Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard

Published on 10 months ago

In this video I'm speaking with metabolism researcher Dr. Eric Trexler about metabolic slowdown, reverse dieting, metabolic damage, rapid weight loss, crash dieting, starvation mode and other topics.


0:00 - Intro and topics summary
5:13 - What is metabolic slowdown/adaptation?
9:02 - Do bigger/fatter people have "slower metabolisms"?
17:28 - How to reduce metabolic slowdown when dieting
19:04 - Do refeeds and diet breaks help?
28:45 - Rate of weight loss (how fast to lose)
32:48 - Misleading/inflated "maintenance calories"
36:17 - Rapid fat loss/ crash dieting
40:11 - How should you train in a deficit? (Decrease load or volume?)
44:40 - Starvation mode
50:58 - Metabolic damage
59:20 - Reverse dieting

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About me: I'm a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I've been training for 12 years drug-free. I'm 5'5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimers: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

Comments :

Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard . 10 months ago

So many great topics covered in this video. Feel free to hop around with the timestamps below and you can also listen on The Jeff Nippard podcast on iTunes/Stitcher. 0:00 - Intro and topics summary 5:13 - What is metabolic slowdown/adaptation? 9:02 - Do bigger/fatter people have "slower metabolisms"? 17:28 - How to reduce metabolic slowdown when dieting 19:04 - Do refeeds and diet breaks help? 28:45 - Rate of weight loss (how fast to lose) 32:48 - Misleading/inflated "maintenance calories" 36:17 - Rapid fat loss/ crash dieting 40:11 - How should you train in a deficit? (Decrease load or volume?) 44:40 - Starvation mode 50:58 - Metabolic damage 59:20 - Reverse dieting

Carlos Medina

Carlos Medina . 1 day ago

At 52:32 Eric says 46 months for recovery, I think he means weeks

Heidi Tse

Heidi Tse . 2 days ago

Thank you ^^


Mace . 3 days ago

Jeff...I wish you were around in 2013-2014 when I was really into Bodybuilding. My journey is kind of nuts. I was a twig: 135 lbs @ 5ft 9in and started a bulk and in less than a year I was 170 lbs and looked jacked. Not all lean muscle mass. I had some fat on me but I had abs and looked swole. I'd say around 15% bf. Then I got injured and stopped going because of school. 3-4 years later, I am back on the retraining and now I'm doing something totally different. I've never had to cut and try to maintain muscle but this is all making it very manageable. I think I want to do a body recomp which is something I didn't think was possible, because well the bro science was strong. But thanks to dudes like you who incorporate peer reviewed literature, it's refreshing to hear as a scientist.

Puneet Bhadana

Puneet Bhadana . 5 days ago

crash dieting to extreme limits will definitely causes hair loss due to hair follicles being shut off to conserve resources.


Jessica . 1 week ago

Thank you for that 1200kcal example...that’s me whenever I’ve dieted consistently, weight just doesn’t seem to budge. I thought about going lower down to 900kcals/day but was concerned about losing muscle mass. But fasting two days a week totally works in to maintain a caloric deficit but lower the numbers on the scale. . I think I was retaining water due to high cortisol on the low cal diet.


Paul . 1 week ago

Excellent video. Watched start to end.


Paul . 1 week ago

Is Starvation mode Legit?


B BG . 2 weeks ago

There are many variables, methods etc. but at the end of the day it remains CALORIES IN-OUT. You can not disregard Laws of Physics.

Julieta Magnetto

Julieta Magnetto . 2 weeks ago

I was getting anxious because I'm about to finish my diet and wasn't sure if to reverse diet or not and then this video comes up in my recommended. Thanks algorithm lol

Atticus Paulsen

Atticus Paulsen . 2 weeks ago

What's this interview that keeps interrupting the adverts? . . . Love ya Jeff


Dr.Monkey . 2 weeks ago

Doctor comparing dog and human. ggs.


LePlerome . 4 weeks ago

too many ads, bruh

Katelyn Fisher

Katelyn Fisher . 1 month ago

I know this video was posted a long time ago, and you probably won’t see this, but I feel like I learned so much just now. This is the kind of content I genuinely enjoy. Great video, thank you for getting me through my meal prep with a good video lol. And when you all said “shout out to the one person listening” I laughed haha.

Dani K

Dani K . 2 months ago

This was an incredible listen! Thanks!!

Makaro Makaro

Makaro Makaro . 2 months ago

Fasting, my dudes

Ash Liu

Ash Liu . 3 months ago

I feel like "starvation mode" is just an indicator you're not tracking your calories right...count the oils, 1tbsp of olive oil = 120 calories!


Ty . 3 months ago

could have done without the ad's every 2 minutes...

Mike Axer

Mike Axer . 3 months ago

There arent enough mid roll adds in this video

what what

what what . 3 months ago

Do you have extreme hunger when your not cutting and just maintaining? Are you going all in?

slow mazda

slow mazda . 3 months ago

I just use my bmr calculator and do it every 20lbs i lose, im at 2100 maintanence now

Chong Jones

Chong Jones . 3 months ago

This is a good video. Thank you.

Hank Nelson

Hank Nelson . 4 months ago

Age is not mentioned but at 23 I cut my weight 12% fat(training)and I felt like I was on speed I had so much energy. It is not sustainable, but if you could like that at 20%fat it would be ideal.

