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The Black Keys - Go [Official Audio]

Warner Records

Warner Records

Published on 6 months ago

The Black Keys “Go” from album "Let's Rock", out now: https://warnerr.ec/tbkletsrock

#LetsRock #TheBlackKeys #BlackKeys #Go

Comments :

Joseph Henderson

Joseph Henderson . 2 weeks ago

Anyone here after WWE Summerslam 2019


PungentSponge . 3 weeks ago

Fun fact, Obama stated on his Instagram this is one of his favorite songs on 2019


Rob. . 1 month ago

Those chords on the chorus sound so familiar, I swear I've heard them in a different song but I just can't remember which one


avavampful . 2 months ago

[Verse 1] In the summer time, when it's hot outside The streets are bare, there's no one there, and the valley is wide There comes a time, two hearts of gold Leave together, run forever on the open road [Chorus] They gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh They gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh [Verse 2] In the winter time, when the day is long You're halfway there, the field is bare, and the fire is gone Are you all alone? Are you feeling cold? Find your flame, call her name, and hit the road [Chorus] You gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh You gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh [Outro] You gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh You gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh You gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh You gotta go oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

Johnny Powertrip

Johnny Powertrip . 2 months ago


Mr. Skeltal

Mr. Skeltal . 2 months ago

Not a fan of the muffled sound

Badrunnesa Khanom

Badrunnesa Khanom . 5 months ago


Outer Entity

Outer Entity . 5 months ago

Sumerslam hype baby!

MIchael Mts

MIchael Mts . 6 months ago

Yehaaaaa 🎶


bluehuskyangel . 6 months ago


Fernando Sagula

Fernando Sagula . 6 months ago

Very GOOD!!!

Spencer William

Spencer William . 6 months ago

i love it!!!!

Dean Wilamowski

Dean Wilamowski . 6 months ago


Артемий Гринёв

Артемий Гринёв . 6 months ago

Пристрелить на ХРЕН . ( Никакая хорошая музыка этих уродов не спасёт. )

Ω Aleph Ω

Ω Aleph Ω . 6 months ago

Get spawned here and like it, yeah!!!

Adriana Piña

Adriana Piña . 6 months ago


Robert Craighead

Robert Craighead . 6 months ago

This wasn't that good in the 60's, It hasn't aged well. I'm into my late 50's I've heard this sound first hand.


Daykill . 6 months ago

I'll download it to my playlist


Daykill . 6 months ago

I loved this song and I even added it to the favorites

Urszula Masiak

Urszula Masiak . 6 months ago


Snaggletooth x

Snaggletooth x . 6 months ago

Well, the cover with the electric chair reminds me of a slightly different album

Replay Records

Replay Records . 6 months ago

Quality 👌

Felipe Silva

Felipe Silva . 6 months ago


Mickey Bowser

Mickey Bowser . 6 months ago



Y Y . 6 months ago

Tha_ mires

Tha_ mires . 6 months ago

wow 💙

Daniel Riera Rojas

Daniel Riera Rojas . 6 months ago


Shaylynn Saddleback

Shaylynn Saddleback . 6 months ago

this is so good

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