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Lo Mills

Lo Mills

Published on 6 months ago

#gestationaldiabetes #pregnancy #tip&tricks

In this video I share my tips and tricks for gestastional diabetes! I was diagnosed around week 26 of pregnancy with baby number one. She was born perfectly healthy, so I thought I'd share what I did to keep us both healthy!

Comments :

Sarah Pedro

Sarah Pedro . 2 days ago

But....you're a skinny girl.....?

Amber Alcala

Amber Alcala . 1 month ago

Very helpful. Thank you

Kheer Bade

Kheer Bade . 1 month ago

Thank youuuuuu

Anna Gogsmith

Anna Gogsmith . 2 months ago

Did it make you sleepy after every meal?

Niecey Nichole

Niecey Nichole . 2 months ago

I think my lab did this procedure wrong. Once I arrived they gave me the drink, I waited an hour and the did a blood draw. No one did a first blood draw also no one told me not to chew gum. I’m so worried I’m gonna fail.

Wendy Torres

Wendy Torres . 3 months ago

Can you share what you at?

Meghan rose

Meghan rose . 3 months ago

protein is meat as well

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson . 3 months ago

Very informative! I learned a lot :)

Hit Haider

Hit Haider . 3 months ago

only bla bla she is doing

Hit Haider

Hit Haider . 3 months ago

not helpfull at all


Corinne . 6 months ago

Wow that was fast, thanks very much :D

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