Info Tech

Info Tech . 4 months ago

First time on this Channel due to a good sounding video BUT the amount of Ads has forced me to obtain a copy of ad blocker....

Mgtow Boo Boo

Mgtow Boo Boo . 4 months ago

Nice video but it needs more ads

Shannon Davis

Shannon Davis . 4 months ago

Sooo many ads wow

Kumkum Rahman

Kumkum Rahman . 4 months ago

Am I the only person who gets just really good energy vibes from Jeff Nippard? He's just such a great guy.

Travis MacRae

Travis MacRae . 4 months ago

Wondering if I should reverse diet... Step (1) YouTube search "Jeff Nippard" + "Reverse Diet"... and here we are!


sexuallettuce69 . 4 months ago

Jesus got enough ads on this one?😂


TheSunshine123flower . 4 months ago

how about training for half marathon and trying to bodybuild??? how do they affect each other?


박희천 . 5 months ago

Very informative. I always thought of as fast metabolism or slow metabolism but as Eric mentioned, I completedly excluded the idea of the rate of metabolic adaptation. Thanks for the amazing info!!

Diego’s Dubstep

Diego’s Dubstep . 5 months ago

I prefer slow metabolism


akatz29 . 5 months ago

Any chance of covering calorie cycling? Either daily or weekly? Do these slow strategies slow down metabolic adaptation

Angel Ezio

Angel Ezio . 5 months ago

the first time in YouTube i can say yeah i like science and i like your channel good continuation bro Slam

Rasmus S. Jørgensen

Rasmus S. Jørgensen . 5 months ago

Love the video but geeees, theres an add every freaking 4 minutes. Is this a new youtube thing or does the video just have 18 damn adds? :|

Ana B

Ana B . 5 months ago

So is cardio killing my metabolism? I do 2 hours a day of body weight cardio, boxing, jumping, whatever, I just like it haha I also don’t diet


TheSupradvr . 5 months ago

Yo Jeff be fucking honest with me right now ...are fucking natty brah?


M X . 5 months ago

It's worth noting a stdy of the 'biggest loser' contestants that followed them 6 years after finishing the show found that their Resting metabolic rate alone had dropped by 500 kcal slow the drop expected by body composition alone and was still that much lower 6 years later when they had regained most of their weight. Nothing to do with NEAT (which is difficult to measure and is often inferred rather than directly measured)

Bryan Conlon

Bryan Conlon . 5 months ago

Can't get enough of these videos!

Terri L

Terri L . 5 months ago

I think answered at 50:00. I've just made the changes. Staying away from the gym (back tomorrow, after 4 days off), and not obsessing. Trying to lower cortisol.

Terri L

Terri L . 5 months ago

Quick question, that I can't find answered, anywhere. My BRM 2500. Aside from gym (5x/week weight training, 14k lbs/workout), I don't have a lot of activity. I eat low carb (50 carbs max lately, previous 20 carbs). Calories consumed 1200 max, often less. I've been doing this for over a month. Lost 4lbs. So much for CICO formula? Beyond frustrated.

Justin Wilhite

Justin Wilhite . 6 months ago

I look like the left side Jeff in the thumbnail


D . 6 months ago

amazing content!

Peter Abel

Peter Abel . 6 months ago

Great interview, but the number of ads is really annoying...


blue0eyes0knight . 6 months ago

yes BMR/REE is related to body size with larger bodies associated with higher BMR requirements, but....the word metabolism seems to always be used in reference to BMR only. Remember metabolism encompasses total energy expenditure. NEAT which is a part of TEE/TDEE has been shown to vary significantly between individuals with leaner individuals generally displaying a greater degree of NEAT particularly in response to surplus calories/overfeeding. Therefore it is not necessarily incorrect for a lean person to say that they have a fast metabolism or for a fat person to say they have a slower metabolism. Take this example: individual 1 is 6ft 3, 200lbs and has a BMR of 2000 calories. Individual 2 is the same height but has 20lbs more fat mass and as a result of carrying the excess fat also has 4 lbs more muscle mass than individual 1 (which is often seen). Fat is metabolically active at around 2 calories per lb of fat per day, muscle is around 6. So the larger individual likely has a BMR that is 64 calories per day higher than the leaner individual (20 x 2= 40 and 4 x 6 = 24 so 40 plus 24= 64). BMR is not much higher in the larger individual as can be seen. Lets Assume exercise levels are similar and thermic effect of food would likely be similar (usually about 15% of calories ingested). The remaining component of TEE is NEAT which as i stated is highly variable. If you overfed both individuals the lean individual could easily burn 1000 calories through NEAT whereas the larger individual may only burn 500. There is a large genetic component to this and there are plenty of studies demonstrating this effect. As you can imagine the larger individual having a faster BMR by 64 calories is hardly relevant when the leaner individual has levels of NEAT 500 calories higher. Point being yes larger individuals have higher/faster BMR generally but overall they have SLOWER metabolisms.

Rzgar Espo

Rzgar Espo . 6 months ago

18 ads in this video! 18. Fuck you for that

miles miles

miles miles . 6 months ago

Great video, nice to know and point out what starvation mode really is, point out what's really going on, and remove some of the fear of dieting and muscle loss.


jinmushui1soul . 6 months ago

Ad every 3 minutes!? I know YouTube rates are low but seriously.


Danrex . 6 months ago

The number of ads on this video is crazy

Chase Boone

Chase Boone . 6 months ago

Great video!!!

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