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Hold My Hand: Hootie &The Blowfish



Published on 10 years ago

Our rendition of Hootie's Hold My Hand. Hope you enjoy!!! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!!

Comments :


Remakesish . 2 months ago


William Kimmons

William Kimmons . 5 months ago

Good job my dudes!

billy joe joe

billy joe joe . 2 years ago

U both r really great

Payador Perseguido

Payador Perseguido . 2 years ago

Great playing, cheers from Brazil


CMdrumming . 2 years ago

I'll drum for u guys

Kubla Khan

Kubla Khan . 5 years ago

Beautifully done! You guys rock!


Babylon6axe . 6 years ago

AWESOME GUYS!! Loved it!

Levi Stone

Levi Stone . 6 years ago

Where you bros from. wish i could come play bass with ya. You guys keep on jammin


themootz1001 . 6 years ago


Anthony david

Anthony david . 6 years ago

Def nice but the singer need to strum lighter when he is trying to solo or plug him in...... singer need to loosen up alittle... sounds good though


AsTheSeasonsGray . 6 years ago

Dang, the dude on the left sounds a lot like Darius Rucker.

Carpe diem

Carpe diem . 6 years ago

muito bom,alias excelente


TouchéPadre . 6 years ago

Would be cool if you could plug the dude on the rights guitar in to an amp since the chords kind of overpower his little melody he's playing


vicenterussoneto . 7 years ago

excellent [2]


DigitalCavemen . 7 years ago

Really sick voice!! You guys kick JB's Ass!!


robyrobyroby12345 . 7 years ago



a . 7 years ago



mmalovr57 . 7 years ago

Badass guys!!!!


ChampCarforlife . 8 years ago

Good job.

Nathan Hughart

Nathan Hughart . 8 years ago

your voice is great on this song mate!

Victa V

Victa V . 8 years ago

Yo dude, your voice is out of fucking control awesome!!

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez . 8 years ago

one of the best covers ive heard on youtube


sr1129 . 8 years ago

I really like your guys vids and I think you guys got tons of talent and even more so great chemistry and musical vibe, deff sync well together. Only suggestion is harmony, there is so much you guys can add with that second guitar really acting as a harmony/melody part as opposed to playing the same rhythm section as guitar one or 2. I have seen some of it in this vid and some others, just continue to expand it. You guys really deserve way more views, best of luck to both of you.

Mike Needham

Mike Needham . 8 years ago

Absolutely brilliant! All of your videos deserve so many more views. Don't stop jammin.

Stefan Pedersen

Stefan Pedersen . 8 years ago

Sweet playing and awsome singing!! Perfect harmony and kickass solos :) Good job you two!


Watch4signs . 8 years ago

Super harmony, great job on the solo!


1KIOWAWARRIOR . 8 years ago

Awsome job guys !! Darius would be proud !!


Rocksteady . 9 years ago

fantatastic job fellas - you're onto something

Greg Soon

Greg Soon . 9 years ago

Great job!

April Farthing

April Farthing . 9 years ago


Matt Koerner

Matt Koerner . 9 years ago


Matty Gutteridge

Matty Gutteridge . 9 years ago

This is a really awesome cover...

Kirsten Hamilton

Kirsten Hamilton . 10 years ago

im a huge fan of darius ruckers voice & hootie and the blowfish. covers never do it for me, EVER! but this is awesome, good job guys. its wikkid.

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