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Published on 5 years ago

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T.A.T On The Beat

T.A.T On The Beat . 2 weeks ago

I’d bang it out with him. He taking my shit if he knock me out !

Terry Langirik

Terry Langirik . 3 weeks ago

Fucc Bl88D Grape St. TIL D8 W8rl Bl8W

Butter Carlos

Butter Carlos . 1 month ago


I Am Chedda

I Am Chedda . 2 months ago

That nigga was definitely crippin

Jacob Lee

Jacob Lee . 3 months ago

This shit was dumb af cant wear blue anywhere these days

James Battle

James Battle . 3 months ago

Sh0ut 0ut 2 dayg0 LPBs

Money Mike

Money Mike . 4 months ago

Ppl wanna listen to rap and fakes wanna live that life until ur card get pulled if u ain't bout it get the fuck movein

Ragnar Lothbrook

Ragnar Lothbrook . 4 months ago

Shows how much commenters know about gangs and their colors 🙄


MrLarson206 . 4 months ago

try this shit with a marine nigga nigga nigga. welfare fuck

Jeremy F1

Jeremy F1 . 4 months ago

Both suckas.sucka for doin that and a sucka for taking anything off for another man smh

Astro Dan

Astro Dan . 4 months ago

Grown ass men fighting over crayon colors.

Miciah Galloway

Miciah Galloway . 4 months ago

On the set take them off 😂😂😂😂😂😂


3Dziner . 4 months ago

I wouldve kicked the fuck out his face when he bends to pick up the slippers. Im talking bout smashing his fucking nose in with my foot/shinbone/knee. And i wouldve taken his phone d theown that shit across the street and drove his car a few blocks down. And id have left him the slippers as a gift. But this kid gotta get to his grandmas.

Carlyle Tom

Carlyle Tom . 4 months ago

Fools are ready to kill another black man for a color. That's mad intelligent.


ELZIE HAMILTON JR . 4 months ago

Is that Slipper's guy for real? I would've beat the living crap out of that guy, gang or not.

Eugene Bell

Eugene Bell . 4 months ago

He almost got shot 🤕

nicholas barbosa

nicholas barbosa . 4 months ago

Like nipsey hussle said if u don’t say blue and u say flue u better make sure u say that in front of 10 crips right in front of u. Lol that guy hella disrespectful🤣



Was that supposed to be impressive or something?

Aidan Jordan

Aidan Jordan . 4 months ago

everyones just going to ignore that the driver got in on the right side...

Moses 1

Moses 1 . 4 months ago

Bet he got them slippers bac later

Shut Up

Shut Up . 4 months ago

ignorance at it’s finest .

Clint R.

Clint R. . 4 months ago

Punk ass bitch you are. Please, please I beg you PLEASE come to my neighborhood in my town and do what you just did to him but to me... does your mom doesn't have a coffin on layaway for you best do that, try that shit on me


goatbut29 . 4 months ago

Again. The CULTURE that is willing to kill over tennis shoes and colored shirts while being glorified and respected in the "community" has so much more to worry about than racism somewhere out in the ether.


onlyhalfgood . 4 months ago

doesnt get more gangstah than taking a dude slippers. back in my day you fought for money,power its slippers? smh

Eduardo Ramirez

Eduardo Ramirez . 4 months ago

That’s cold blooded

Carlos Ferreras

Carlos Ferreras . 4 months ago

Fuck blood ..te voy a matar

Carlos Ferreras

Carlos Ferreras . 4 months ago

Fuck bloods

Navon Burton

Navon Burton . 4 months ago

Lmfao I would have prolly did some shit like that back in tha day like...u got a lighter?


Jester . 4 months ago

Aye bruh how your car on the other side though

Mighty Pony

Mighty Pony . 4 months ago

Nigga had a camera anybody who knows how to fight should know you gotta be on all toes and prepared that skinny nigga could if got some good ass shots on this wack ass red loving nigga

Jesston Littau

Jesston Littau . 4 months ago

Fucking dumb ass bitch making him take his slippers off there not shoes fucking fag


TheLONERGANG 1600 . 4 months ago

I would’ve took everything off 🙏🏾💯


FELONS TO FREEDOM . 4 months ago

hey fool that made video id bang your ass pickin on a lil kid feel tough huh. until you try to bang with a real man

Peter Bird

Peter Bird . 4 months ago

Blacks get triggered so easily. Just a pair of shoes FFS

Pollo Loco

Pollo Loco . 4 months ago

U can't take my shoes and be recording . lmao

Lance Milliken

Lance Milliken . 4 months ago

What a couple of fucking retards

Ryan Polak

Ryan Polak . 4 months ago

Messed up and funny how Gangs went from protection and respect to f it All and fin no regrets. To or for anyone. And they wonder why civilization is falling. And why so many black kids and teens are shot dead.


BIG HANK . 4 months ago

Take the house shoes off or get shot?

Kart Man

Kart Man . 4 months ago

You knw he also had that burner on em. That’s why he offered up his shoes so easily without hesitation and why he said what u gon do shoot me, black on black crime... Dude was scured for his f’n life💯

bigdawg 800

bigdawg 800 . 4 months ago

I'm from Memphis I would have beat him bloody then kept walking in my blue shoes

Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies . 4 months ago

Blue slippers? You guys are really fools


LouieDaygo . 4 months ago

Southeast Daygo shit

mike b

mike b . 4 months ago

Where is that hood. Il rock blue thru and thru. Let Lincoln come at me. He be just like Abe

Ryan Snooditty Williams

Ryan Snooditty Williams . 4 months ago

Losers grow up..


Longboioaks . 4 months ago

Stupid as niggas tryna fight over colors grow tf up

Get paid Trippy

Get paid Trippy . 4 months ago

Killin eachother over colors👎🏾

pmac mcelhinney

pmac mcelhinney . 4 months ago

Id put my slippers all over his head

Middle Cast

Middle Cast . 4 months ago

Yep, COPS are the problem.

Jyon Martin

Jyon Martin . 4 months ago

Fucc dis slob

Tyrone Jackson

Tyrone Jackson . 4 months ago


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