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Fastest Way To Lose Weight And Burn Fat - Abnormal H.I.I.T Workout



Published on 2 years ago



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Fastest Way To Lose Weight And Burn Fat - Abnormal H.I.I.T Workout. There is no shortcut to losing weight but there are steps you can take to speed up the process. HIIT Workouts (High intensity interval training) makes you perform explosive intense movements over short periods of time with an even shorter rest. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. Nutrition is key when it comes to losing weight. You have to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. You can workout how many calories your body needs in a day using an online bmr calculator. http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ to lose weigt follow the steps in the link and you can exactly workout how many calories you should be eating in a day to lose weight. Sleep is another factor that’s over looked. Not getting enough sleep so at least 6-8 hours can mess with your hormones and make you feel stressed, tired and hungry all contributing to over eating. Comment on what you think about the video and whether you want to see more of these videos or any other suggestions will help so I can make better content for you guys! Like, share, subscribe and I shall see you guys next week with another video :)

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Comments :

Aron Figueroa

Aron Figueroa . 3 days ago

Dude didnt even break a sweat


Carrook . 3 days ago

Honest story within November 2019-December 2019 I’m 14 years old everyday my uncle afterschool takes me to fast food and won’t stop. No one can tell him he always thinks I don’t get enough to eat and he thinks we don’t want to use his money but he wants to. So on New Years of 2020 we’re going to tell him as a resolution no more fast food I’m tired of it. But anyway: November 1st I did this workout and the 12 minute one on VShred Every morning (today is 12/11/19) I did the VShred one and ate one of these: 2 yogurts, 1 muffin, or 2 boiled eggs For lunch I bring (I don’t eat school lunch anymore) 1 banana and sometimes almonds or a a granola bar. For dinner I would only eat the salad my mom cooked and maybe 1 or 2 pieces of the meat she cooked but no more. I also stopped the sugar and all that and trust me the first week is tuff if you have a sweet tooth like me, but just remember how it’ll all be worth it November 1st 134 pounds November 20th of this same diet: 129 pounds December first: 123 This morning, I am (12/11/19) 120 pounds exact! My stomach has gotten very slim than it was back in October! Trust me you can do it! *I’ll keep this updated weekly* my goal: 110 pounds like all my friends.

Clyde Cruz

Clyde Cruz . 4 days ago

Fuuuuu I drank too much water. I'll come back in a bit

Lih Heng Yew

Lih Heng Yew . 5 days ago

Frog squat really killing me, how you guys can do it more than 15 times?

Haydee Villanueva

Haydee Villanueva . 5 days ago

U got great physic broooo

bombai chetney

bombai chetney . 5 days ago

plank raise 😚😚😚


King_Ty . 6 days ago

Who else is really committed and does like 4 of these a day

shoaib shoaib

shoaib shoaib . 7 days ago

his physique so perfect physique 🙌

Eriko Matsui

Eriko Matsui . 1 week ago

I'm gonna show you guys the progress that I am doing. Right now I am a 14 year old kid turning 15 and I weigh 65kg (probally 67-68 by now). My goal is to get thinner so about 53-55. I'll keep editing every week/maybe every day.

Official_Eric999 -

Official_Eric999 - . 1 week ago

Came back to this and this is a real real hit work out I was busting big sweats respect for this man showing us was right. 💯💪🏾


KiD . 1 week ago

Been doing it now for 7days and still cant do the frog squat and the last one without pausing......

Cameron Demise

Cameron Demise . 2 weeks ago

I like this workout routine In general he has all the right ideas but personally as a martial arts trainer I train different muscle groups each day so I can focus more time on one muscle to get the best out of my workouts, however I am training every muscle every day but putting more emphasis on certain areas on different days. This is more of physique training rather than physical attributes.

Mansour Tamizi

Mansour Tamizi . 2 weeks ago

I did it again, I think he wants to kill me 😇

Jamil Ahmad

Jamil Ahmad . 2 weeks ago



ShadowPlayzZ . 2 weeks ago

I weigh in about 105kg atm, fat asf, ill keep u guys updated from today everyweek😴

Humayun Himu

Humayun Himu . 2 weeks ago

following this everyday heips allot


Tripeezy . 2 weeks ago

So I’ve been working out a bit trying to get back in shape. I figured I’d do this before my lifting and well.. after 2 sets I was basically crawling lol! Will continue to do this as well as a few of your other routines💪🏽 really glad I found your channel!

