months ago

I wish see to Niall

Bhaskar Chatterjee

Bhaskar Chatterjee . 2 months ago

Probably listened to this song 100 times within a day , this is my favorite Dance anthem now xD ❤️

Amani Brian

Amani Brian . 2 months ago

What's your name? https://youtu.be/KbTC-6ZtqXc

Gigi Love

Gigi Love . 2 months ago

Diplo have a nice butt 😍😉😂

Jamie Kilby

Jamie Kilby . 2 months ago

This remix is fuckin amazin I'm addicted , genius video too 🤣🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


HRMNY . 2 months ago

Nice way of using Deepfake :D


LuckyM . 2 months ago

Thank you for keeping house music alive :)

Francesco Fiorini

Francesco Fiorini . 2 months ago

Is diplo gay?

Jeanne Maurisset

Jeanne Maurisset . 2 months ago



FAB1-POP . 2 months ago

douuu this is fireeee!

Jalyn Howard

Jalyn Howard . 2 months ago

tf is he doing tho

Davis Whatley

Davis Whatley . 2 months ago

The beat reminds me of “vogue” by Madonna and I’m living for it!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Justyna Janowska

Justyna Janowska . 2 months ago

I love it hahahah

Wavince Wavince

Wavince Wavince . 2 months ago

some deepfakin' shits


原田武志 . 2 months ago

happy birthday. 🦕🎉


xCHERRY BLUESx . 2 months ago

I cant believe that this is Niall, like how much he has grown. pls go blonde and shave the mustache lol. You give me a nostalgic feeling by looking like Liam. ;(

Jules Carr

Jules Carr . 2 months ago

Can you make more music like this diplo? This is the shit I do like.

cristian buitrago

cristian buitrago . 2 months ago

Dliplo r sick! I love that sound tanks bru

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