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Natacha Océane

Natacha Océane

Published on 2 years ago

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Hey friends!! This video is all about how to cut effectively and being able to burn fat and stay strong. I've done it all too many times where I've tried to lose fat in a short amount of time and all I end up feeling is grumpy, tired, and weak so that's why I've made this video to help you stay on track and enjoy the whole process!

Hope you enjoy it and love to you as always xx

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Natacha Océane

Natacha Océane . 2 years ago

Hey!! I hope you're having a wonderful start to the week! I hope you find this video useful, I often get asked about cutting and bulking phases and this video is best for those who don't have a background of restricted food intake and want to cut for a short period (around 3 months). If you have had a history of prolonged food restriction then please watch the 'how to build muscle and lose fat' video as well as the video on how to increase your metabolism ❤️ Lots of love and see you on Thursday! xxxx

Yang Jolisa

Yang Jolisa . 1 week ago

Thank you fro sharing :)

CaroSam Chwa

CaroSam Chwa . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the video! I just wanted to mention that the only problem with low fat or fat free foods is that they usually have extra added sugar

Rachael B.

Rachael B. . 4 weeks ago

Um, you are awesome! Thanks for the inspiration and advice!

Aries Gurl

Aries Gurl . 1 month ago

Hey I just found you and saw your training in this video. You look so strong and i appreciate hard workers so much. Keep going ♡

Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson . 1 month ago

I love your videos Natacha! Question for you for pistol squats- what's the key to going so low? Quads, glutes, position/angle, everything? I always fall lol

Hamid raza Saleemi

Hamid raza Saleemi . 1 month ago

Football kicks are also useful???


A T . 1 month ago

Summary for self: Those who been restricting calories - this video won't help. Exercise - compound move that engage more muscle groups - use free weight over machine - HIIT - time efficient 15-20m max. Longer mean you're not doing HIIT hard enough Food - eat at maintenance or 100cal less maximum - eat higher protein than normal diet (so 25-30% instead of 20%?) - eat high volume food (low calories/gram) aka fruit, vegetable to help with feeling full and not hungry - allow yourself treat but don't go crazy so you're not off track Lifestyle - sleep well to recover from training - reduce stress (impossible but every little thing count if you can) *IMP: what take longer may stay longer ~ be patient*

hisham osman

hisham osman . 2 months ago

You're damn gorgeous girl !!!

Carré Albers

Carré Albers . 2 months ago

I just had a fitcheck today, my body fat percentage is 27%, I have 42% muscle and my BMR is 1380 cals, but I go to the gym (weightlifting) 5 days a week, 1 of those days is a hiit class. Should I eat 100 cals under my BMR? So 1280? Or do I need to eat MORE cause I workout so much? All this body information is confusing me haha, losing fat is such science!! I just wanna drop my fat percentage and not lose much muscle (aka the booty)! Someone please help!

keelan James

keelan James . 2 months ago

I'm 5' 4" I usually eat 1600-1800 kcal (I know its lower than average) to maintain. So should I cut it to 1400-1600 kcal?


aa . 2 months ago

4:15. Hmmm, she said that 15-20 mins. is about the time limit for doing hiit workouts because they get you really tired. Yeah, I've heard lots of people saying that about hiit. Yesterday morning I did 1 hiit and 1 cardio (15 mins. & 20 mins. each) exercise plan from the yt videos. And, then on the same day in the afternoon I did another hiit for 12 mins. I follow along with the exercises & the allotted time for breaks in between, but maybe because I cheated when doing the burpees yesterday because I noticed I have been doing the slow burpees instead of regular ones because of exercising barefooted and not wanting to hurt my toes doing those swift movements. I'm guessing the workouts that I did are becoming easier for me to do and I don't really exert myself that hard when doing them because maybe my body got used to doing them, idk. But, it hurts 😦 to exert myself to the fullest when exercising. But, I am not all THAT lean looking though. I mean, I don't look cut and I'm not lean-lean, but regular/average lean looking like I do exercise, but not all that seriously like you do. I ate some high calorie/fat & sugar foods the last 2 days that I don't normally eat though (hence the reason for wanting to be doing 2 hiit/1 cardio workouts in one day yesterday). And, then today I had a whole 12 inch subway veggie delight sandwich (AND 2 raisin cookies, w/water) all to myself to eat. Had vegetable rice & a pumpernickel rye bagel for dinner. Ugh, idk, but balancing workouts and foods is really mandatory to get it done well, and it's tough to do. It's like one or two days doing something differently really throws you off. (P.S. I do not normally do 3 of those short workouts in one day. That's the first time I did that. Every now and then I will do a workout 2x a day though. But, not 3x, that's the first time I did that, lol).

Jenna Lee Prado

Jenna Lee Prado . 3 months ago

Ive been gettin abs but i think my waist is getting bigger...can i get visable abs withough increasing waist size???

k. g

k. g . 3 months ago

I love your workouts!!

Marisa Germis

Marisa Germis . 3 months ago

I Love youre last advice. I really struggle with my patience about the results. I have/had BED and I try cuts several times, but it was never sustainable. So I wanted to do it right this time, but I am so used to see quick results.... so I feel a little bit discouraged. So thanks for the advice. Even if it takes long. It's worth to build up a "normal" balanced relationship with food. To do it once but the right way would last a lifetime and not just one summer :D So thanks a lot, love your vids :D

Wake Up World

Wake Up World . 3 months ago

Her cutting phase: 1-3 months Mine: 2 years Gym face: SAME


M K . 3 months ago

At 4:01 was anyone else like dude get out of her way 😂


Lea . 3 months ago

I literally watched all o9f your videos three times. Can you please do a video OF HOW TO GAIN MUSCLE AFTER RESTRICTED EATING DISORDER it will mean a lot!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUU

Elizabeth O'Meara

Elizabeth O'Meara . 4 months ago

Thank you for giving the warning at the beginning of the video not to watch it if you have a history of restrictive eating!