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali . 2 weeks ago


smart study ss

smart study ss . 2 weeks ago

love from india

Driving School 1

Driving School 1 . 2 weeks ago

Bruh..I'm in China. You the he first guy that I scribed to because you're straight to the point... down to earth. Keep it up. I like the no nonsense, straight to the point, results-oriented approach.

Abhishek Kshatriya

Abhishek Kshatriya . 2 weeks ago

U r a real guy bro 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻👍

William Perez

William Perez . 2 weeks ago

My legs caught on fire during the squat jumps should i be concerned?

Stephanie Ebanks

Stephanie Ebanks . 2 weeks ago

This work out is A1 .... quick yet effective. Combined with a healthy strict diet. U get Results FAST LIKE WOW. This sheds fat soooo well and quick


ENGLISH NOTES . 2 weeks ago

Wow https://youtu.be/Fz7yS_6kSJM


D N . 3 weeks ago

can you do the weight lifting exercises and consider it a HIIT? I find it a little difficult to do these because I am heavy and there were too much pressure on abs too, I am not able to do these type of exercises in one set.

Angel Christopher Ponce

Angel Christopher Ponce . 3 weeks ago

This workout made me lose 36 pounds over summer


ALL IN ONE . 3 weeks ago

very nice as you went straight to the points without going through intros and overacting thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Jyd jyd

Jyd jyd . 3 weeks ago

Love you bro

Daryl Thomas

Daryl Thomas . 3 weeks ago

hes naxked

Varun Gera

Varun Gera . 3 weeks ago

Ok my heart raced out I had to stop myself at frog squats

Edward Hurtado

Edward Hurtado . 3 weeks ago

anyone else feel that the workout is targeting their leg more than their core??

Rosemberg Berciano

Rosemberg Berciano . 3 weeks ago

This shi work i lost like 20 pounds in like 2 months

Mansour Tamizi

Mansour Tamizi . 3 weeks ago

Hey Bro, This is amazing! I did it, now I cannot breath!!! It is super super


THE ArTiST . 3 weeks ago

Hey here is a tip for u.Stay hungry for 3 days and see the magic

Vignesh boss

Vignesh boss . 3 weeks ago

U thought me some new exercise which is easy and effective...👍👍👌👌👌👌💐💐💐

Chaz Annarino

Chaz Annarino . 3 weeks ago

Fantastic job brotha got a new fan

Shyam Sharma

Shyam Sharma . 3 weeks ago


Be Enlightened

Be Enlightened . 3 weeks ago

Good job, the textual explanation and extra detail is very helpful and basically summarises/confirms everything I've learnt about this type of thing so far.

Gathka Master

Gathka Master . 3 weeks ago

Thank u


WEBTOONER 360 . 3 weeks ago

Are these only for male body types? Cause these look really hard...... It's been the best intense workout I've ever done

ziann gonzaga

ziann gonzaga . 3 weeks ago

81kg aiming for 65kg. bruh that so intense im excited. wish me luck.


KiD . 3 weeks ago

That got me almost dying(even with a much slower pacing) but no worries its my first day after all and that sit kick is really tricky lmao i think my form looks really weird lol


noone . 3 weeks ago

Thank you! I'm going to give this a try. Looks like one heck of a workout for sure.


christine1962ful . 3 weeks ago

That was awesome! Don't think I could keep up with the duration but a shorter version looool 5 mins mins HIIT then work my way up? 🙏🏾


Juliz . 3 weeks ago

I subbed just cuz his intro

felicia watson

felicia watson . 3 weeks ago

Ok , I’m 54 years old with bad knees , I can’t do these exercises, Do you have something Elez ??

Zain Rahjeh

Zain Rahjeh . 3 weeks ago

Amazing training keep going you are good , this help me alot ❤️

tho bur

tho bur . 3 weeks ago

Sorry but that is the most pathetic burpee i have ever seen , total fail.

Khadijah best s

Khadijah best s . 3 weeks ago

What protain can one use to build up a six pack

Aba Karir

Aba Karir . 3 weeks ago

Because this man jumped straight into the workout without 15 minutes opening and bs I subscribed

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