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Poison - Talk Dirty To Me (Official Video)



Published on 11 years ago

Music video by Poison performing Talk Dirty To Me (2001 Digital Remaster).

#Poison #TalkDirtyToMe #Vevo

Comments :

Draco theDragon

Draco theDragon . 21 hours ago

одна из немногих групп которая не связалась в лихие для сша 80-е с наркотой!Красавцы чуваки!


MOT LEY . 1 day ago

tommy gUUd talkr

Mark J Young

Mark J Young . 1 day ago

Cannot wait!!

Como arena en el viento

Como arena en el viento . 3 days ago

*Nostalgia* We had real music in the 80's *Melancholy* We had real drugs in the 80's

Annah Anguiano

Annah Anguiano . 3 days ago

You can blame the 80's for global warming

kurishey _95

kurishey _95 . 4 days ago

Guitarhero broughtme here


ChopMoney . 4 days ago

Until I'm screaming for more more more !

Stephii Loveless

Stephii Loveless . 4 days ago

The drummer really looks like a girl so much lol. They all do but him especially.

Randy Nyberg

Randy Nyberg . 5 days ago

Ee Were t Go nnna

super mdcb

super mdcb . 5 days ago

Glam Metal

Phillip Johnson

Phillip Johnson . 6 days ago

Talk bad about Poison, the think to self, if they are bad the what the hell am I? Awesome music...

msss Davv

msss Davv . 7 days ago

I remember when they came out I thought Bret was the hottest man I've ever seen.

Bob Warfield

Bob Warfield . 7 days ago

Back when men wore more makeup and had bigger hair than the women.

Tanya Scott

Tanya Scott . 1 week ago

Love this song it reminds me of my sexy male friend I like it when he lets me do sexy bad things to his hot body 😋

Paquita Barreto Flores

Paquita Barreto Flores . 1 week ago

You are welcome kids. You have just been introduced to REAL music by the '80s and Poison

Claudia Jimenez

Claudia Jimenez . 2 weeks ago


Nigel Tempest

Nigel Tempest . 2 weeks ago

Bubblegum metal 🤘🏻

Diego Catzin

Diego Catzin . 2 weeks ago

En pleno 2020 aún sigo rockeando con poison...

Flats The Flounder

Flats The Flounder . 2 weeks ago

One of those songs I can just put on repeat and not get tired of

Lupulo Râvines

Lupulo Râvines . 2 weeks ago

2020 Will rock.

Lorde Vader

Lorde Vader . 2 weeks ago

2020 é ainda aqui ❤️

Rebecca Moon

Rebecca Moon . 2 weeks ago

Wow …  I Love their hair … Better than most ladies … wow .

Rebecca Moon

Rebecca Moon . 2 weeks ago

Love these Classics songs … the Best .


LivingInTheKaliYogurt . 2 weeks ago

This sounds every bit as much like a punk song as anything Green Day ever did.

Emilio Arias

Emilio Arias . 3 weeks ago

Qué basura! // What a crap!

Marty Mcfly

Marty Mcfly . 3 weeks ago

80s music is the best of the best for me! Specially rock and metal music. 1980's forever!!!!

Lana Teramae

Lana Teramae . 3 weeks ago



TonyCharola . 3 weeks ago


Mr. Funky Town

Mr. Funky Town . 3 weeks ago

Sooo lit #2020

Maria Esther Ramirez

Maria Esther Ramirez . 3 weeks ago

I love all kind of music


UCHIHA SASUKE . 3 weeks ago

2020 anyone??

All about roofing

All about roofing . 3 weeks ago

Yeah I'm a sales estimator for a roofing company in Columbia South Carolina or a hand driven company

All about roofing

All about roofing . 3 weeks ago

Thought I could let you see me

All about roofing

All about roofing . 3 weeks ago

And what was your favorite band back in the day

5ive alpha

5ive alpha . 3 weeks ago

2:14 😂😂😂

Lee Parker

Lee Parker . 3 weeks ago


Filip Hasiak

Filip Hasiak . 3 weeks ago

29th December 2019!!!! :D POISON = TIME MACHINE !!!! 🍻🍻🍻


soundeagle . 3 weeks ago

2020 is upon us let's make this music popular again, we have ten years in front, let's make it happen. I have high hopes for the coming year.

Nikki Dall

Nikki Dall . 4 weeks ago

I fuckin love Rikki's hair

Suzy Valentin Realtor

Suzy Valentin Realtor . 4 weeks ago

I used to love watching this on MTV! 🎸

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry . 4 weeks ago

You know who you 'i love you baby!Merry christmas your the angel I've been waiting 4 DDDD..

J. Vega

J. Vega . 4 weeks ago

Such an awesome classic. Say what you want about how they looked and everything from the hair to the clothes. These dudes with other similar bands got all the damn girls lol

Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar

Mohd Hanif Abu Bakar . 4 weeks ago

truly glam hair band.pure rnr tune.

Thengeo khiam

Thengeo khiam . 4 weeks ago

Old Is gold,z👍👍👍👍

Kitty Miller

Kitty Miller . 4 weeks ago

Love the hair bands still in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Citlalli Colin

Citlalli Colin . 4 weeks ago

Simplemente genial 💓💓

Mack Williams

Mack Williams . 4 weeks ago

CC actually went through all those guitars in one video

Her Mozart

Her Mozart . 1 month ago

punk rocker.

Her Mozart

Her Mozart . 1 month ago

1987. very green.

Carmen Prieto

Carmen Prieto . 1 month ago

Your músic is incredible and beautiful. Rikki is my favorite member and i want the others members this banda. Im from spain.

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