Jessika Griffin

Jessika Griffin . 4 months ago

mactronutrientcalculator.com seems to forward to some keto website now

Courtney Kehr

Courtney Kehr . 4 months ago

you have taught me so much <3 thank you so much- you have genuinely changed my life. I just did a solid hour at the gym- which i could never do before. eating is important- and im so happy you're teaching everyone how to live a happy healthy life without feeling restricted !

Ronnie James

Ronnie James . 5 months ago

I became so enthusiastic to try the dietary regimen “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). My very own eating habits as well as my consistency of several physical exercises was not modified as well as change. In just a short period of 30 days, I currently shed 6 pounds. The strategy has let me ate less and becoming full is a lot quicker. .


pandie . 5 months ago

Any videos for beginners? Everything seems so intimidating and advance. My bodies sore watching.

Alma Rosas

Alma Rosas . 6 months ago

You're such an amazing human!! Always love your energy, details, compassion, and music ^_^

Est Arietem

Est Arietem . 6 months ago

Stupid question maybe, what about after the 3 months? What will happen? Will you stay cut?

Shari Tan

Shari Tan . 6 months ago

OMG I LOVE U!!! thx for making this vid i now know all my mistakes and i normally dont listen to anybody's advice but you actually explained them so it makes more sense!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

A. M. I.

A. M. I. . 7 months ago

hearing you say that slow changes mean long lasting results is honestly so encouraging. i've been struggling with temptation to eat less because i feel like i'm not getting the results i want, but i've only really been going for 2 weeks now. but hearing you say that really just made everything click in my head that the sustainable results come over time! thank you for your videos!

Victoria Hegdal

Victoria Hegdal . 7 months ago

When you say maintenance calories, do you mean maintenance including calories burned from working out or maintenance referring to the amount of calories you burn without training?


FenceJumpa . 7 months ago

Yo . .you look strong as hell XD

Sara Giraldo

Sara Giraldo . 7 months ago

does weight loss protein work??


griebel11 . 7 months ago

The 20 kg pistol squats are brutal. i can squat 3 plate for 5 reps but that one is out of the question. Loved the video


Sandee . 7 months ago

I have about 5 pounds to lose to get to my ideal weight so I'm considering doing a mini-cut - maybe about 4 weeks. I am okay with cutting out sugar and cheat meals but I still want to have a couple of glasses of wine on a weekend night. Would that be ok, in your opinion, during a cut or should alcohol be avoided completely? Thank you!


Zaynab . 8 months ago


Kassandra Nelson

Kassandra Nelson . 8 months ago

Hey Natacha! Love your videos :) how often do you do hiit per week? Xo


CrazyWaffle5150 . 9 months ago

You put all the men to shame in that gym lol

Grace Tibbets

Grace Tibbets . 9 months ago

her smile and cheery voice are pretty much therapeutic and honestly just boost my mood 😂❤️❤️

Sierra Schooley

Sierra Schooley . 9 months ago

this helped me so much i love how informative you are!

Rosh Lepz

Rosh Lepz . 9 months ago

Your face when u weigH

Veni Vidi Amavi

Veni Vidi Amavi . 9 months ago

*what if I' on a very strict diet, where some days I eat 4-5 decent meals and snacks, but some days (most) I only have 1 meal? And sleep is irregular too? Oh, what job do I work you ask that causes this extreme unbalance? I work at the airport....but that's not what causes this lifestyle. It's called being a college student.* 😅😆😬😂😂

Keilah Machelle

Keilah Machelle . 9 months ago

Your facial expressions while lifting make me feel soooo much more less self conscious when working out! Thank you! Nice to know I'm not the only one that doesn't keep a stone face when going hard :) xoxoxo

Drew Duncan

Drew Duncan . 9 months ago

Holy cow your insane control on those pistol squats (squats with one leg) I’m amazed you have some much control doing it especially with a bar 😱😱😱


T.p . 9 months ago

Hello natasha and everyone reading this comment I need some advice.So yesterday I went to a dietologist and she told me that I have 3 kilos(6 pounds) more and I can loose 5(11 pounds).Now the problem is that i have less muscle than I should have.But I'm worried that if I follow the diet she suggested I'll lose more muscle too.She told me that she will check if this happen on the next appointment.But I would like to ask u and everyone who knows if I do exercise along with the diet, is there a chance that I will gain more weight?

Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards . 10 months ago

She is one fit beautiful gal ✌️


kkay . 10 months ago

Anyone else really impressed by her training regiment?

Kathryn Bustamante

Kathryn Bustamante . 10 months ago

U dont need background music i am here to here u

s name

s name . 11 months ago

Will I see any changes if I don’t cut or count calories? Or if I eat my maintenance? As a 15 yo I think counting calories is a bit too much and I also don’t want to lose weight because I’ll be underweight. I just want to lose a bit of fat and build a bit of muscle

Mary Mills

Mary Mills . 11 months ago

Natacha I love running, 3 times a week normally 3 miles each time. I am wanting to build muscle, booty ect should I stop running?

Laila Ali

Laila Ali . 11 months ago

that is amazing ... good for you

Taya Hosking

Taya Hosking . 11 months ago

I love how she spoke about if you're vegan too! So good that she incorporates that into her video :)

Lindsay Till

Lindsay Till . 11 months ago

What mascara do you use? It looks amazing!

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